• Dashboard canvas


    The effect is as follows: The source code is as follows. You can preview it by directly copying and saving it as an HTML file: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <title>Document</title> </head> <body> <canvas id=”canvas” width=”300″ height=”300″> <p>Sorry, your browser does not support canvas</p> </canvas> <script> /** *Generate circular […]

  • Canvas Getting Started Guide (II) – how to use canvas to draw a funny picture


    Previously on:Canvas Getting Started Guide Toolset address Final rendering: course Get canvas object Get context object Add a little detail be accomplished Analysis of the above figure shows that they are basically circular arcs. This painting can be done by setting several concentric circles and splicing several arcs. General outline First, set the fill color. […]

  • [openxml] convert openxml’s elliptical arc arcto to SVG’s elliptical arc


    This article describes how to convert ACTTO of openxml to the arc of SVG (a) Artto for openxml First, the following is an arcto arc of openxml Assuming that our current point is (0,0), the information we know is as follows: Current point coordinates: (x1, Y1) = (0,0) Radius of ellipse: semimajor axis RX = […]

  • A tutorial on drawing arcs and circles through HTML5 canvas API


    In HTML5, the canvasrenderingcontext2d object also provides a special method for drawing circles or arcs. Please refer to the following properties and methods: JavaScript CodeCopy contents to clipboard arc(x, y, radius, startRad, endRad, anticlockwise)   Draw an arc on a circle with coordinate point (x, y) as the center and radius as radius on canvas. The starting radian of this arc […]

  • Tutorial on drawing arcs using HTML5 canvas API


    Draw a standard arc Before we start to optimize our environment. Inspired by the texture of last class, if you don’t like this background, I also provide other background images in the images directory for you to choose from. In addition, all style sheets are written under < head >. JavaScript CodeCopy contents to clipboard […]

  • circle_ Implementation of arc clock with clock simple canvas


    Slag product drawing:http://codepen.io/thewindswor… Recently, I have a special feeling about the circle… Because I wrote a cricle_ process_ Bar is like to be used to make a clock. It’s probably more interesting, so I wrote a thing like this. Maybe there are quite a lot of errors and omissions in the code. Next, let’s share […]

  • [small case of chart development] code a sexy and enchanting “circle” of high grid


    In daily life, we often read or use various types of charts. Circle (ARC) is a common type, which is used to intuitively show the proportion of a certain data index in the whole. This paper focuses on the implementation of HTML canvas (of course, SVG party can implement it on its own after understanding […]

  • Using canvas to draw a circular (ARC) progress bar


    The results are as follows Can show the whole circle, semicircle and any angle arc (left and right symmetry) progress bar. The overall idea is as follows: First determine the shape of the display, the whole circle, semicircle or general arc Divide the arc of the determined shape into 100 equal parts and calculate the […]

  • How to draw a green semicircle in scratch 1.4


    In scratch 1.4, we can create various geometric figures by programming. Today we will introduce the method of creating green semicircle in scratch 1.4. Software name: Scratch programming tool v1.4 official installation Chinese version Software size: 32.5MB Update time: 2017-06-15Download now 1. Open scratch 1.4 and enter its main interface; 2. Click drawNew role; 3. […]

  • Learn canvas animation, draw a dynamic ball


    1. New canvas First of all, canvas is blank. First, we set the width and height of canvas and find therendering context <body>     <! — new canvas element — >     <canvas id=”canvas”></canvas>   </body> window.onload = () => { //Get canvasdom const canvas = document.getElementById(“canvas”); //Manually set width and height canvas.width = 800; canvas.height = 800; //Get context const ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”); }; 2. Draw border At this point, the canvas […]

  • Vue uses canvas to draw arc progress bar


    After a few words, let’s go to the effect drawing first, and then look down if it meets the requirementsThis is a small function of youzan mall.Paste the method directly, and then call the method directly to transfer the value. html: <canvas id=”circle” class=”circle-item” width=”240px” height=”240px” > </canvas> script: mounted() { this.toCanvas(“circle”, 70); //The first […]

  • Implementation of arc in Objective-C learning


    preface Before the advent of arc, programmers had to rely on retain / release / autorelease to ensure that objects “stick” to the moment they are needed. If you forget to retain or release an object several times, the program will leak memory, or even crash directly. In Xcode 4.2, in addition to syntax checking, […]