• React explanation – parent component calls child component content [updating]


    preface This article belongs to react communication > parent-child communication > parent component calling child component.Scenario of parent component calling child component: Sub components are used in multiple places and need to be encapsulated separately The logic of sub components is heavy, and the cost of using fully controlled mode is high Using parent components […]

  • C + + basic-5-operator overloading (plus sign, shift left, increment, assignment, relationship, function call)


    5. Operator overloading   5.1. Overloading of plus operator 1 #include 2 using namespace std; 3 4 // overload of plus operator 5 6 class Person { 7 public: 8 //1. Member function overload “+” 9 Person operator+(Person& p) { 10 Person temp; 11 temp.m_A = this->m_A + p.m_A; 12 temp.m_B = this->m_B + p.m_B; […]

  • Do you really understand export default?


    export default Aandexport { A as default }At first glance, it looks the same, but there are some subtle differences. It is easier to leave a hole. This paper introduces the differences between the two writing methods. importStatement imports a reference, not a value If there is an export, there must be an import. Let’s […]

  • Webshell safety dog (I)


    There is such a PHP code: Define a variable, assign the filename parameter received in the get mode to $filename, and include the variable $filename when calling. When accessing such a file, it will be intercepted by the WAF security dog, and there is the characteristic code of the WAF restriction rule,   There is […]

  • Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators


    Series articles: Study hard go: 1 Learning lead Study hard go: 2 Environment construction Study hard go: 3 Environment construction – gomod learning Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators Study hard go: 6 Process control Study hard go: 7 Built in collection array Study hard go: […]

  • Processing after Linux arm interrupt (5) [turn]


    Transferred from:https://blog.csdn.net/zgtzqzg2020/article/details/105703394 1. Interrupt to enter user-defined function After the interrupt occurs, it goes through the general processing stage of arm and reaches IRQ_ Handler macro, turn to the C language stage. //arch/arm/kernel/entry-armv.S/**Note:*Macro config_ MULTI_ IRQ_ In. Handler It is defined in config, and the handle_ arch_ Assign the value in IRQ to PC for […]

  • Webshell safety dog (2)


    There is a PHP code: Principle: the parameter f is assigned to $h, which is resolved to $f =$_ REQUEST[‘x’]; The parameter ‘check’ is assigned to the variable $D, which is resolved to $check = ‘ass’, and then resolved to $check = $check.’ ERT ‘, this step can also be understood as adding $check.’ ERT […]

  • C# (VI) Fundamentals – arrays


    C# This essay is for personal review and consolidation of knowledge. It is mostly summarized and understood from the book. If there are mistakes, please correct them   Data is simply a container that stores a series of data of the same type in order. The value type in the array defaults to 0, and […]

  • Know react


    Know react prepare babel-cli There are two ways to write react: Through JSX Through JS JSX feels more convenient to write, but it needs to be compiled with Babel. There are three ways to compile JSX of react with Babel (there seems to be a lot of questions about the specific use of Babel. I’ll […]

  • [front end] javascript learning notes (II) — data type


    ✨ Link courses [crazy God says Java] the latest JavaScript tutorial is easy to understand_ Beep beep beep_ bilibili ✨ Study notes character string Title ‘use strict’; //` ` multiline string under ESC key Let STR = ` multiline String` console.log(str) let name = ‘admin’ let passwd = ‘root’ //Template string let msg = `name:${name}passwd:${passwd}` […]

  • Explore JavaScript logical assignment operators in depth


    By Joe seifiTranslator: front end Xiaozhi Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish brushing wisdom who is still doing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. Logical assignment […]

  • Spring boot extension mechanism: springapplicationrunlistener


    Spring boot introduces a new extension interfaceSpringApplicationRunListener, you can monitor all stages of the spring application startup process, such as application startup, environment ready, context ready, etc Custom extension class TenmaoRunListenerIt should be noted that the constructor, for example, accepts two parametersSpringApplication application, String[] args。 This is also very interesting. Why do we need some […]