• Crawl web articles


    Recently, I wrote some articles about climbing Netease health care. I only climbed the home page and didn’t turn the page for the time being. Update later when you are free. Here is the code: Crawler code import requests Execute code > python . \main. py Picture storage Article storage Label storage python Reptile This […]

  • How to enable both systemctl and docker to be used in docker container


    Recently, due to work needs, I began to study how to deploy the compilation and packaging environment in docker, which needs to be able to use systemctl and docker functions. Some articles have mentioned how to use systemctl:https://developers.redhat.com…The above is the 2014 article. The author’s recent update is inhttps://developers.redhat.com…In short, you need to do some […]

  • One PR submitted for tunny


    background Last week, I wrote an article, go daily a library of ants, in-depth analysisantsImplementation of this goroutine pool. After repeatedly reading panjf2000 aboutantsThe article on the origin of GMP concurrency scheduler — the deep parsing hand of GMP concurrency scheduler, rolling out a high-performance goroutine pool, I feel full of harvest. This article is […]

  • [charging] RT thread excellent article collection and summary posts in July and August


    Share with each other and make progress together! The excellent articles in July and August are summarized and shared with you. Come and have a look when you have time to recharge yourself. As a qualified developer, continuous learning is the key to technology improvement! After charging, don’t forget to share it. RT thread is […]

  • Rnaflow a new fully automatic RNA_ Seq data analysis process


    Recently, I picked up a job to help other teachers in the college analyze the rice transcriptome, but my daughter-in-law rushed to graduate and wanted to help her with articles and data. She didn’t have time to do this. Although she can analyze the transcriptome, she hasn’t realized automation, so I wandered around in Google […]

  • Use of ViewModel


    preface As an Android Developer, MVx design pattern is the most popular one, such as MVC and MVP, but now MVVM is the most popular one. The disassembly of MVVM is: m — model class, V — view, VM — ViewModel. Let’s take a look at the use of ViewModel, which is actually the design […]

  • Some insights from Ubuntu


    This article helps me record some common commands. install sudo apt-cache show packge View package dependencies and information sudo apt-get install packge Install a package dpkg -i packge Install the package of DEB and the package formulated by Ubuntu Some problems about source code compilation and installationDownload some compressed packages. Please read readme. There will […]

  • Article assistant introduction I


    Artipub (short for article publisher, which means “article publisher”) is an open-source multi post platform, which can help article authors automatically publish their prepared articles to nuggets, segmentfault, CSDN, Zhihu, open source China and other technical media platforms, disseminate high-quality knowledge and obtain the maximum exposure. Artipub is easy to install and provides a variety […]

  • Teach you how to draw a Christmas tree in Python. Come and learn


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is from getting started with it Share an article to teach you how to draw a Christmas […]

  • Learning directory of SAP ui5 beginner tutorial


    Jerry joined SAP UI5 development team of SAP Research Institute in Chengdu since 2014, and then began to contact SAP UI5. It has published many articles on SAP UI5’s working principle and source analysis in the SAP community and the “Wang Zixi” official account of the WeChat public. In Jerry’s articleFor novices who know nothing […]

  • SAP e-commerce cloud Spartacus UI and smartedit local test environment


    https://localhost:9002/smarte… https://localhost:9002/backof… In backoffice, change the WCMS cockpit preview URL of Spartacus website to the local Spartacus URL: http://localhost:4299/powerto… Note to remove the HTTPS in front. Make sure there is no problem with local access to this URL. Click pages to create a new page: When storefront cannot render, first check whether the settings of […]

  • Practice on the 30 day trial period of phpstrom IDE (useful for personal testing)


    Series articles: 2021phpstrom activation code (valid for personal test) MySQL is not connected. I found a way to cure all diseases! Practice on the 30 day trial period of phpstrom IDE (useful for personal testing) Direct code Open phpstrom Click OK to restart. (if step 7 doesn’t work, please try the above steps again! I […]