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  • How to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to easily build desktop applications


    Can HTML, CSS and JavaScript really be used to build desktop applications? The answer is yes. In this article, we will focus on how electron uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create desktop applications. Electron Electron can be used to build desktop applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These applications are […]

  • Android 11: beta project


    When we started planning Android 11, we didn’t expect that these changes would happen to all of us, almost everywhere in the world. These challenges require us to remain flexible and look for new ways to work together, especially with our developer community. To help us meet these challenges, we announced an update to our […]

  • Popular science in vernacular, understanding API in 10s


    As a technical support engineer, Xiaopai receives many questions from customers every day. Among them, many customers will ask: “Xiaopai, is there any other way to upload cloud storage besides using the file management and FTP tools of the console?” “Yes, you can call API interface to upload.” “Excuse me, what is an API interface? […]

  • SSR server side rendering


    The front-end SSR scheme is popular in recent years, such as react’s next framework, Vue’s nuxt framework and so on Introduction: use Vue.js When building client applications, Vue components are output in the browser by default to generate Dom and operate dom. Using SSR, the same component can be rendered as a server-side HTML string, […]

  • Explore the application mode of flink1.11


    With the rise of streaming computing, real-time analysis has become a modern business tool. More and more platforms and companies build their real-time computing platform based on Apache Flink and SaaS. These platforms are designed to reduce the burden of end users by simplifying the submission of applications. The usual way is to provide a […]

  • Excel release version 2.3.0, go language excel document base


    Excel is a basic library for operating Office Excel documents written in go language, which is based on ecma-376 and ISO / IEC 29500 international standards. You can use it to read and write from Microsoft Excel ™ 2007 and above. It supports multiple document formats such as xlsx / xlsm / xltm, and is […]

  • Webassembly weekly report 0812


    Please go to the end of the article to scan the QR codeEditor’s note: in the past week, we’ve seen a lot of news on serverless webassembly. New services, new framework, and new practical application of webassembly on server side! We have also seen further adoption of rust by start-ups and large companies. WebAssembly A […]

  • Yard of Hadoop


    1. Overview of yarn Horn is a new feature in Hadoop 2. X.In version 1. X, MapReduce takes on too heavy tasks, including resource scheduling, while in version 2. X, the resource scheduling part is separated, that is, yarn, which makes Hadoop more stable and has better scalability, availability and reliability. So we can know […]

  • Android | super simple integration of HMS ml kit to capture the biggest smile


    preface If you know something about the face detection function of HMS ml kit, I believe you have started to call our interface to write your own app. At present, there are feedback from some partners in the process of calling the interface, and it is not clear how to use the mlmaxsizefacetranslator interface in […]

  • Flying from scratch: statelesswidget


    This time, we will show what is the widget of flutter, that is, the widget; and how to use stateless widget, that is, stateless widget in flutter. As for flutter, developers can use a simple set of code to build Android and IOS applications at the same time. characteristic Widgets are the basic building blocks […]

  • Why do you prefer in-process caching


    In process caching means that the cache and the application are in the same address space. That is, in the same process. Distributed cache refers to the cache and the application located in different processes, usually deployed on different servers. Once upon a time, there was an organization whose owner was called CPU. This organization […]

  • Webassembly weekly news 0819


    Editor’s note: the biggest news of the week is Mozilla’s layoff news. Mozilla team is the creator of webassembly and rust, and one of the main contributors of wasm and rust community. Unfortunately, Mozilla fired 250 employees this week, including the respected engineers who developed rust and webassembly. How will this affect our community? Fortunately, […]