• Conduct nginx log early warning through nailing robot (suspected attack request)


    1. First, establish a group chat on the nail 2. Group settings – > intelligent group assistant – > Add robot – > get webhook, where access_ The token parameter can directly replace the XXXXXX requested by curl below. 3. Run the script directly and start monitoring the warning information Here is the script code […]

  • Write an office gadget for the girl you like in Python. She said it was great!


    from tkinter import *from tkinter import messageboxfrom tkinter import ttkimport osimport webbrowserimport urllib. Request # sends a network request to obtain dataImport gzip # compression and decompression moduleImport JSON # parses the data obtainedimport tkinter as tkimport randomfrom PIL import Image, ImageTkimport globimport shutilTOP6 = Tk()TOP6.geometry(“630×775”)TOP6. Iconbitmap (‘ningning icon tool. ICO ‘) # specifies the […]

  • Online Seminar: Discussion on application scenario and implementation scheme of real-time data synchronization


    The advent of the era of business agility and data synchronization brings more possibilities for the development of traditional data processing technology. On the evening of September 8, tapdata, together with mongodb Chinese community and CSDN, held the first online seminar to discuss the typical scenarios of real-time data synchronization, the current mainstream technical mode, […]

  • Technology sharing | implementation and improvement of flashback in MySQL


    The original content of greatsql community cannot be used without authorization. Please contact Xiaobian and indicate the source for reprint. 3306 π Fuzhou Station, the following is the complete ppt of MySQL flashback scheme shared by Wanli database and R & D Engineer Tang Jie. Enjoy GreatSQL 🙂 Article recommendation: GreatSQL MGR FAQhttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/J6… Wan Da […]

  • Solve the problem of ‘JSON’ in browser_ PAGE_ Format ‘of null warning


    Problem Description: The page displays normally and the console reports an error Error handling response: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘JSON_PAGE_FORMAT’ of null Cause of problem: It is caused by a plug-in fehelper (front-end assistant) of the browser. resolvent: Close the plug-in in the plug-in extension.

  • Page builder, form builder, Yii larval ThinkPHP


    Surface Quickly build background pages, PHP page builder ecology thinkPHP6 0 codeGenerate curd pageiszsw/curd file www.kancloud.cn/zswok/surface/ demonstration surface.demo.zsw.ink/ View document characteristic Object oriented style Custom theme Dynamically generate form page Dynamically generate table pages Rich form styles High extensibility, fast and friendly extension of custom component styles page Form component Table component install Operating environment […]

  • Create your own PHP help function in laravel


    Laravel provides us with many built-in help functions that you can call anywhere in the application. They allow you to easily handle arrays and objects, paths, strings, URLs and other types of workflows. Although there are many help functions defined in the core of laravel, you can define your own help functions in laravel to […]

  • Comparison of ADB ports and usage of major Android simulators


    In the development of mobile games, simulators are often used for ADB debugging. This paper lists the ADB ports and usage comparison of mainstream simulators on the market. Simulator ADB port Port list of common simulators connecting ADB on the market: Netease Mumu simulator 7555 Nocturnal Android simulator 62001 Xiaoyao Android simulator 21503 Bluestack Android […]

  • . Net fans, please come in


    . Net 6 has been officially launched for more than a week, and many small partners have already installed it and started to taste it. Around Net 6, developers have explained many new functions and new ecology. But! We have more latest news that you may be interested in. Let’s follow the famous programming magazine […]

  • Use of paging assistant PageHelper


    Use of paging assistant PageHelper brief introduction PageHelper is an easy-to-use mybatis paging plug-in. It is very convenient to realize paging function through this plug-in. Official website address use This plug-in is very simple to use. Introduce dependency Create a new springboot project and add the following dependencies: <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-web</artifactId> </dependency> <!–mybatis–> <dependency> <groupId>org.mybatis.spring.boot</groupId> […]

  • Android studio 4.2 is now released!


    Author / Android product manager Jamal Eason We are pleased to announce that Android studio 4.2 is now released and can be downloaded from the stable release channel. The focus of this version is to launch the upgraded IntelliJ platform and some new features designed to improve the work efficiency of Android application developers. We […]

  • How to create an AI virtual assistant using Python


    By Dipesh palCompile FlinSource | analyticsvidhya introduce Virtual Assistant (also known as AI assistant or digital assistant) is an application that can understand natural language voice commands and complete tasks for users. We should all know what a virtual assistant is. Turn on your phone and say “OK Google” or “Hey Siri”. Google assistant, Siri […]