• New toys under mac


    tools zshWhy do we need Zsh? Because it is faster and more convenient to prompt and complete the code, everyone’s energy is limited. If you can type a letter, you will never type the second. plugins=(git brew mvn svn svn-fast-info sbt go pip zsh-syntax-highlighting npm) vimVIM was seen when I was a sophomore studying the […]

  • laravel sentry


    Sign up GitHub login Create project selectionlaravel Install extended use composer require sentry/sentry-laravel php artisan vendor:publish –provider=”Sentry\SentryLaravel\SentryLaravelServiceProvider” public function report(Exception $exception) { if (app()->bound(‘sentry’) && $this->shouldReport($exception)) { app(‘sentry’)->captureException($exception); } parent::report($exception); } vi config/sentry.php return array( ‘dsn’ => env(‘DSN’), // capture release as git sha // ‘release’ => trim(exec(‘git log –pretty=”%h” -n1 HEAD’)), // Capture bindings […]

  • What’s the python library that makes you hate to see each other


    There are so many amazing libraries in Python. Python itself is a universal glue, and many powerful libraries / modules are its advantages. Here are just a few simple examples, ranking regardless of order. 1. The framework of crawler artifact It is easy to develop a distributed crawler with the scrapredis component. Words can’t express […]

  • 01 – why learn crawler


    Learning objectives and needs Demand comes from: grab the content of a website or an application, extract useful value Means of realization Simulate the user’s operation in the browser or application (APP), and realize the automatic program Crawler application scenarios (what can I do with crawlers?) Most familiar application scenarios Ticket grabbing artifact (360 ticket […]

  • The most popular article in 2020! TOP 200


    In 2020, it was over, and it was the Spring Festival. The official account was quietly renewed for a year. This also pushed many articles.[official account 2020 reviewAnd I have monthly reports in monthly, which can be viewed through public menu: selected articles – article catalogue. Finally, I have compiled all articles into the official […]

  • Awk, it’s really an amazing artifact!


    Author: chuanshanjiaSource: https://www.cnblogs.com/baoch… #Preface The product manager (PM) comes to you for the latest data of XX, and you know that these data can only be analyzed through log files at present, because we know that we can’t put all the data into dB (this is unscientific!). Whenever there is such a task, you use […]

  • Domestic HTTPS packet capture and modification tool – Open Source – Developer artifact library 6


    Name: developer artifact library 6Technology stack: nodejs bottom layer+ NW.js Kernel + layui interface framework + WebKit general technology + SQLite3 database + JQ framework + codemirror editorLanguage: Chinese platform: WinXP / win7 / win8 / win10Introduction: developer artifact library is a collection of common tools for full stack developers. Image processing, reverse cracking tools, […]

  • It’s easy to parse JSON with fluent notes quicktype


    Delete the moment, once all, will eventually disappear, disappear, no trace. preface At first, I just went into the pit and returned to the JSON string in the background. The whole person was quite confused. Think back to Android, from the beginning of jsonarray, jsonobject, to the last gson, it’s really cool to use In […]

  • Reptile (2) artifact preparation


    I’ve explained yesterday that anaconda3, the biggest artifact in Python, is attached with a link Today, let’s introduce another artifact, pycharm, which is needed to write official code. Today, I will take you step by step to install the pycharm editor 01 introduction to pycharm Pycharm is a python IDE, with a set of tools […]

  • Lombok in Maven and idea


    maven <dependency> <groupId>org.projectlombok</groupId> <artifactId>lombok</artifactId> <version>1.16.10</version> <scope>provided</scope> </dependency> idea Add Lombok plugin Project configuration Preferences – build, execution, deployment – compiler – annotation processors – enable annotation processing Using in Java @Data @Builder public class Product { } docs Magic of Java – use Lombok to eliminate your redundant code

  • It’s 2020. Don’t you know these five java ide artifacts?


    In April, the programming language list of tiobe came out, Java still ranks first, and the latest version of Java has reached 13. Java has been capturing a large number of fans and enterprise customers with its advantages of enterprise applications and a large number of framework applications. When it comes to developers, Java is […]

  • Sublime text 3 first experience


    Why sublime text? Although the computer is equipped with sublime text (hereinafter referred to as “ST”), but I have been using the brackets launched by Adobe before, so to speak, the use experience is still good, but the other day I opened a provincial and urban level three JSON file (nearly 6000 lines), instant GG, […]