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  • Deep parsing of C language pointer


    I What is the pointer The essence of pointer is a variable, which has no essential difference from ordinary variables. The complete name of the pointer should be called pointer variable, or pointer for short. II Pointer use Trilogy Define pointer variables, associate pointer variables, and dereference 1 // demonstrate the standard usage of pointers […]

  • New changes in Xcode 13.0


    The built-in icon and project file icon are changed, and different types of files can be easily identified by shape and color. 111619f67f95c633f60f9e41776ba0ec.jpg Built in icon jpg 873475aeb89c02779d96c306d036582a.jpg Project file icon jpg The new swiftui project no longer has info Plist file, info Plist file contains only a small amount of content, which is integrated […]

  • Chapter 05 – array — learning notes for introduction to c++ Basics


    5 array 5.1 general An array is a collection containing data elements of the same type Feature 1: each data element in the array is the same data type Feature 2: arrays are composed of contiguous memory locations 5.2 one dimensional array 5.2.1 definition method of one-dimensional array There are three ways to define a […]

  • C + + object array


    The following essay gives the key points of C + + object array. Definition and access of object array Define an array of objects Class name array name[Number of elements]; Access object array elements Access by subscript Array name[subscript].member name Object array initialization When each element object in the array is created, the system will […]

  • Study day 16


    C language Array elements as function arguments A [5] – [5] is the array element The array name is the function argument A [5] – A is the array name. The array name represents the first address of the array. If the array name is an argument, the formal parameter in the function should also […]

  • Quickly learn arrays in Java


    Author | white snail Please contact authorization for reprint (wechat ID: 919201148) Outline of this paper preface Previous chapter articleHelp you see the world of Java strings, we have learned a reference type of Java – string. Today, we will learn another reference type – array. Why do I need arrays Imagine a scenario where […]

  • Knowledge points: let the programming learners love and hate the pointer foundation to explain it in detail for you (2)


    Pointer operation (1) Assignment operation Pointer variables can be assigned to each other, the address of a variable, or a specific address   (2) Addition and subtraction of pointer and integer The self increasing and self decreasing operation of pointer variables. The pointer plus or minus 1 operation indicates that the pointer moves forward or […]

  • [C language advanced programming] have you ever seen an array with a length of 0? Believe it or not, it’s over!


    1、 What is a zero length array A zero length array is an array with a length of 0. ANSI C standard stipulates that when defining an array, the length of the array must be a constant, that is, the length of the array is determined at the time of compilation. The method of defining […]

  • C + + | C + + introductory tutorial (V) array


    5 array 5.1 general An array is a collection containing data elements of the same type Feature 1: same type Feature 2: continuous storage space 5.2 one bit array 5.2.1 definition of one bit array Three definitions: Data type array name [array length]; Data type array name [array length] = {value 1, value 2,…}; Data […]

  • [C language programming] C language integer reverse order output program!


    An integer input from the keyboard is stored in an array, and the integer is output in the reverse order of the array through the operation of the program. The problem is solved by recursion.   Algorithmic thinking Design function to store data in reverse order, set the address of formal parameter array to receive […]

  • Introduction and use of array


    Arrays in JavaScript are often used to store multiple values in a single variable. An array is a collection of data, represented as a continuous memory address (stored in heap memory) in memory. The purpose of creating an array is to save more data. Array concept and syntax Concept: an array is a special variable […]

  • Linux shell programming (3) – shell operation


    1、 Declare command Shell variables are weakly typed and are string typed by defaultThe declare command can set or cancel the type of a variable 1. Grammar Declare [- / +] [option] [variable name] 2. Options -: setting type properties to variables+: cancels the type property of a variable -a: declare variable as array type-i: […]