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  • On lemda’s expression


    General query db.User.Select(u => u); // Query without condition db.User.Where(u => true); // Query without condition db.User.Where(u => u.username == “wjl” || u.username == “hyf”); // Conditional query ||| means “or” & & means “and” DB. User. Select (U = > U. username. Endswith (“Li”))// Fuzzy query is equivalent to like ‘%’ DB. User. Select […]

  • Django order by advanced usage


    Django order by advanced usage Recently, there is a special sorting requirement in the business: the content of the recommendation pool should be ranked first, and other IDS should be ranked in ascending order get ready Define model class TestCaseWhen(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=255) Generating data from test_case_when.models import TestCaseWhen data_list = [] for num in […]

  • I see funds on vscode, and you?


    one I am a programmer. Code is my imprisonment, fund is my freedom. Break the shackles, run to freedom, maybe only a few fixed shots short. Some people say that when buying a fund, we must have a good attitude and learn how to hedge risks. We should buy the fund with 80% of the […]

  • Angularjs easy to achieve table sorting by specified column


    Using angularjs filter, you can easily sort by clicking a column title in the table. The implementation process is as follows: HTML code: <table class=”table table-border” ng-app=”myapp” ng-controller=”orderByCtrl”> <thead> <tr> <th>inx</th> <th ng-click=”col=’name’;desc=!desc”>name</th> <!– When you click the column header, you can execute the click event to reverse the sorting condition. That is, if the […]

  • C # advanced chapter


    preface Reminder: in order to learn knowledge more thoroughly Remember more firmly, I will write down the knowledge through the way of teaching explanation, because in the process, people will change from students to teachers. This process will dig out new knowledge and ideas. It is a process of deep excavation and improvement of knowledge […]

  • Golang linked list merge


    Source of thinking: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl… Merge two ascending lists into a new ascending list and return. The new linked list is composed of all the nodes of the given two linked lists. Example: Input: 1 – > 2 – > 4, 1 – > 3 – > 4 Output: 1 – > 1 – > 2 […]

  • Oracle sort one — null value processing


    In daily query operation, we may need all the null values in a field to be ranked first or last. Null values can be ranked last in ascending order or first in descending order. For example, when the Mgr field in the EMP table has a null value and order by is implemented through nulls […]

  • On the addition, deletion and query of mongodb database


    View a list of all databases show dbs Using database, creating database use student If you really want to create this database successfully, you must insert a data. You can’t insert data directly into a database, you can only insert data into collections. You don’t need to create a collection. You just need to write […]

  • Aspxgridview sort null value is the minimum by default, Oracle database null value is the maximum by default


    Today, we are dealing with aspxgridview custom page sorting. If the data has no null value, the sorting will be normal. If there are null values, the sorting will be from small to large. If there are null values on the last page, the null values displayed on the page will be in the front […]

  • ` array.sort Have you stepped on the pit of


    It can be used in JavaScriptarray.sort()Sort the array. Use it to sort some numbers: const numbers = [10, 5, 11]; numbers.sort(); // => [10, 11, 5] Er…numbers.sort()The return value of is[10,11,5]What’s going on? Why call without parametersarray.sort()Is not sorted as expected? 1. array.sort()Without parameters array.sort()Is a method on an array instance, which is used to […]

  • Sort algorithm 01 ——– bubble sort


    1. Sorting algorithm is necessary and commonly used in programming, which must be learned. 2. In my opinion, the most suitable language for practicing various algorithms is C language. The syntax of C language is simple, direct and clear, without too much encapsulation, which is very suitable for describing the steps of the algorithm. 1、 […]

  • Write star right triangle with native JS


    right triangle:String traversal is done in ascending or reverse order Step idea:1. Number of outer loop rows traversed2. Traversing the number of outer loop columns3. Store characters4. Character wrap Requirement 1: downlink has one more character than uplink var str = ” For (VaR rows = 1; rows < = 5; rows + +) {// […]