• Use of debugger for Firefox in vscode extension


    What’s the usage? You can make breakpoints in vscode available in the browser Errors occurring during runtime can be found more intuitively in vscode Install debugger for Firefox to configure At the root of the project.vscodeNew in directory (New if none)launch.json. Basic configuration item for Vue project { “configurations”: [ { “type”: “firefox”, “request”: “launch”, […]

  • Personal favorite set


    Relevant software version Win 10 Python 3.7.6 Note: please quote or change this article at will. Just indicate the source and author. The author does not guarantee that the content is absolutely correct. Please be responsible for any consequences Version and update Personal uility for common functionsAuthor : Jason YangCreate : 2020/03/31Update : 2020/11/20Version: 0.0.10 […]

  • Label file management system


    Document establishment date: February 28, 2020 Last revision date: None Relevant software information: Win 10 Python 3.8.2 PySimpleGUI 4.16.0 sqlite3 2.6.0 Note: please quote or change this article at will. Just indicate the source and author. The author does not guarantee that the content is absolutely correct. Please be responsible for any consequences Title: labeled […]

  • Application of disk detection tool e2fsck in Linux system


    Instruction: e2fsck Permission: super user Usage: e2fsck [- pacnydfvfv] [- B superblock] [- B blocksize] [- L | – L bad_blocks_file] [- C FD] device Note: check the use of Linux ext2 filessystemIs your partition working properly Parameters: Device: the partition of the hard disk to be checked, for example: / dev / sda1 -A: […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (75): Mount / umount


    Command introduction The mount command is used to mount a device or file system. Syntax format mount [option] device|dir Option description -V # display version information -H # display help information -V # and – F are usually used for debugging -A # hang all file systems defined in / etc / fstab + -F # this […]

  • Maxcommander for Mac is a dual window file management tool


    Maxcommander cracked version for MAC (dual window file management tool) Maxcommander for Mac is a dual window file management tool. The cracked version of maxcommander has the same file management functions as other management software. In addition, it can also use tabs and set bookmarks to display tables: both tools can be used to eliminate […]

  • 001.02 pathlib path package


    Document establishment date: January 2, 2020Last revision date: July 17, 2021Relevant software information: Win 10 Python 3.9.5 References:pathlib — Object-oriented filesystem paths Note: all contents are welcome to be quoted, just indicate the source and author. If there are errors or improper words in this article, please correct them Title: 001.02 pathlib path package Pathlib […]

  • Springboot + easyexcel to realize export operation


    objective Export data to excel according to business requirements. The excel includes four templates (sheets), and each template represents an entity object. As shown in the figure: sheet start This project is implemented by springboot + Vue + elementui. Because it needs to use the export excel function, it is shallow into the easyexcel module. […]

  • Use requirements management tools to improve the efficiency of requirements management and traceability


    It is not easy to manage requirements changes and traceability between requirements without using any requirements tools. Generally speaking, users will first execute requirements and files at different levels to get out the hierarchy and framework of requirements files. Then, create multiple word and EXCEL documents to write requirements at different levels, and then write […]

  • How do I get started rust: unpacking game resources (I)


    preface After graduating from University, I have been working as a PHP Engineer. Although relatively basic languages such as C / C + + can hardly be found at work, it is still used to using C / C + + when brushing leetcode. I’ve probably heard about this programming language since rust version 1.2x, […]

  • Guidance for beginners of Linux (4)


    16. Delete the “empty” directory: rmdir 17. Display of files and directories: LS 18. Copying files or directories: CP 19. Remove file or directory: RM 20. Move files and directories, or rename: MV

  • Go 1.16 launches embedded files


    Series articles: Practice limit concurrency method with go language Go 1.16 launches embedded files Original text from:Go 1.16 launches embedded files』 Go languageOfficial maintenance team RScGitHub IssueIt is proposed to directly support embedded files in go command line. Unexpectedly, it will be implemented directly in a few months, and it is expected to be launched […]