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  • Series of articles | the way to advance the microservice architecture in the cloud native era – best practices of microservice splitting


    Through this article, you can learn the following: Thinking from monolithic to microservices (review) Evaluation and planning of applying modernization strategies 5R mode of applying modernization strategy Best practices in microservice architecture design summary Thinking from monolithic to microservices (review) First, let’s make a simple review: The first article in this series introduces the advantages […]

  • Agile testing mindset


    Agile testing mindset Let’s stop here today. I hope it can be a reference for cloud native, technology leadership, enterprise management, system architecture design and evaluation, team management, project management, product management and team building. Articles you may be interested in:How leaders lead a good teamBuild a small surprise team for start-upsSystem architecture evolution in […]

  • (excerpt) laravel layering


    (excerpt) laravel layering https://laravelacademy.org/po… The core idea is layeringYou may have noticed that the key to optimizing the application directory structure is to divide the responsibilities of different components, or create different layers for different responsibilities. The controller is only responsible for receiving and responding to HTTP requests, and then calling the appropriate business logic […]

  • Introduction to micro front end architecture


    What is micro front end architecture?        Micro front end architectureIs a design type applied to the front end, which allows us to divide it into smaller, independent and semi independent applications and work together. This front-end concept is largely inspired by micro services mainly used in the background.The goal of this architecture is to […]

  • Requirements analysis – pieces framework


    Pies framework is a model for system requirements analysis of it projects. The pieces framework can completely, accurately and quickly determine the requirements of the information system and identify the problems, opportunities and improvement objectives in the business. A checklist for identifying problems with an existing information system. Performance Throughput Response Time Information (and Data) […]

  • Project failure reason


    Project failure reason Priority project managers always sum up experience from past projects. Today, let’s review:      Lack of commitment from senior management to the projectSometimes commitments change as the project progressesLack of organizational commitment to system development methodologyMany system development methodologies simply collect some “garbage”Take shortcuts to bypass system development methodology1) the project exceeds […]

  • Aiops case introduction


    Aiops case introduction Interpret it operation and maintenance from the perspective of global operation, integrate multi-dimensional data such as alarm events, performance indicators, logs and capacity, and realize scenarios including accurate alarm, anomaly detection, root cause positioning and capacity analysis under the support of AI algorithm platform, so as to help the efficient, stable and […]

  • [note] distributed technology principle and algorithm analysis – Overview


    1、 Reference Elasticsearch Learning Series catalog – updating The opening words “four vertical and four horizontal” will lead you to a thorough understanding of distributed technology 2、 Technical overview 2.1 overview 2.2 general rules of business architecture design

  • Kubernetes application scenario


    Kubernetes application scenario    Kubernetes, abbreviated as k8s, is an abbreviation that replaces the middle eight characters “ubernet” with 8. It is an open source application used to manage containerized applications on multiple hosts in the cloud platform. Kubernetes aims to make the deployment of containerized applications simple and efficient. Kubernetes provides a mechanism for […]

  • Low code introduction and industry trends


           Low code platformIt is a digital technology tool platform that can quickly realize innovative applications in enterprise digital transformation in a graphical and drag-and-drop way, and support the expansion of a small amount of code to realize personalized needs. Low code platform is a bi-directional driven management capability platform for business personnel and it […]

  • Performance test tool


    Performance test tool Several dimensions: 1) Cloud services 2) Personal recommendation 3) There are documents 4) Business tools 5) Open source Let’s stop here today. I hope it can be used as a reference for cloud native, technical leadership, enterprise management, system architecture design and evaluation, team management, project management, product management and team building. […]

  • Top 15 technical leadership books


          The transition to technical leadership is a huge challenge. Technical leadership is different. Leading a technical team requires not only management skills, but also technical ability and navigation ability in the technical world. Working on digital products, you need to understand how to lead your technical team to provide high value to users while […]