• Oracle functions


    1. ASCII returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character; SQL> select ascii(‘A’) A,ascii(‘a’) a,ascii(‘0’) zero,ascii(‘ ‘) space from dual; A         A      ZERO     SPACE ——— ——— ——— ——— 65        97        48        32 2. Chr gives an integer and returns the corresponding character; SQL> select chr(54740) zhao,chr(65) chr65 from dual; ZH C — –Zhao a […]

  • Perl ASCII Character Judgment


    It mainly depends on the value of ASCII code.$str =~ m/[^\0-\127]/ $str =~ m/[^\x0-\x7f]/ To pay attention to the role of the backslash, escape character, must not be less!

  • String Compare Size in Delphi VS Oracle-SQL String Compare Size


    Focus on the fundamental differences between Delphi and Oracle-SQL in comparing strings’spatiotemporal strings” String comparison in Delphi Rule of string size comparison in Delphi: Characters in corresponding positions are compared one by one according to the character encoding value until the comparison ends when the size relationship can be determined. Reference to Delphi’s Ord Function […]

  • VBS implements Unicode and ASCII coding conversion


    I. Copy a Unicode File to an ANSI File WiToAnsi.vbs file: Copy codeThe code is as follows: ‘ Utility to rewrite a Unicode text file as an ANSI text file ‘ For use with Windows Scripting Host, CScript.exe or WScript.exe ‘ Copyright (c) 1999, Microsoft Corporation ‘ Option Explicit ‘ FileSystemObject.CreateTextFile and FileSystemObject.OpenTextFile Const OpenAsASCII   […]