• Pit of viewbox of vux UI


    The component has a 100% high layout, which can solve some keyboard input problems, but at the same time, it can not automatically hide the URL toolbar and bottom bar when scrolling down in safari. In the viewbox, the element is positioned as absolute, and the effect is equivalent to fixed. When using, you need […]

  • CSS three ways to achieve sticky footer bottom adhesive layout


    Problem description What is sticky footer layout For example, there is an article on the web page, which can be long or short. If the article is relatively long, place a like button at the end of the article. If the article is short, place a like button at the bottom of the page. The […]

  • A task. Result will deadlock. How do you write this code?


    1: Background 1. Tell a story The other day. net advanced debuggingAn interesting comment was found during the indexing of the article on GitHub. See the article for details. The screenshot is as follows: That is, it is executed under the main thread of WinFormTask.ResultIt will cause deadlock. I also looked at the reference link […]

  • At 16:48 pm yesterday, I deleted 280 million data, which scared me to death. Now I’m replying


    Series articles: What’s better about laravel than ThinkPHP? Why do many people “despise” ThinkPHP? At 16:48 pm yesterday, I deleted 280 million data, which scared me to death. Now I’m replying Executed this damn order DROP TABLE IF EXISTS fit_******; Reply in progress…… (I don’t know if I can reply!) mysql data recovery This work […]

  • Spring boot + redis implements delay queue, which is well written!


    Source: blog.csdn.net/qq330983778/article/details/99341671 operation flow First, let’s analyze the process The user submits the task. First, push the task to the delay queue. After receiving a task, the delay queue first pushes the task to the job pool, and then calculates its execution time. Then, the delayed task (including only the task ID) is generated and […]

  • Ubuntu install GUI


    GUI Installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04 Update the apt package index and install tasksel. $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install tasksel List the GUI we have installed and we can install: $ sudo tasksel –list-tasks Main available Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) installations using tasksel’s tasksTask Descriptionkubuntu-desktop Kubuntu desktop ( KDE Desktop )lubuntu-desktop Lubuntu […]

  • Create a static blog with Gatsby and strapi (translation and experience summary in your own exploration)


    Create a static blog with Gatsby and strapi (translation and experience summary in your own exploration) For the original text, please refer to:Building a static blog using Gatsby and Strapiorhttps://blog.strapi.io/buildi…This article is mainly for the translation of its essence, and the problems encountered in the process of operation and resolution. Some specific operation procedures and […]

  • What is PHP code identification


    What is PHP code identification, such as how to distinguish between pigs and dogs, there must be differences between them Similarly, what is the difference between PHP and other languages? You can know at a glance that it is written in PHP First, the PHP code file ends in. PHP Write the prefix of PHP […]

  • Tikv source code analysis series (I) Preface


    Author: Tang Liu TiKVIt is a distributed key value database supporting transactions. Many community developers develop their own applications based on tikv, such astitan、tidis。 Especially when tikv becomesCNCFofSandboxAfter the project, it has attracted the attention of more and more developers, and many students want to participate in the R & D of tikv. At this […]

  • Implement a simple static blog generator


    As a programmer, blogging is an essential way to accumulate knowledge and improve the level. There are three main ways to blog. One is to use nuggets, blog Garden, CSDN and other Blog websites. The second is to build our own website and store our own blog. The third is to use the static blog […]

  • PHP print trace debugging information


    For most compiled languages, such as C, Java and C #, we can easily debug breakpoints, but PHP must install Xdebug and make complex configuration in the editor to realize the ability of breakpoint debugging. However, if you simply debug and view stack backtracking, PHP has prepared two functions for us, which can make it […]

  • Open source in GitHub!!! Spring boot develops a community / forum / blog with detailed deployment tutorials


    forum-java Community of spring boot framework development:Developer Inn brief introduction forum-javaIt is an open source modern community platform, which realizes: Content oriented discussion forum; Knowledge Q & A oriented community; 100% open source; Why do you want to do this project? Some enterprises in the field of open platform need a website of developer community […]