• C + + primer notes Chapter 13 copy control


    Copy and move constructorsDefines what to do when initializing this object with another object of the same type.Copy and move assignment operatorsDefines what to do when an object is assigned to another object of the same type.DestructorDefines what to do when an object of this type is destroyed. We call these operationsCopy control operation。 If […]

  • Log repeatedly


    Correct use of posture import logging Introduction to official documents Note that Loggers should NEVER be instantiated directly, but always through the module-level function logging.getLogger(name). Multiple calls to getLogger() with the same name will always return a reference to the same Logger object. Generally, the logger object is not directly instantiated, but through module level […]

  • Flutter (3): Dart (1)


    Preface 1: I will update some flutter text tutorials in the next period of time Update progress:At least two articles a week; Update location:The first time is in the official account, and the second day is updated in nuggets and places of thought. More communication:You can add my wechat 372623326 and follow my microblog: coderwhy […]

  • Native JS judge scope output value


    JS engine running First parsing (also known as pre parsing): variable promotion (includingFunction expression)And function promotion one ️⃣ The premise is thatScopeFunction or script2. Only promote the variable name to the top of the current scope, and do not assign or callthree ️⃣ Check for syntax errors (none if any) Second parsing: code running From […]

  • A guide to Gemeng’s new HTML5 (2)


    We have already introduced it to you in the last articleNew content and basic page layout in HTML5This article will continue to introduce another component of HTML5 in a broad sense: Javascript data types. As a weakly typed language, JavaScript is characterized by dynamic typing. That is to say, you don’t need to declare the […]

  • ES6 (x) – structure (deconstruction)


    Destructure Array-Destructure Basic Usage Skip the assigned variable and can be any traversable object On the left can be object properties Rest variable Default value & when the value of deconstruction assignment is not enough Object-Destructure Basic Usage You can change the variable name Default value Rest operator nested object Es6-es10 learning map Deconstruction assignment:Using […]

  • The universal parameter of Python function


    Let’s show the universal parameter of function through a simple example. Let’s write the simplest function first def test(*args,**kwargs): print(args,kwargs) Then two variables are defined l = [1,2,3,4] d = {“a”:1,”b”:2} Now let’s see the difference between the two ways of parameter transmission The first way test(l,d) If you pass parameters in the above way, […]

  • SRC assignment of iframe (server side)


    Today, we encountered this problem. The server-side iframe re SRCs, adds an ID to the iframe, and adds runat = server 1. Assign value to SRC of iframe through JS 2. If you need to be in the C # background, you can change the SRC of iframe when loading the page For example, < […]

  • Two way binding of form form explored by antdesignpro 4.0


    preface:In Ant Design Pro3.23.6Version, the form form binding value is usedgetFieldDecoratorMethod assignment matchingvalidateFieldsMethod value to achieve the effect of two-way binding4.0How to assign values in the version? AntDesignPro3.23.6Version example: //Assignment <Form labelCol={{ span: 6 }} wrapperCol={{ span: 14 }} onSubmit={this.handleSubmit} > <Form.Item> {getFieldDecorator(‘money’,{ rules=[{ required: true, Message: ‘please enter the amount’, }], })( <InputNumber min={0} […]

  • Using “uitableview adaptive content height” with masonry and fdtemplatelayoutcell


    1、 Preparation 1.FDTemplateLayoutCell Automatic calculation of uitableviewcell height produced by sunny DashenFDTemplateLayoutCell_ download 2.Masonry The most popular AutoLayout framework is lightweightMasonry_ download After downloading the above two third parties (or using cocoapods), import them into the project, and then create the required files 2、 Custom uitableview Mytableviewcell. H creates a model property to pass values […]

  • JQuery Ajax post requests multiple question marks in succession. Special data exception problem (?)


    Problem scenario JQuery AJAX is a non jsonp request. In the post data, the JSON contains multiple question marks, such as “{” a “:” AA?? “}”.When requesting, the front-end reports an error. Because the parameter of jsonp is added to the?? position in the post data, it cannot be passed in through the URL. Error […]

  • Java + mybatis get the blob object stored in Oracle


    1. Create entity class to receive blob type 1 @Getter 2 @Setter 3 public class FileEntity implements Serializable { 4 private static final long serialVersionUID = -5544560514334406226L; 5 // attachment type 6 private String fileType; 7 // attachment 8 private byte[] blob; 9 } 2. Configure resultmap in mybaits XML file 1 2 3 4 […]