• Chapter 7: Factorization and fundamental theorem of arithmetic (2)


    Prime divisibility property: assumed primepDivisible producta_1,a_2,…a_r, thenpto be divisible bya_1,a_2,…a_rAt least one factor in.Proof: ifpto be divisible bya_1, the proof is complete. Otherwise, the assertion is applied to the producta_1(a_2a_3…a_r)It is concluded thatpMust dividea_2a_3…a_rConclusion. In other words, applicationsa=a_1Andb=a_2a_3…a_rClaims of. We knowp|abSo ifp\nmid a, the assertion indicates thatpMust divideb。Now knownpto be divisible bya_2a_3…a_r, ifpto be divisible […]

  • Understanding of regular assertion in JavaScript


    When I was a junior studying compiler principles, the teacher said something called assertion, but I didn’t understand this course at all, so I couldn’t find anything valuable. Well, forgive me for being lazy and ignorant. The theory is not suitable for me. I’m only suitable for moving bricks. After a long time, some black […]

  • How do you choose several common assertion styles in Java


    In daily work, whether you write unit test or use TDD programming method for development, you will encounter assertions. The common assertion styles include assert and BDD. How do you choose these common assertion styles? 01 assert style JUnit provides such assertion style as: void should_be_unlocked_when_insert_coin_given_a_entrance_machine_with_locked_state() { EntranceMachine entranceMachine = new EntranceMachine(EntranceMachineState.LOCKED); String result = […]

  • [tip] how to set assertion for apipost


    Apipost is a domestic interface test and interface document generation tool Download address of apipost What I want to say here is about assertion syntax. The API post execution script is a JavaScript execution environment. You can write pre request script and test script through JS script. The pre request script can be used to […]

  • Experience course I IOS unit test


    As one of the components of agile development practice, unit testing aims to improve the efficiency of software development and maintain the health of code. Its goal is to prove that the software can run normally, rather than find bugs (the purpose of finding bugs is positively related to the development cost. Although finding bugs […]

  • Try regex: interactive introduction to regular expressions


    Try regex is an interactive regular expression learning projectProject address: https://github.com/callumacra…Online address: http://tryregex.com/Translation online: http://www.rakuhi.com/tryrege…It is suitable for beginners of regular expression to learn and practiceA total of 28 small courses, from zero basic introduction to be able to complete most of the regular expression writing. Personal translation & answer, if you have any questions, […]

  • JavaScript regular expression regexp


    Regular expression, also known as regular expression, is often used to check and filter strings. Due to the flexibility, logic and functionality of regular expressions, and the control of complex strings in a very simple way, many programming languages support regular expressions. stayJavaScriptIt is also very powerful and practical. basic form Regular expression is a […]

  • This is to understand how to use the interface


    Previous articles in the introduction to go language series: [go language introduction series] (6) re exploration of functions How to use go? Is go language an object-oriented language? 1. Introduce examples If you’ve used object-oriented languages like Java, you’re no stranger to the concept of interfaces. Simply speaking, interface is the specification. If your class […]

  • JMeter interface pressure test example


    JMeter interface pressure test example Apache JMeter™YesApacheOrganization development of an open source software, is a typical pureJavaThe developed applications can be developed on different platforms, such asWindows 、 LinuxOrmacOSSoftware testing is carried out on the system.  JMeterIt is mainly used for functional load testing of applications to measure software performance, and can also be used for other […]

  • 4000 words clear understanding of typescript


    Typescript has become the foundation of the front end After reading typescript in depth, write this summary What are the key pain points typescript solves? Type type constraints, hints in case of uncertainty, and you can know your own errors at the code writing stage I think these three points are the most important points. […]

  • Welcome to phpunit!


    1、 Introduction to testing 1.1 install Xdebug to check code test coverage Install Xdebug: https://www.cnblogs.com/wlphp… ./vendor/bin/phpunit –coverage-html ./tests/codeCoverage 1.2 phpunit command 1. Create test class php artisan make:test XXXTest –unit 2. Use–filterParameter specifies the function that the unit test executes vendor\bin\phpunit –filter test_oper /** @test **/There is no need to add the method before tomorrowtestYes. […]

  • Postman practical interface test series 3 – write test


    In the first two chapters [postman practical interface test series 1 – Basics] and [postman practical interface test series 2 – Interface dependencies], we introduced the specific use of postman and how to handle interface dependencies. What I’m going to talk about today is how to write test cases. This part is more closely related […]