• Python crawler, crawling 3000 + wechat articles in 30 seconds


    introduction Due to the needs of work, I made a small tool for the front end of the company. I used Python language to crawl the wechat articles of Sogou and attached the official website of Sogou wechat Sogou wechat:https://weixin.sogou.com/ From the hot to the fashion world, and includes the load more content options under […]

  • Flying from scratch: Provider


    Previous review Flying from scratch: stateless widget Flying from scratch: stateful widget Flying from scratch: inherited widget In the last article, we introduced the inherited widget and raised a problem at the end. Although inheritedwidwidget can provide shared data and release the call of didchangedependencies by getelementforinheritedwidgetexacttype, the rebuilding of countwidget is not avoided and […]

  • Mongodb Data Association


    const mongoose = require(‘mongoose’); mongoose.connect(‘mongodb://localhost: 27017/mongo-relation’, { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true }, err => { if (err) { console.log (‘Database connection failed ‘); } console.log (‘Database connection succeeded ‘); }) const categorySchema = new mongoose.Schema({ name: { type: String } }, { toJSON: { virtuals: true } }); categorySchema.virtual(‘posts’, { //Local key localField: ‘_id’, //Associated […]

  • Time for a cup of tea


    Working hard and then falling asleep, there seems to be no correlation between “working” and “dreaming”; writing code and deploying applications seem to be on each side of the sky. But is it true? This article will open docker in the way of inception, so that you can realize the substantial transformation from “dream” to […]

  • Flutter notes – frame drawing series one (source code learning)


    Flutter series learning notes Flutter notes — handledrawframe frame frame frame drawing series one (source code learning) What happened to runapp (source code learning) Flutter notes—— State.setState What happened (source code learning) Verification code of ID card number written in Dart (can be used for router project) Hellodart constructor feature Hello dart mixin, a multi […]

  • My first summary of webpack·


    It took me 2 days to write a simple webpack plug-in. Beginners can use it directlyhttps://github.com/f-kaixin/myWebpackPluginTmpI will not introduce the principle of webpack plug-in. Many articles on the Internet are excellent. My level will not mislead others. I will supplement this article after I have a deeper understanding of webpack plugin.

  • Characteristics and relationship of Linux distribution


    This article summarizes the characteristics of various Linux distributions (package management, business, or community)Linux package management foundation: apt, yum, DNF and PKGThe best Linux package manager

  • Adam optimizer


    The article is from WeChat official account. The most commonly used Adam optimizer has the advantages of fast convergence and easy adjustment, but there make complaints about convergence and convergence. Therefore, the traditional SGD + momentum optimizer will still be used in many big guy’s code. Different people have different opinions on the comparison of […]

  • Tomcat source code analysis series (18)


    prefaceIn the last article, the asyncdispatch and service methods of the coyoteadapter are introduced to process the request. The most important one is to call the invoke method of the valve object of the pipeline object in the engine, that is, the standardenginevalve š invoke method. The introduction of valve object has been mentioned in […]

  • Shell updates IIS SSL certificate


    Shell updates IIS SSL certificate Intro Recently, we found that the SSL certificate on the IIS of our development environment has expired. In order to facilitate the maintenance and update, we have made a PowerShell script. When we want to update it in the future, we can run the script directly. Therefore, we have this […]

  • fir.im Weekly – the whole process of APP startup


    The cold wave swept across China in the 20th century, and it can be said that the lowest temperature in the world is 0 ℃. No matter how cold can not resist the enthusiasm of the programmers to create Current issue fir.im Weekly, the latest IOS / Android development resources, GitHub source code, front-end technology […]

  • Tidb 4.0 new features tasting Guide


    In tidb 4.0, we have achieved a lot of milestone functions. Here is a guide to new features. Tiup: one click installation tool The first step is installation and deployment of course: how to quickly deploy and start the tidb cluster on a single machine within 1 minute? We have made a new component management […]