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  • Niucha, RPA robot implementation case of the largest water company in the UK


    Public service often consumes a lot of human and financial resources. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of human cost, the introduction of RPA has become the best choice for utility companies to reduce working hours and save costs. Nowadays, more and more public utility companies are implementing and favoring RPA. United utilities, a […]

  • Using tensorflow to create transformer model


    Transformer This article is the source code implementation. For the introduction of the model principle, please check the article transformer replacing RNN structure, let’s start! import tensorflow as tf from official.transformer.model import attention_layer from official.transformer.model import beam_search from official.transformer.model import embedding_layer from official.transformer.model import ffn_layer from official.transformer.model import model_utils from official.transformer.utils.tokenizer import EOS_ID class Transformer(object): […]

  • Time series prediction — da-rnn model


    Time series prediction — da-rnn model Author: Mei Haoming 1. Background The traditional nonlinear autoregressive model (nrax) for time series prediction is difficult to capture the data betweenTemporal correlationAnd selectSelect the corresponding driving dataTo make predictions. This paper introduces a time series prediction method based on seq2seq model (encoder decoder model) and attention mechanism. A […]

  • Listen to me, the engineer who can raise pigs and grow vegetables is the most handsome!


    Coming! Today, Alibaba’s digital agriculture business department made its debut in Heilongjiang, and set a small goal: by 2022, Alibaba’s annual network sales of agricultural products will exceed 400 billion yuan. The digital agriculture business department will establish three major production, supply and marketing centers, focus on the infrastructure construction of China’s agriculture, land 1000 […]

  • A brief introduction of deep residual shrinkage network


    Deep residual shrinkage network (DRSN) is a variation of deep residual network (RESNET), which integrates the attention mechanism module and soft thresholding of squeeze and exception network (senet), and aims at feature learning in strong noise. Next, combined with some pictures, this paper briefly introduces the network structure of deep residual shrinkage network. First, let’s […]

  • Machine learning Super Review Notes


    Original: Super machine learning review notes Translator: Flying Dragon Protocol: CC by-nc-sa 4.0 [last updated: 06 / 01 / 2019] The purpose of this paper is to summarize: Basic concepts in machine learning(for example, gradient descent, back propagation, etc.) Different algorithms and popular models somePractical skillsandExampleI learned from my own practice and some online courses […]

  • RPA application scenario in insurance industry


    With the rapid development of the times, after entering the era of information intelligence, today’s customers have higher and higher expectations for most industries, and their tolerance for errors in enterprises is relatively low. At present, the upgrading and transformation of this consumption mentality makes it difficult for the insurance industry, which has a complex […]

  • Evolution and thinking of Taobao terminal intelligence


    Today’s sharing content includes three parts. The first part is the overall trend of end-to-end intelligence and the current situation of Taobao’s application. The second part is the problems and challenges Taobao faces in the process of application-end intelligence, as well as our response and solutions. We have built an end-to-end complete technical system. The […]

  • Infosys edgeverve implements RPA for Bank of Kuwait


    Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, in collaboration with edgeverve systems, a subsidiary of Infosys, leads its automation journey with assisedge robotic process automation (RPA). Assistedge is an end-to-end service for building and implementing RPA. It provides an integrated software robot that can automatically perform any high touch, repetitive process. It is used to modernize customer […]

  • Android play AI, unlock new pose!


    Google recently updated the sample project of tensorflow Lite——PoseNetI integrated it into the AOE project: https://github.com/didi/AoE/t… This is an app that can continuously detect the body parts in the pictures seen by the camera of the device.As an Android Developer, it’s necessary to learn the latest development and application of artificial intelligence. Now you can […]

  • CGS uses RPA robot for digital transformation


    Founded in 1984 and headquartered in New York, CGS provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services, retail industry software suites and it outsourcing products, such as managed IT services. CGS has more than 7500 employees serving customers in 45 countries. CGS is making robot process automation a key tool for digital transformation, using uipath RPA software […]

  • Capsule network


    Capsule network Author: Lin Zelong 1. Background CNN has performed very well in image classification. It has completed many incredible tasks, and surpassed human beings in some projects, which has a significant impact on the whole field of machine learning. The essence of CNN is multiplied or added by a large number of vectors and […]