• Necessary for front end interview — eslint and git hook


    introduction At the end of eslint, I gave the code of configuring eslint and git hook to Vue cli, but I guess you still have a lot of questions in your heart, such as why to match, how to customize the configuration, and why the configuration can’t take effect. Don’t worry, after reading this article, […]

  • GTX 1660ti + tensorflow 2.0 GPU + cuda10.0 + anaconda3 + pycharm development environment configuration


    It is not recommended to use this method. It is recommended to read another article of mine, which is more simple to install with CONDA three line command。The simplest three line command of windows to install tensorflow GPU (using Anaconda) does not need to install CUDA Statement: part of this article draws on the following […]

  • Choose react or angular 2


    Original addressChoosing between React vs. Angular 2The following is the translation of this article, which can be used at your choiceReactperhapsAngular2We need to help when we need to. React has become a cool representative in 2015, but angular.js has changed from a front-end framework that people love to a terrible devil (and not so terrible…) […]

  • Vue functions have callback parameters. How to keep the default callback parameters when adding parameters


    The front-end uses the iView component, but it has default parameters. If you bring the parameters you want to bring to the method together If you directly use the @ on change = “change” method, the default parameter will be returned   true | false But I need to pass in other values You can […]

  • Python series crawlers monitor bitcoin price trend


    preface Use Python to monitor and save bitcoin price information. development tool Python version: 3.6.4 Related modules: Requests module; Matplotlib module; Openpyxl module; Numpy module; And some modules that come with Python. Environment construction Install Python and add it to the environment variable. PIP can install the required modules. Main ideas Google can create an […]

  • WSL 2 installation is incomplete


    A series of articles: WSL 2 installation is incomplete Python 3 web crawler Development Practice pdf When learning to crawl, you need to install the scrapy splash library, and then you need to install the docker desktop. It’s very annoying, jumping around like checkers.Then I didn’t expect that there was an error during the installationIt’s […]

  • Java set topology


    Java collectionList, set, queue and map interfaces.There are mainly the following implementation classes. List->Vector->Stack(c) ->ArrayList(c) ->LinkedList(c) Set->HashSet->LinkedHashSet(c) ->TreeSet(c) ->EnumSet(c) Queue->Deque->ArrayDeque(c) ->LinkedList(c) ->PriorityQueue(c) Map->HashMap(c)->LinkedHashMap(c) ->TreeMap(c) ->HashTable(c) ->Identityhashmap (C, stores the reference, the equal sign determines whether the key exists, null is not allowed) ->ConcurrentHashMap(c) Thread safe: vector, stack, hashtable, others are not thread safe. In addition, […]

  • Cache design pattern of web application


    Author:@Van Kay Robbin(former JavaEye founder) Published in 2013, but the content is not outdated. Recently, I found this article helpful and enlightening in finding the best practice of caching, so I want to share it with you. Portal:http://robbinfan.com/blog/38/orm-cache-sumup

  • Pixi exploration record


    During the Spring Festival, a friend shared an article on Netease Jung H5 https://azi.music.163.com/c/rongge_test/index.htmlIt’s beautiful. We need to study the implementation principleNetease’s Jung mental prototype is the best H5 test I’ve seen this year! Look at the JS request: JS search research one by one;The first one: pixijs, a search found that pixijs is very […]

  • Pits encountered in the first installation of cocoapods


    Recently, I want to write an IOS application, so I need to install the development environment. It took half a day to install cocoapod, so I will not forget it later. 1. Use gem to install. There are many on the Internet. I won’t write them in detail. Then, when you use pod install, you […]

  • On Adam optimizer


    The article is from WeChat official account. The most commonly used Adam optimizer has the advantages of fast convergence and easy adjustment, but there make complaints about convergence and convergence. Therefore, the traditional SGD + momentum optimizer will still be used in many big guys’ code. Different people have different opinions on the comparison of […]

  • Mybatis development, do you use XML or annotation? I pick


    Recently, when looking at the company’s projects, I found that some mybatis projects are developed based on annotations, while my personal habit is based on XML files. For mybatis annotation development principle understanding is not enough, so read part of the source code, write this article. This paper mainly introduces two forms and three writing […]