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  • C + + programming 01 — the use of array and pointer


    The use of arrays and pointers 1. Array 1. One dimensional array //Data type array name [array length] 2. Two dimensional array //Data type array name [number of rows] [number of columns] = {(data 1, data 2), (data 3, data 4) ·} 2. Basic syntax of pointer int a=10; 3. Combination of const and pointer […]

  • The use of scanf() and some points for attention


    Compared with Java keyboard input, C language scanf has some details that need to be paid attention to. In order to avoid stepping on the pit when using, let’s take a look at scanf. Scanf() is a format input function of C language, which is declared in stdio. H header file just like printf function […]

  • Lesson 34 multidimensional arrays and multidimensional pointers


    Pointer to pointer The essence of pointer is variable The pointer will occupy a certain amount of memory space You can define a pointer to a pointer to hold the address value of a pointer variable `int main(){ int i = 0; int* p = NULL; int** PP = NULL; pp = &p; *pp = […]

  • Using arrays as function parameters


    We all know that variables can be used as parameters of functions, Every element in the array is also a variable, so we canUse array elements as function parameters。 In addition, useArray names can also be used as arguments and formal parameters, passing the array’sFirst address。   1、 Using array elements as function arguments This […]

  • String class


    2019-11-22 18:08:06 Construction string #include #include using namespace std; int main() { using namespace std; String one (“my name is string!”); // initialization, C-style Cout < one < endl; // use overload<   Procedure description: Overloaded + = operator appends string S1 to the end of the string object. =Operators can also be overloaded to […]

  • Create and access arrays and how to use them


    array Array: a set of variables with a unified name.How to use array: create value assignmentCreation: four kinds Create an empty array: VAR array name = []; VAR array name = new array(); When to use: do not know the data content temporarily, create an empty array first, and then append Create and initialize the […]

  • Special object array in JS


    Preface Previously learned data types can only store one value (for example: number / string). I want to store multiple values in a variable. How should I store them? The so-called array is to arrange multiple elements (usually of the same type) in a certain order into a collection, which we call array. 1.1 array […]

  • Parsing Pascal strings with structs


    Source: https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuyuwutong/p/8708844.html 1. What is flexible array? Flexible array is an array whose size is to be determined. The last element of structure in C language can be an array whose size is unknown, that is, the so-called zero length, so we can use structure to create flexible array. 2. What is the purpose of […]