• Python unpacking and packaging


    “” “the difference between Python unpacking and the * sign of the packet in function parameters and arguments 1. Adding * in the definition of function parameters is the packet process, and the packet is packaged in the form of tuples by default. 2. Adding * in the call process of function parameters is the […]

  • Review JavaScript (lesson6): function (2)


    It’s time for us to review JavaScript together. Last time, we reviewed the content about the function is a first-class citizen and the function definition method. This time, we’ll take a look at the content related to the function parameters. Part of the content of this review is a little obscure, but I’m sure you […]

  • Commonly used built-in functions in Python


    1. ABS (x) absolute value function Returns the absolute value of a number. Arguments can be integers or floating-point numbers. If the argument is a complex number, return its module 2 . all(iterable) IfiterableIf all elements of are true (or the iterator is empty), returnTrue 。 Equivalent to: def all(iterable): for element in iterable: if not element: […]

  • Study notes – function declarations and function expressions


    Function declaration Must have function name function func(){} A function declaration is converted to a function expression if it appears in the position of the expression //Only expressions can be inside parentheses (grouping operators) (function foo() {}); //Can only be an expression in an array [function bar() {}]; //Commas can only manipulate expressions 1, function […]

  • JavaScript (VI) – functions


    Functions: defining functions Definition method The first definition method: it can be called before the subsequent definition Can be called in advance function gg(){ console. Log (“code inside the function”); } The second definition method: it must be defined first and then implemented. An error is reported by calling in advance // b();// Error — […]

  • Three ways to change the direction of this


    Call, apply and bind are the methods to change the direction of this. Common ground: the first parameter is the pointer to change this. If the first parameter is null / undefined, this points to window by default Call (countless parameters) First parameter: change this pointSecond parameter: argumentThis function will be executed automatically after use […]

  • Study day 13


    C language Basic concepts of functions A main function and several other functions form a C program Functions can call each other Declare before function call void shengmingdehansu();// This is the declaration of the function { Printf (“this declared function is printed / 0”); } Int main() // this is the main function, the beginning […]

  • Study day 16


    C language Array elements as function arguments A [5] – [5] is the array element The array name is the function argument A [5] – A is the array name. The array name represents the first address of the array. If the array name is an argument, the formal parameter in the function should also […]

  • Summary of various problems encountered in writing data structure experiment with vs2017 C + +


    1、 Error c2061: syntax error: identifier “car” Screenshot of the problem:Parking. H documents:Car. H documents: Obviously I included car H file, but the compiler can’t find it. It may be my car There was a problem with the H file. Google didn’t know until later. This is due toCircular referenceCaused by. resolvent:In parking The preceding […]

  • Kotlin generics (Part 1)


    1、 Foreword < font face = bold > inTransformation and aggregation of kotlin setsIn, we have put kotlin’sSet transformation and aggregationAfter that, we all know that a lot of generic knowledge is used in the collection source code, so today we’re going to talk about kotlingeneric paradigm。 2、 Generics 2.1 basic concepts of generics < […]

  • Computer graduation project springboot + Vue JS new covid-19 news corpus event argument collaborative tagging system


    Suitable for the subject New covid-19 news corpus event argument collaborative tagging system Recommended reasons: Cool topic + social frontier hot spot + innovation to awesome! Development technology Front end technology: Vue js elementUI Back end technology: springboot JPA Database: MySQL functional module 1. User registration and login function. The default login is the administrator […]

  • C + + | C + + introductory tutorial (VI) functions


    6 function 6.1 general Function: encapsulate a piece of frequently used code to reduce reset code A large program can generally be divided into many program blocks, and each module can be encapsulated as a function. 6.2 definition of function Define function: return type Function name parameter list Function body Return expression 6.3 function call […]