• Simply sort @ requestparam and @ requestbody


    The front-end transmits parameters to the back-end, and how the back-end receives them will be thought ofspringNotes for Before that, I used it all the timeRequestParam(“userName”) String userName It’s not very useful to be reasonableRequestParam String userName It’s time to see the difference between the two @RequestParam @Requestbody (received as JSON data) If you don’t […]

  • Detailed introduction of front end modularization (ESM & commonjs)


    Initial address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Be…   “Use the most concise way to grasp the core knowledge points to help you read ES6 quickly.” key word:ESModule、CommonJs Series of articles: Intensive Reading of ES6 (2) The previous article involves: class instantiation and inheritance The text begins here~ preface Before starting the text, I will add some basic knowledge Q1:JS […]

  • Query data in MySQL database, filter duplicate data and keep one piece of data – (row in MySQL)_ Number in disguised form)


    Transferred from: http://www.maomao365.com/?p=10564Abstract: The following describes how to keep only one data when querying duplicate data in MySQL databaseRealization idea:There is no row in MySQL database_ Number function, so we need to change direction to implement this function.  mysql> select * from `maomao365.com`; + | keyId | infoB | + | 1 | mysql test […]

  • C ා read and write serialport


    The serialdatareceivedeventhandler has no response. Don’t forget the assignment of these 2 properties. serialPort1.DtrEnable = true; serialPort1.RtsEnable = true;

  • Implementation of attribute copy framework with better performance than spring BeanUtils based on ASM


    Bean-Mapping In daily development, it is often necessary to assign the properties of one object to another. There are many common tools, but they are not concise or powerful enough. Spring BeanUtils, which we often use, has better performance, but it lacks features. Bean mapping provides many rich features for daily development. If you are […]

  • I feel flustered at leisure_ Comparison of string direct assignment and replacement performance


    When learning the WinForm project today, I saw that the transformation value of text box was solved in this way: The WinForm interface looks like this So I was thinking, why not just do the transformation directly by assignment, but by replacing the local string? What is the difference between the two? Which one is […]

  • [ asp.net IOC in 14. Net core


    Preface From the previous articles, we learned how to implement the basic architecture of the project: data source, routing settings, encryption, and authentication. Then, in the implementation, we will encounter such a problem: when we have more and more business classes and data sources, we can’t assign values to each instance through the common method […]

  • Scrollview, collectionview and tableview add uirefreshcontrol to achieve drop-down refresh


    Apple addedUIRefreshControl, but only inUITableViewControllerCannot be used inUIScrollViewandUICollectionViewIn the. New features of IOS 10 Starting with IOS 10,UIScrollViewAdded onerefreshControlProperty, which is used to set theUIRefreshControlAssign a value to the property so thatUIScrollViewThere is a drop-down refresh function. And beforeUITableViewControllerNo settings are requiredUIRefreshControlOfframe, just configureUIRefreshControl。 becauseUITableViewandUICollectionViewInherited fromUIScrollView, soUITableViewandUICollectionViewAlso inheritedrefreshControlProperty, that is, refresh control can be easily […]

  • Sentences in Lua learning


    sentence assignment Modify a variable or modify the value of a field in the table In multiple assignments, Lua evaluates all elements to the right of the equal sign, and then assigns values If the number of values is less than the number of variables, the extra variables are set to nil Initialization variables, each […]

  • First acquaintance of node


    Getting to know nodejs Node.js The birth of By Ryan Dahl 2004 Ph.D. in Mathematics in New York 2006 dropped out of school to Chile for development 2009.5 announced the node project, and delivered a speech at JS conference at the end of the year Join joyent cloud computing in 2010 Back in 2012 Node.js […]

  • Implementation of golang map (2)


    Based on the data structure of golang map, this paper studies how to construct a make. Map creation example In golang, there are two ways to initialize a map. example1Map := make(map[int64]string) example2Map := make(map[int64]string, 100) The first method does not specify the capacity of the map by default. The second method specifies that the […]

  • Vue + ES6 async and await


    effect:asyncandawaitIs used to handle asynchronous. It needs to be executed asynchronously like synchronization. After the result is returned asynchronously, the execution will continue according to the result. awaitMust be placed inasyncThe function is to wait for the resolution of promise, which is blocked asyncUsed to declare afunctionIt’s asynchronous,andawaitUsed to wait for the execution of an […]