• With these 70 PDFs and 3170 pages of documents, he successfully won all the offers including batj


    preface Recently, I have been interviewing senior engineers, no matter junior, senior or programmer. I think before the interview, you must brush the questions. It’s the same with me. I found a lot of interview questions on the Internet. Recently, I caught up with the peak of job hopping. A lot of fans asked me […]

  • SQL Server index defragmentation


    There are four methods of index defragmentation 1) Delete index and rebuild 2) Using drop_ The existing statement rebuilds the index 3) Use the alter index rebuild statement to rebuild the index 4) Reorganizing indexes using alter index reorganize –1. View fragments SELECT DB_NAME() AS DatbaseName , SCHEMA_NAME(o.Schema_ID) AS SchemaName , OBJECT_NAME(s.[object_id]) AS TableName , […]

  • Popular music arrangement software inventory on the market, which one is your dish?


    Music arrangement software, also known as Daw (host software), is a very important element in the process of music production. For many music lovers, it is a wonderful and joyful experience to transition from enjoying works alone to creating works according to their own mood. There are many music arrangement software, but in fact, different […]

  • Notes on UE4


    To be sorted out…………………………

  • Software and websites that are easy to use


    Today, I would like to recommend the computer software and tool websites that are usually used by the great God, so that you can become the great God every second. The following arrangement, the first part is the basic software, do not do technology need to install some, the latter part is recommended for some […]

  • Common syntax correspondence table of mongodb and SQL


    For students who often write SQL, they are not used to the syntax of mongodb at the beginning. The following table sorts out the common SQL syntax, functions and corresponding mongodb syntax for reference only.   Terms and concepts SQL MongoDB database database table collection row document column field index index table joins $lookup primary […]

  • Es6-es10 knowledge integration


    catalog ECMAScript ES2015 Classification of new features Es6-es10 learning map Basic syntax link integration After two months, finally put all theES6-ES10All the knowledge points have been released. Here is a small integration, which can be used for reference later.These things are printed out, A4 paper also has more than 120 pages, like a small book( ̄▽ ̄)/。 […]

  • Product lifecycle of. Net framework,. Net core and. Net 5 +


    Product lifecycle for.Net framework,.Net core, and.Net 5+ This paper records the product support cycle and operating system compatibility of. Net framework,. Net core and. Net versions. . net versions earlier than. Net framework 2.0 and. Net core 2.1, as well as. Net core 2.2 and. Net core 3.0 have stopped any form of support, so […]

  • GIT and tag


    Today, JIRA received a SQA: online, no tag How to tag the online code List the existing Tags:git tag v1.0.3 v1.0.4-201703081020 v1.0.5-201704141453 v1.0.6-201704151447 v2.3.1 To list the tag matches to view, you cangit tag -l v1.0.* v1.0.3 v1.0.4-201703081020 v1.0.5-201704141453 v1.0.6-201704151447 Tag:Git tag – a v2.3.2 – M ‘new online content description’ Submit to remote:git push […]

  • Hazel, organize your Mac automatically to keep your Mac in order


    Original address https://sspai.com/post/35225 Let’s start from the actual needs, see where the problem is, and on this basis, learn how to use hazel. With the growth of computer use time, the files are also growing crazily. After a long time, there will be all kinds of confusion: a large number of files are stacked together, […]

  • Hazel, auto organize files, keep your Mac in order


    Original address https://sspai.com/post/35225 Let’s start from the actual needs, see where the problem is, and on this basis, recognize and learn to use hazel. With the growth of computer use time, the files are also growing crazily, and there will be all kinds of confusion after a long time: a large number of files are […]

  • Cocoapods finishing (I) – install cocoapods


    Cocoapods finishing (I) – install cocoapods preface The purpose of writing this article is also to summarize and share, record various operation steps of cocopods, so that you can quickly search when you forget later, and save the trouble of searching on Baidu again. This article is divided into four chapters: (1) Install cocoapods (2) […]