• asp.net Core 2.0 webapi integration signalr


    I have been in the blog Garden for many years. I haven’t shared anything or written a blog, but I have learned from the knowledge of the blog Garden; These two days, I think I can’t be so selfless. Recently. Net core seems to be very popular, and I’ve made one myself asp.net core signalr […]

  • solve asp.net The upload file exceeds the maximum request length


    Error message: maximum request length exceeded Error reason: asp.net By default, the maximum upload file size is 4m, and the running timeout is 90s. Solution 1. Modification web.config The file can change this default value <configuration> <system.web> <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”1048576″ executionTimeout=”3600″ /> </system.web> <configuration> 2. Another method is to modify. Net framework: (1) Modify C / […]

  • Hangfire is in ASP.NET Simple implementation method in core


    Hangfire is a powerful tool for performing background tasks. For details, please refer to the introduction on the official website: https://www.hangfire.io/ Create a new one asp.net Core MVC project Introducing nuget package Hangfire.AspNetCore The task of hangfire requires database persistence. We modify configureservices in the startup class Then enable the hangfire Middleware in the configure […]

  • Asp.net Webform sets the method that allows the form to submit HTML


    1. Add “validaterequest =” false “to the header of the page where HTML needs to be submitted <%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” ValidateRequest=”false” %> 2. Webconfig’s< system.web >Configuration under node <httpRuntime requestValidationMode=”2.0″/> The above article Asp.net Webform setting allows the form to submit HTML method is to edit all the content shared with you, I hope […]

  • asp.net Core implementation of a simple warehousing method


    I always have the idea of writing a framework, but I haven’t taken action. Recently, I’m quite free and can start work Now, two parts have been completed. 1. A simple repository is implemented using EF 2.ioc. Here, the built-in IOC is replaced by aotofac. There are still some defects in this part Storage part […]

  • ASP.NET MVC framework and building tutorial (recommended)


    1、 Introduction to MVC MVC: model view controller (MVC). MVC is a software development architecture model. 1, model(Model) Model objects are application components that implement application data domain logic. Typically, model objects retrieve model statesState and store it in the database. For example,Product Object may retrieve information from the database and manipulate the information,Then write […]

  • be based on asp.net The life cycle of MVC application


    First of all, we know that HTTP is a stateless request, and its life cycle starts from the client browser sending the request to the end of receiving the response. So what does an MVC application do from making a request to getting a response? In this article, we will discuss in detail the lifecycle […]

  • Asp.NET How to control the size of file upload (super simple)


    stay web.config Medium system.web Add the following code under the node: The maxrequest length in the second line is “8192”. The maximum limit here is 8MB, which can be set by yourself. Executiontimeout = 800, and the default execution timeout is 90 seconds <system.web> <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”8192″ executionTimeout=”800″/> </system.web> The above article Asp.NET The method to […]

  • Asp.Net How to bind websocket in core


    explain Websocket is a product of HTML5 asp.net There’s also support in core, Asp.Net The operation of websocket in core is basically and Asp.net The difference is that it is bound to listen. Asp.Net Core 2.0 already supports websocket by default, so you don’t need to install nuget package separately. By using the WebSockets.AcceptWebSocketAsync Method […]

  • ASP.NET How cookies are generated (recommended)


    Some people may know that the generation of cookies is related to the machinekey, which is used to determine the algorithm and key for cookie generation. If multiple servers are used for load balancing, a consistent machinekey must be specified for decryption. What is the process like? If you need to use it in. Net […]

  • asp.net Instance method of global variables


    asp.net Method of getting global variables First, open visual studio and create a new web project. Second, in the new web project, open the“ web.config ”File, add the keyword “< Appsettings >” to the file, as shown in the figure below. Third, add the global variable “< add key =” key1 “value =” value1 “/ […]

  • ASP.NET The example code of switching between Chinese and English in core MVC


    Hello. We haven’t updated it for a long time. Today, I’d like to introduce a recently developed function, that is, Chinese English switching. This is not a big one. Let’s talk about the principle. In the. Net core framework, we provide a global class called localization, which is the official document address delivery gate. In […]