• TypeScript practice for SAP UI5


    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing to the language. it comes with atranslater, you can convert TypeScript code to JavaScript and run it wherever JavaScript runs, browsers, NodeJS, and more. The biggest change is that TypeScript comes with Types. At the same time, it makes it harder to develop generic […]

  • Laravel Octane install Swoole


    what is larave octane octaneYeslaravelOfficially provided third-party packages, which can be integrated bySwooleandRoadRunnerBoth high-performance application servers to improve application performance. RoadRunneritself is aGoOpen source written in the languagePHPapplication server.Swooleis a useC++A parallel network communication engine based on asynchronous event-driven and coroutines written inPHPProvide coroutine, high-performance network programming support. andApacheorNginxandPHP-FPMvery similar,HTTPRequests can be sent toRoadRunnerorSwooleto executePHPcode […]

  • Miscellaneous – What is Google Fuchsia?


    Google is working on a new operating system: with Fuchsia OS, the tech group has abandoned the Linux architecture in favor ofSelf-developed microkernel Zircon. Fuchsia is not only a replacement for Chrome OS, the desktop operating system, but also Android, which is designed for mobile devices. Despite the fact that Android is almost unmatched in […]

  • Facebook will launch a cloud gaming service, which cannot be applied to the iOS system


    On October 26, Facebook announced the launch of cloud game services on its official website and APP on the Android system. Cloud games allow users to play games for free without jumping to the page in a short time, without the need for game downloads, improving user experience. Multi-games provide a convenience that iOS users […]

  • Early adopters, the first beta release of Android 13


    As the world's most popular mobile operating system, the first beta version of Android 13 has been officially released after two consecutive developer previews. In terms of market usage of each version, Android 11 is the most popular version, followed by Android 10. http://hyccaa.com/4008208820.phphttp://hyccaa.com/new-auto.php Market share of Android versionsGoogle I/0 2022 is less than a […]

  • Spring Data for Apache Geode


    Original Title: Spring Certification | Spring Data for Apache Geode The main goal of the Spring Data for Apache Geode project is to use Apache Geode for distributed data management, making it easier to build highly scalable Spring-driven applications. Spring Data for Apache Geode brings the full power of the Spring Framework to your Apache […]

  • innerHTML application


    blank的blog:http://www.planabc.net/The use of the innerHTML property is very popular because it provides an easy way to completely replace the content of an HTML element. Another way is to use the DOM Level 2 API (removeChild, createElement, appendChild). But obviously, using innerHTML to modify the DOM tree is a very easy and efficient way. However, you […]

  • Using Tinker to debug Laravel application data and some summary of using Tinker


    Using Tinker to debug Laravel application data and some summary of using Tinker [toc] Today we'll discuss how to use some of Laravel's lesser-known features to quickly read data from your Laravel application. We can use Laravel's manual built-inphp artisan tinkerTools to work with applications and things in the database. Laravel artisan's tinker program is […]

  • Summary of package management commands under Linux system|Prerequisite knowledge before using Linux system.


    Introduced at the beginningLinux distributionIt was mentioned in the classification that it is divided into the following three categories according to the package packaging format: DebianSeries: The package suffix format is.deb, the package management command isapt。 Red HatSeries: The package suffix format is.rpm, the package management command isyum、dnf、zypper。 ArchLinuxSeries: The package suffix format is.pkg.tar.zst, the […]

  • Spring Cloud circuit breakers


    Original title: Spring Certification | Official Introduction of Spring Cloud Spring Cloud provides a variety of different features that allow you to use a consistent API in your own application, and the developer chooses the one that best suits your application's needs. Supported ImplementationsNetfix Hystrix Elastic 4J sentinel Retry in spring Core ideaTo create production […]

  • Turn streams into data products


    Every large enterprise organization is trying to accelerate its digital transformation strategy to engage with customers in a more personal, relevant and dynamic way. The ability to perform analytics on data as it is created and collected (also known as real-time data streaming) and generate instant insights to speed up decision-making provides organizations with a […]

  • Flutter protects your app data security


    original https://medium.com/@mohammadE… reference https://www.guardsquare.com/e… https://www.freecodecamp.org/… https://www.freecodecamp.org/… text Currently, most applications contain payments or store some important personal data, which increases the risk of data being exploited or exposed by attackers. In this post, I'll talk about the most effective practices to minimize the risk of any security holes in your Flutter app, and to set […]