• Asp.net core uses branch routing mapwhen integration project model class assignment code generation Middleware


    one. usage scenarios 1. Attribute assignment   2. Object initialization In the above two cases, when there are many attribute fields, the assignment becomes cumbersome. Here, you can use the app. Mapwhen() method to create routing branches and build independent and non-invasive assignment code generation. 2、 Project / demonstration public class Startup { public […]

  • Daily learning java series – learning notes on zero basics of Java (V) Java identifier | keyword | variable


    1、 Identifier 1. What can an identifier identify? What is an identifier? How to understand this concept! 2. Naming rules for identifiers 3. Naming conventions for identifiers The final requirement of this summary is to give a word at will and judge whether it is a legal identifier. What is an identifier? In short, any […]

  • Basic SQL syntax & MySQL installation


    Database overview A database is a warehouse for storing data. In the development of application, it is always inseparable from data query, processing and storage. For example, library management system needs to manipulate and store a large amount of data. Before there was no database, we used files to store data, but file storage has […]

  • Golang recurses and outputs its own source code


    Question: [2min let’s think for ourselves] Can a program P output its own source code after running? And the format shall be consistent (line feed, space, etc.)   reflection: The essence of this problem is a recursive problem. It is set that P generates G after running, that is, P – > G & & […]

  • C language – if you are not a programmer, you will never understand these three symbols! (= and = =,! =)


    1. =: In C language, the equal sign (=) is the assignment operator. The following is a brief description of the use of the assignment operator 1) Assignment of variables: inta; a = 10; Here is the assignment of 10 to A. after the assignment, the value of a is 10 2) Assignment of pointer […]

  • Use of get set in C #


    In the process of learning c#, we often encounter such statements: public string StudentName { get{return stuName;} set{stuName=value;} } Notes on visual c#. Net programming tutorial: in many object-oriented programming languages, the attributes {student stu = new student(); console. Write (stu. Studentname); console. Readkey();}}}} The above code defines a property studentname, which contains a get […]

  • How to use the final keyword in Java?


    Final variables can only be assigned once. There are three ways to assign values: 1) Direct assignment when declaring variables; 2) Non static member variables are assigned in the {} block, and static member variables are assigned in the static {} block; 3) Non static member variables are assigned in the constructor. Final modifier class […]

  • 7 knowledge points that defer in golang must master


    When developing with golang,deferThis syntax is also a necessary knowledge, but we know that it is executed before a function exitsdeferIs there anything else to pay attention to. In this paperdeferThe whole scene usage, some scenes from the network, together with their own additional views and analysis, completed this reportdeferSeven tacit essential knowledge points. The […]

  • TS learning summary


    1、 Introduction Typescript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It is built by adding static type definitions on the basis of JavaScript. Typescript can be translated into JavaScript code through typescript compiler or Babel, and can run in any browser and any operating system. Install ts //Installation: npm install -g typescript //View […]

  • C + + multithread correlation (thread, mutex, atomic message queue) under Linux


    environment wsl ubuntu 18.04 LTS gcc version 7.5.0 In fact, this is not important, just a sense of ceremony, HH。 However, it must be implemented under Linux system. It is not allowed on Windows platform. C + + does not use this library to implement multithreading on Windows platform Time slice rotation code #include #include […]

  • SSA


    Wikipedia aboutSSAThe definition of is as follows: In compiler design, static single assignment form (often abbreviated as SSA form or simply SSA) is a property of an intermediate representation (IR), which requires that each variable be assigned exactly once, and every variable be defined before it is used.Existing variables in the original IR are split […]

  • JS language features (I)


    Es standard ES5   Es5 standard, i.eEcma-262 Rev. 5, it is a JS version that can be supported and run by all browsers on the market. At present, most browsers only realize some features of ES6, and only Google browser canManual openingFull support for ES6 syntax. Therefore, in the current front-end development, it is not […]