• How to use HTML area image hotspots


    The < area > tag is mainly used for image map, through which the active area (also known as hotspot) can be set in the image map, so that when the user’s mouse moves to the specified action area and clicks, it will automatically link to the preset page. Its basic grammatical structure is as […]

  • Examples of HEADER_BLOCK in the middle of ORACLE


    Preface A segment is any entity that consumes physical storage space in a database (a segment may exist in multiple data files because of physical data files). It is the basic physical storage unit that makes up the logical table space. Recently, there are some doubts about HEADER_BLOCK in learning segment and extent. This paper […]

  • Detailed HTML area label


    The < area > tag defines the area in the image mapping (note: image mapping refers to an image with clickable areas). The area element is always nested in the < Map > tag. Note: The usemap attribute in the < img > tag is associated with the < Map > element name attribute to […]