• A small function similar to JD plus equity introduction


    Recently, the company is going to develop a set of online paid member app, which is a hybrid development with the original. There is a member equity module that is all developed using H5. I want to show you the cases that need to be made: In fact, there is no difficulty. The main functions […]

  • Why Vue’s data should be written as a function


    The components of Vue are reusable. After a component is created, it can be reused in multiple places, no matter how many times it is reused, thedataThey should be isolated from each other, so every time a component is reused,dataIt should be reused once, every timedataThe change should have no effect on the data of […]

  • Using hooks and connect to access the same store


    It has been several months since react hooks was officially released. Redux and mobx also support the use of hooks. Is it possible to use react context API & hooks to realize a store that supports class component and functional component access at the same time? The answer issure. Since we are based on context […]

  • Taro multi terminal custom navigation bar navbar + tabbar instance


    Using taro to realize multi terminal navigation bar / tabbar instance (H5 + applet + react native) Recently, taro has been developed. Although the official website introduces that it supports compiling to multiple ends, most of the examples on the Internet are H5 and small programs, and few support RN. Taro is just based on […]

  • Vue’s parent and child component lifecycle hooks execution order


    1、 Load render passes Parent beforecreate = > parent created = > parent beforemount = > child beforecreate = > child created = > child beforemount = > child mounted = > parent mounted 2、 Subcomponent update process Parent BeforeUpdate = > child BeforeUpdate = > child updated = > parent updated 3、 Parent component […]

  • The use of polar verification in Vue project


    The projects using Vue and react to obtain data, upload data, register and log in are all completed through interfaces, which are easy to be called maliciously by people. The interface that is most easy to be called maliciously by people is the interface of registration and log in. In order to prevent the interface […]

  • Element UI split dialog to subcomponent


    Today, I spent a night debugging a function. Because I need a dialog that is more complex and can be reused, that is, to create and edit the same dialog, I split it into a subcomponent. It’s a little bit troublesome to hide and display this dialog, and I haven’t found a direct operation method […]

  • Handwritten react router DOM


    Functions to be implemented Routing mode:hash,browser Components:HashRouter,BrowserRouter,Route,Switch,Redirect,Link Current route information: Pathpathname, parametersquery Route jump:push,replace,go,goBack How to use react router DOM //Routing configuration import React from ‘react’ // react-router-dom import { HashRouter as Router, Route, Redirect, Switch } from ‘react-router-dom’ //Handwritten react router DOM // import { HashRouter as Router, Route, Redirect, Switch } from ‘@/plugins/my-router-dom’ […]

  • Kui component library idea (come on, brother, keep updating, deploy gitpages, add issue)


    Click the blue words above to follow us Welcome to my official account, Python. 01 Some ideas Today, I will not update the flash tutorial for the time being. Today, I write an article to introduce the idea of doing a day’s Kui component chemistry library. In fact, there is a vague feeling that I […]

  • What are the differences between Vue’s v-show and V-IF?


    v-ifThe event listener and subcomponents of the condition block will be destroyed and rebuilt during the switching process. If the initial condition is false, nothing will be done. The module will not be rendered until the condition is true for the first time.v-showJust switch based on CSS, no matter what the initial condition is, it […]

  • Ambari add components


    Ambari installation of new components is slightly different from previous versions. This article will briefly describe the simple process of installing new components. If you have installed ambari, you need to install new components because some components have not been added. First we log in to ambari. Then select stack and versions in […]

  • React Redux learning


    install npm install redux Core concept Redux stores the state of the whole application in a store. When the user triggers an action, the store.dispatch (action) is called to trigger the defined reducers in sotre to update the referenced state. Store is used to store the state of the entire application State an object used […]