• Benefits of the new Vue 3 app initialization code


    In this post, we'll first look at how application initialization code works in a Vue 2 application. Then we'll see what shortcomings it has and how to eliminate them with the new initialization syntax used in version 3 of the Vue framework. Let's first talk about the current initialization method in Vue 2. Usually, insrc/main.jsfile, […]

  • XXE External Entity Injection Vulnerability Summary


    XXE productId=1&storeId=1 , when we capture and analyze the data, when there are parameters to pass, we not only need to test whether there is sql injection, but also check whether there is xxe. Sometimes data is transmitted normally on the front end, but on the server side, our parameter values ​​will be embedded in […]

  • Spring Authentication-Spring Security Architecture Special Tutorial


    This guide is an introduction to Spring Security, providing an in-depth understanding of the framework's design and basic building blocks. We only cover the basics of application security. However, by doing so, we can remove some of the confusion experienced by developers using Spring Security. We do this by looking at the way security is […]

  • Getting Started with knative


    Although Knative has been maintained by the community since 2018, there have been recent rumors about the project as Google recently submitted Knative to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for consideration as an incubation project. Cool! But what exactly is Knative? Simply put, Knative is a technology that simplifies and enhances the way applications […]

  • Hardware interaction of Android system programming entry series – communication hardware Bluetooth


    Communication hardware NFCAlthough it is possible to communicate with devices supporting NFC hardware in the form of non-direct contact in the Android system, it can only interact with some brief label content, and it cannot support a large amount of persistent data well. Therefore, for this drawback, you can consider using hardware that supports Bluetooth […]

  • Teach you to learn Dapr – 6. Publish and subscribe


    introduce The publish/subscribe pattern allows microservices to communicate with each other using messages. Producers or publishers send messages to topics without knowing which application will receive them. This involves writing them to input channels. Likewise, a consumer or subscriber subscribes to the topic and receives its messages without knowing what service produced those messages. This […]

  • JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)


    JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java Naming and Directory Interface Every time a traditional web application interacts with the database, it must first obtain the connection from the database, and then release the connection after use. In this process, it takes a long time to obtain the connection and release the connection. Database connection […]

  • Deep Learning Models: How to Choose the Right GPU Server?


    First, what does a GPU server do? GPU-accelerated computing can provide extraordinary application performance by offloading the compute-intensive part of the application workload to the GPU while still running the rest of the program code on the CPU, making the application run significantly faster from the user's perspective. An easy way to understand the difference […]

  • New understanding of zero code + aPaaS: see JNPF lead development


    What is a zero-code platform A "zero-code" development platform is built for developers who don't know and don't need to know any actual programming language to use their applications. Advantages of a zero-code platform Zero-code development platformIt abstracts the permissions, interface, data, interaction, and process required for software development to form a set of simple […]

  • What is SAP HANA XS JavaScript


    SAP HANA XS Javascript (XSJS for short) is a programming model that application developers can use to create native SAP HANA applications that expose data to UI clients on demand. Application developers define client-side business logic that exposes data in response to HTTP requests to fetch data. Using the XSJS programming model, we can: Create […]

  • In the 5G era, why do NoSQL and SQL have shortcomings?


    01 Introduction Today's Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to be able to handle large volumes of complex data without degrading or slowing down network responsiveness and reliability. In the 5G era, the exponential growth in the number of devices and users has created new demands for business support services (BSS), which has also become a […]

  • Flutter modal dialog


    original https://betterprogramming.pub… code https://github.com/macro6461/… reference https://stackoverflow.com/que… https://stackoverflow.com/que… https://stackoverflow.com/use… text If you came from my previous post, you saw that I launched my to-do app and solved my status update not workingshowModalBottomSheetmethod updateNewToDoThe problem. existStack OverflowAfter asking a question on, I can finally put myNewToDowidget inshowModalBottomSheet bingo. In this way, NewToDowidget only when i clickFloatingActionButtononly visible […]