• Several hosting methods of asp.net core


    Kestrel Kestrel is a cross platform web server for asp.net core, which is included in the asp.net core project template by default. Kestrel supports the following scenarios: HTTPS Used to enable the opacity upgrade of websocket UNIX socket for getting high performance of nginx Http / 2 (except Mac OS †) Kestrel can be used […]

  • Steps to quickly build PDF documents in asp.net core share page 1 of 2


    For example, we need to use PDF to develop some simple reports in asp.net core, which is not difficult, but we will still rush to search for some materials. Congratulations, this post will help you, and we will not waste some precious time. In this article, we will use dinktodfs to process our PDF documents […]

  • Two ways to transfer values of asp.net MVC drop-down box


    In the past, when webform was used, the drop-down box only needed to bind the code directly in the background. Now let’s take a look at the dropdownlist in MVC if and accept the value passed from the controller. First: use dropdownlist Controller code: public ActionResult Index() { //1.1 querying data of yzseriesentity List<Model.YzSeriesEntity> seriesList […]

  • Implementation example of wechat payment H5 developed by asp.net MVC (external browser payment)


    H5 payment refers to that the merchant displays goods or services on the mobile terminal webpage outside the wechat client. When the user confirms to use wechat payment on the above page, the merchant initiates this service to call the wechat client for payment. It is mainly used for the scenario of the touch-screen mobile […]

  • Specific methods of using grpc in asp.net core 3.0


    I. Introduction Grpc is a Google open source, cross language, high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework. Grpc enables client and server applications to communicate transparently and simplifies the construction of the connection system. It uses http / 2 as the communication protocol and protocol buffers as the serialization protocol. Its main advantages: Modern high performance […]

  • Use of asp.net core 3.0 grpc interceptor


    I. Preface The first two articles introduce you to the introduction of grpc and the use of two-way flow. Today, we introduce the interceptor in grpc. Like MVC filter or asp.net core middleware, interceptor has the idea of face-to-face. It can carry out some unified processing when invoking services, which is very suitable for processing […]

  • 3 minutes to quickly learn how to use cookies in asp.net core MVC


    1、 What is a cookie? My friend asked me what cookies are and what they are used for, but I couldn’t explain them clearly and briefly, which led me to ponder: why can’t I explain clearly, and I have doubts about the method of learning! So when we are learning something, we must know what […]

  • An example of using log4net in asp.net MVC


    Today, I want to make a log recording function myself. I’ve made it before but I forgot it. Today, I made it again. It took me several minutes to record it here Step 1: add log4net.dll Step 2: configuration example is as follows: I directly configured it under web.config <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <configuration> <configSections> <section […]

  • Implementation of JWT authentication in ASP. Net core3.0


    Brief introduction of JWT certification There are a lot of JWT introductions on the Internet, which are not covered here. Let’s take a look at the structure of JWT. JWT is mainly composed of three parts, as follows: HEADER.PAYLOAD.SIGNATURE HEADERMetadata including token, mainly encryption algorithm, and signature type, as shown in the following information The […]

  • The difference between true and false in the debug value of compilation in web.config after asp.net is published


    < compilation debug = true > means that you can insert some debugger interrupts so that you can debug during development. False is used for published projects. It does not need to be debugged. Generally, true is used for development and false is used for publishing formal projects. The main difference is that when set […]

  • Implementation of privacy data protection of ASP. Net core identity


    Preface ASP. Net core identity is an important part of ASP. Net core. It provides an easy-to-use and easy to expand basic user management system framework for ASP. Net core and other. Net core applications. It includes basic functions such as user, role, third-party login, claim, etc. identity server 4 can easily expand openid connection […]

  • Asp.net core authorization details


    The iauthorizedate interface represents the source of the authorization system: public interface IAuthorizeData { string Policy { get; set; } string Roles { get; set; } string AuthenticationSchemes { get; set; } } The three attributes defined in the interface represent three authorization types: 1. Role based authorization: [authorize (roles = “admin”)] // multiple roles […]