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  • Nginx architecture and Fundamentals


    Application scenarios of nginx There are three main application scenarios of nginx Static resource service Reverse proxy service API services Static resource service Nginx can provide services of static resources through local file system, such as pure static HTML pages. Reverse proxy service The operation efficiency of many application services is very low. QPS, TPS […]

  • Checking the running environment of KOA application with shell


    In the development environment, starting a koa application service usually needs to start the database at the same time. For example. Mongodb, mysql, etc If the database service is always on, if it is not used, the computer will account for a certain amount of performance. However, if you manually start the service every time, […]

  • Calm down, calm down, front end and back end


    This is a time of war. This is an era when you sing and I come on stage. Since the node came out, the front-end found that it could do the back-end, and the back-end found that the front-end could also play a big role. Therefore, there was a big collision between the front-end and […]

  • Application service sharing of Choerodon’s practice


    The development and deployment of Choerodon platform are all around application services, which shows the importance of application services in Devops practice. This article aims to introduce the application service sharing function in Choerodon v0.19 and above. Background of shared application service function Before we go into details about the use of the “shared application […]

  • Zero foundation quick start load balancing


    Server load balancer is a traffic distribution control service that distributes access traffic to multiple back-end ECS instances according to forwarding policies. Load balancing extends the service ability of application and enhances the usability of application. Click to watch the video Summary By setting the virtual service address, load balancing virtualizes the added ECS instance […]

  • Multi machine load balancing through nginx


    Requirement description The existing three CentOS servers with the same configuration and in the same network need to be reasonably load balanced so that the hardware and bandwidth resources of each server can be effectively utilized. Functional planning The three servers are referred to by a, B and C respectively. The load balancing service on […]