• Community view | understanding the exchange protocol on mov chain


    Development of decentralized exchange protocol From bitshare, stellar to etherdelta, Bancor, 0x protocols on Ethereum, decentralized switching protocols have also gone through several generations of development and many modes of exploration. Each generation improves and deepens through the pain points of the previous protocols, It can be divided into three parts On chain order book, […]

  • Different 3D visualization platform for asset security


    preface In the era of digital economy, the application of good data is the key to the digital transformation of enterprises. The effective management and control of data based on cutting-edge science and technology is the new trend of digital value-added services. In recent years, the whole security industry is paying more attention to asset […]

  • Research on Portfolio Optimization Based on particle swarm optimization


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=6811 My research topic this year is to use particle swarm optimization (PSO) for currency trading portfolio optimization. In this article, I will introduce portfolio optimization and explain its importance. Secondly, I will demonstrate how particle swarm optimization can be applied to portfolio optimization. Third, I will explain the arbitrage portfolio […]

  • Virtual open world games on blockchain


    Click to share Tencent cloud is in action to fight against the epidemic. Blockchain is a subversive Internet infrastructure. This subversion is reflected in the fact that it can build a low-cost asset trading function for all walks of life, so that assets can flow more easily. The game industry has virtual attributes, and the […]

  • What is the virtual open world game on the blockchain? |TVP enjoy


    Blockchain is a subversive Internet infrastructure. This subversion is reflected in the fact that it can build a low-cost asset trading function for all walks of life, so that assets can flow more easily. The financial industry itself has virtual attributes, and the blockchain naturally supports financial characteristics, so the financial industry itself has become […]

  • Amazing reversal! Hackers successfully steal $25 million from dforce and return it in full


    Technical editor: Zong enli from sifou newoffice SegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault According to foreign media, nearly 25 million US dollars of assets were stolen from dforce, but then hackers returned almost all the funds to dforce, except for the loss of 1.2 million US dollars due to the conversion fee. […]

  • What are the advantages of programming on CKB?


    Since the birth of the project, nervos has been adhering to its own design concept, adhering to the layered design scheme. The bottom layer solves the security and decentralization problems, and the upper level solves the problems of efficiency, expansion and multi-function. It is hoped that this way can solve the impossible triangle problem in […]

  • Vitu.ai When you come to learn, the channel goes online


    What has VITU done in the 20 days since the last launch of the backtesting feature? Today is November 18, 2019, Vitu.ai We have officially released channels waiting for you to learn, including data analysis courses starting from python, data visualization, machine learning, and open source trading strategies. Vitu.ai Through the online interactive learning mode, […]

  • Defi ecosystem deconstruction


    Finance is an art of capital management, whose main goal is to maximize (risk adjusted) asset return. Whether it’s putting money in a deposit account for interest, or investing in stocks or real estate, consumers can use a variety of financial instruments to achieve different goals and avoid all kinds of risks. Decentralised Finance (also […]

  • Investment story


    1、 Reading American Literature in the morning1. Two ways of thinking make you poor: https://dwz.cn/Q7KxjFPi2. Yu’ebao has great risk? : https://dwz.cn/Pn6m8IYb3. One story makes it easy to understand the essence of insurance: https://dwz.cn/h9LSBJUU4. How does an average person make a million dollars in stocks https://dwz.cn/ShjKxnib5. Your “circle” is your future: https://dwz.cn/r6SJMgX56. The girl who can […]

  • VITU takes you to analyze: in the era of asset shortage, will digital assets be a new choice?


    The annual GDP growth rate is still above 6%, while the one-year RMB deposit interest rate is only 1.50%, which means that as long as the return on asset investment fails to beat the GDP growth rate, assets are depreciating. The stock market is volatile, and the Shanghai stock index has been hitting 3000 points […]

  • What is the most popular job management software in 2020?


    The work order system is mainly divided into two categories: one is the internal department task communication system; the other is the system specially used for after-sales installation and maintenance, which is the software to send the work order to field personnel for home maintenance. Work order management software is a database for work orders, […]