• IOS ——– view the fluency of the interface


    IOS view screen frame tool — yyfpslabel IOS’s skill of keeping the interface smooth Discussion on IOS optimized interface fluency Let’s study it first. I’ll write an article by myself another day    

  • [series] go gin API routing middleware Jaeger link tracing (6)


    Catalog Summary Jaeger deployment Prepare test service Application example Function Effect API source address Service source address Go in API series Summary First, synchronize the following project overview: In the previous article, we shared the routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (Theory). In this article, we will continue to share: routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (practice). […]

  • http://javaexception.com/archives/203


    Copyright notice: This is the original article of xing’star. Please indicate the source for reprint! This article is synchronized from http://javaexception.com/archives/203 Perfect solution to crash problem of full screen theme of Google nexus device There is a previous article, which records the bugs in my app upgrade to targetsdk 27. The article is located at […]

  • WordPress long article paging code


    Recently, I found that there are many articles with pictures, which are relatively long. This will cause the page to load too slowly, which is not conducive to the user experience. Especially for the newly added WordPress Theme page, although there are not many words, each WordPress theme should be equipped with a small picture, […]

  • Https://i.cnblogs.com/editposts.aspx? Opt = 1


    Recently, I am developing a blog system. I often put my writing on my website blog (previously written in OneNote). Then I applied for a blog in the blog Park, and I had the same article. I need to copy, paste and typeset twice respectively. So I wondered if I could submit this article to […]

  • Based on wanAndroid-Project Practice


    # Qzs Wan Android

  • Elasticsearch Core Technology and Practice-Learning Notes


    Learning resources: Elasticsearch Chinese Community Daily https://elasticsearch.cn/article/ Elastic search website https://www.elastic.co/ Purchased a video course on geek timeElasticsearch Core Technology and PracticeIn the first video lesson, the lecturer Ruan Yiming mentioned a learning suggestion – setting goals.My goal is to write a blog to record the gains and problems of the learning process. As a. […]

  • Transaction example in JDBC in Java


    [Learning Notes] 7. JDBC transaction example: import java.sql.*; public class MySQlTransaction1 {   public static void main(String[] args) throws SQLException {/*in my sql: create table Accounts(                ID int(4) not null,                NAME varchar(15),                BALANCE int(4),                primary key(ID)            )  type=INNODB;  insert into Accounts values(1,’wangwu’,100);  insert into Accounts values(3,’zhangsan’,300);  insert into Accounts values(4,’lisi’,400);     */    Connection con = null;    […]

  • Simple implementation of Python calling c DLL Dynamic Link Library


    When Python calls the c DLL library, install the library CLR first, that is, install pythonnet. Reference article: https://www.cnblogs.com/kevin-Y/p/10235125.html (install CLR for using dotnet program in python) But when you enter a command, you encounter an error”pip’is neither an internal or external command nor a runnable program’. The solution is to add the scripts folder […]

  • PHP+Mysql Query Examples of Last and Next Articles


    Simple PHP + Mysql queries examples of previous and next articles, and outputs titles and links of the previous and next articles, which are suitable for beginners to learn. Get the current browsing article id: $id = isset($_GET[‘id’]) > 0 ? ($_GET[‘id’]) : “”; Next article: $query = (“SELECT id,title FROM article WHERE id>’$id’ ORDER […]

  • Pressure measurement of swoole_websocket_server performance


    Summary This is the tenth article on Swoole introductory learning: Pressure testing swoole_websocket_server performance. Chapter 9: Implementation of Swoole Redis Connection Pool Chapter 8: Implementation of Swoole MySQL Connection Pool Chapter 7: Implementation of Swoole RPC Chapter 6: Swoole Integrates into a Small Framework Chapter 5: Application of Swoole Multi-Protocol and Multi-Port Chapter 4: Application […]

  • Summary of methods for displaying articles by random calls to WordPress


    This paper summarizes the method of displaying articles by random call of wordpress. Share for your reference. The specific methods are as follows: To display articles randomly in WordPress, three methods of calling random articles are introduced here. Friends in need can choose according to their own situation. Method 1: WordPress built-in functionCall the following […]