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  • What are thread scheduler and time slicing?


    Thread scheduler is an operating system service that allocates CPU time to threads in runnable state.Once we create a thread and start it, its execution depends on the implementation of the thread scheduler. In the same problem, thread scheduling is not controlled by Java virtual machine, so it is better to control it by application […]

  • The relationship between beanfactory and ApplicationContext from the perspective of source code


    Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaohei. This is the last tweet before this year. I wish you a happy new year in advance~~ This time, let’s talk about it from the perspective of source codeBeanFactoryandApplicationContextThe relationship between some online articles did not mention the point. Official description Let’s take a look at the official documents aboutBeanFactoryandApplicationContextDescription. The […]

  • C ා parameters passed in when the desktop program starts


    using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Windows.Forms; namespace WindowsFormsApplication8{ static class Program { /// ///The main entry point for the application. /// [STAThread] public static void Main(string[] args)//Add parameter and receive value. When the program is started by dragging a file, the first value of the parameter array is the path of the file { if (args.Count()>0) […]

  • Quick start simulator in Xcode


    Because every time you start the simulator, you have to open a project from Xcode first. It’s too troublesome. So I found a solution on the Internet to start the simulator independently without opening Xcode. 1. Display Xcode package content As shown in the figure below, find Xcode in the application, right click and select […]

  • Tomcat uses JNDI to configure data source


    1. Introduction to JNDI 1.1 definition JNDI is a set of interfaces for object naming and directory service proposed by sun. Its full name isJava Naming and Directory Interface, in short, JNDI abstracts a layer based on directory service to find Java objects. The definitions in Wikipedia are as follows: The Java Naming and Directory […]

  • . net core developing Windows Forms program


    Introduction . net core 3.1 is a long-term 3-year supported version of Microsoft LTS, officially released on December 3, 2019, and supports winfrom and WPF desktop applications on the windows platform. This article introduces the development of Windows Forms desktop applications using vs 2019. Develop Windows Forms program First, open the vs 2019 ide tool […]

  • IOS app version information bundleversion


    Apple developer documentation introduces Key Xcode name Summary CFBundleShortVersionString “Bundle versions string, short” (Localizable) The release-version-number string for the bundle. CFBundleVersion “Bundle version” (Recommended) The build-version-number string for the bundle. Cfbundleshortversionstring is the release version number, which identifies the official version number of the application release.Cfbundleversion is the build number that identifies the build number […]

  • Asp.net core web program hosted to Windows Service


    Preface We have also seen how to build windows services from. Net core 3.1 and worker services. Let’s take a look at how to host web applications into our services in this article Running web applications as services We need to compile our web application into exe file. In ASP. Net core, this is a […]

  • You may not need Redux


    Original quote: https://medium.com/ @ dan_abram By Dan Abramov The reason why we choose Redux in developing applications is usually similar to the following: “what if our application can’t be extended without it?”. However, after the real use of Redux, developers are not satisfied with the middleware Redux that introduces code – “why do I have […]

  • Why is the future of software services necessarily web assembly?


    Why is the future of software services necessarily web assembly? Web assembly (wasm) was originally developed by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, apple and other famous companies of W3C. It is a high-performance execution engine of browser applications. With wasm becoming more and more popular in the developer community, wasm is also migrating from the client side […]

  • [IOS translation] response process when app starts


     Responding to the Launch of Your App   Initialize your app’s data structures, prepare your app to run, and respond to any launch-time requests from the system. Initialize the data structure of the application, prepare to run the application, and respond to some requests when the system starts.  Overview    The system launches your app when the […]

  • [IOS translation] confused with uigesturerecognizer


     UIGestureRecognizerDelegate   A set of methods implemented by the delegate of a gesture recognizer to fine-tune an app’s gesture-recognition behavior.   A method of setting up the delegate implementation of gesture recognizer is used to fine tune the gesture recognition behavior of application program.   Overview   The delegates receive messages from a gesture recognizer, and their responses to […]