• Five years, are you still using junit4?


    junit5 JUnit 5 was released in 2017. Are you still using JUnit 4? What is junit5 Unlike previous versions of JUnit, JUnit 5 consists of several different modules of three different subprojects. JUnit 5 = JUnit Platform + JUnit Jupiter + JUnit Vintage JUnit PlatformIt provides the basis for starting the test framework on the […]

  • Record on November 23, 2021 – service gateway


    Spring cloud gateway is implemented based on Webflux framework, and netty, a high-performance reactor mode communication framework, is used at the bottom of Webflux framework.A very important component in the cloud family bucket is the gateway, which is in 1 Zuul gateway is adopted in version x;But in 2 In version x, zuul’s upgrade has […]

  • App automation test framework (III. allure beautification test report)


    1、 Install allure allurefile: https://docs.qameta.io/allure/# Allure download address: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/qameta/allure/allure-commandline/2.13.8/ Allure installation(1) You need to install the Java environment first(2) Windows downloads the zip package, unzip it and add the bin directory to the environment variableMac can be installed with brew brew install allure (3) Install allure pytest Library pip install allure-pytest Reprint:https://blog.csdn.net/z_erduo/article/details/116332523?spm=1001.2014.3001.5502 2、 Production report […]

  • [automated testing framework] how much do you know about pytest and unittest? What’s the difference? Which should I use?


    1、 Well known automated testing framework Java JUnit, TestNG, etc. python PyUnit (unittest), pytest, robot framework, etc 2、 Introduction to pytest Pytest is a very mature and fully functional Python testing framework. It can be competent for various scenarios that unittest can do, such as unit test, web test, APP test, interface test and so […]

  • Common types of typescript (Part 2)


    The official documents of typescript have long been updated, but the Chinese documents I can find are still in the older version. Therefore, some newly added and revised chapters are translated and sorted out. This translation is compiled from “typescript Handbook”Everyday Types“Chapter. This article is not translated strictly according to the original text, and some […]

  • [Java] Introduction to Java unit testing


    What is unit testing What is software testing Software testing (English: software testing) describes a process used to promote the identification of the correctness, integrity, safety and quality of software. In other words, software testing is a review or comparison process between actual output and expected output. The classic definition of software testing is: the […]

  • Regular notes


    Regular methods There are four common methods of regularization: test() exec() match() replace() Regular call: test(), exec()① Test() returns only Boolean value;② Exec() returns the matching text content String call: match() replace()① Match() returns the matching text content② Replace() modifies the matching content e.g.1 var reg = /(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})/; console. Log (‘symbol: ‘+ reg. Exec (‘1993-12-23’)) […]

  • 14. What is the type assertion in go language?


    Hi, Hello, I’m brother Ming. During my time of learning Golang, I wrote detailed study notes on my personal WeChat official account “Go programming time”. For Go language, I am also a beginner, so writing things should be more suitable for students who are just in contact. If you are just learning Go language, do […]

  • Forward look ahead assertion of regular matching


    (?=p)Match the position in front of the P sub pattern. In other words, there is a position that needs to satisfy the p-sub pattern immediately after it. There is also a scientific name called forward antecedent assertion.Example above: ‘xxx_love_study_js.mp4’.replace(/(?=xxx)/g, ‘❤️’) // ❤️xxx_love_study_js.mp4 (?!p)The reverse meaning of (? = P) can be understood as that all […]

  • Unit testing using spring boot


    [note] this article is translated from: unit testing with spring boot – reflecting Well written unit tests can be considered a difficult art to master. But the good news is that the mechanisms that support it are easy to learn.This tutorial provides you with these mechanisms and details the technical details necessary to write good […]

  • TS react: sort the types commonly used in react


    React. There are some problems with the annotation of FC. There is some controversy on whether to preferentially use this type as annotation, because this type destroys JSX Librarymanagedattributes, which causes it to ignore parameters such as defaultsprops and displayName of function and class components,See detailsIn addition, it cannot return the children of props like […]

  • Automated testing series (II) | API testing


    Last timeAutomatic test series (I)This paper mainly focuses on the concept of API testing and the practice of API testing in pig toothed fish Choerodon. API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a kind of software testing, which can perform verification directly at the API level. It is part of integration testing, which determines whether the […]