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  • What is vendor.js in angular application used for?


    What is vendor file in angular? Take the angular page of SAP e-commerce cloud UI as an example, the vendor.js has more than 170000 lines of code: This file contains all libraries imported into your application (app. Module), including the angular library. Third party libraries imported into your application will also be compiled into this […]

  • Talk about flynk’s timecharacteristic


    order This paper mainly studies the timecharacteristic of Flink TimeCharacteristic flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/TimeCharacteristic.java /** * The time characteristic defines how the system determines time for time-dependent * order and operations that depend on time (such as time windows). */ @PublicEvolving public enum TimeCharacteristic { /** * Processing time for operators means that the operator uses the system […]

  • Centos7.7 Yum or up2date, install LNMP nginx1.18.0 + php7.4.6 + mysql5.7.30


    ##Written in front Recently, I came to toss my server, try Yum installation, and record the installation process and problems encountered. I hope I can help you ##Initialize server yum update -y Installing nginx Set nginx installation source Can be based onOfficial websiteSet according to the givenClick to jump to the official website settings Here, […]

  • Shaking tree optimization in angular applications – tree shaking


    Tree Shakeable Providers and Services in Angular Angular recently launched a new feature, tree shakeable providers. Tree shakeable providers is a way to define services and other things. It is used by angular’s dependency injection system in a way that can improve the performance of angular applications. First, before we dig deeper, let’s define the […]

  • It changes the architecture of JavaScript – webpack 5 module Federation


    Original: Zack Jackson Crazy technology house https://indepth.dev/webpack-5… No turning without permission Module Federation allows JavaScript applications to dynamically run code from another package or version on the client and server. This is a JavaScript binder, equivalent to using graphql in Apollo. There has never been a scalable solution to share code between independent applications that […]

  • Initialization process of SAP ui5


    Start the initialization process after loading the sapui5 runtime. The initialization of sapui5 runtime includes the following steps: (1) JQuery plug-in is mainly located in the jquery.sap namespace and provides the basic functions of sapui5, such as modular concept, logging framework, performance measurement, etc. As shown in the figure below: (2) Defines the global object […]

  • Let me tell you something about the invincible NPM packages


    In the face of busy schedule and urgent construction period constraints, it is undoubtedly important to choose tools that can effectively improve productivity. Here, I sort out a list of my favorite NPM packages. In order to facilitate browsing, I also classified them, hoping to present a clearer structure. Of course, you don’t have to […]

  • What is the difference between spring and spring boot?


    summary aboutSpringandSpringBootWhat’s the difference? I heard a lot of answers and just started to studySpringBootAt that time, I was also confused. With the accumulation of experience, I slowly understood the difference between the two frameworks. I believe it is useful to use themSpringBootFor a long time, I don’t quite understand itSpringBootIn the end andSpringWhat’s the […]

  • Node.js Security Guide


    When the project cycle is coming to an end, developers will pay more and more attention to the “security” of applications. A secure application is not a luxury, but a necessity. You should consider application security at every stage of development, such as system architecture, design, coding, including final deployment. In this tutorial, we will […]

  • Docker image optimization: from 1.16 GB to 22.4mb! How??


    Source:http://blog.csdn.net/update7 Docker introduction Docker is a platform for software developers and system administrators to build, run and share applications using containers. A container is a process running in a stand-alone environment. It runs on its own file system, which is built using a docker image. The image contains everything needed to run the application (compiled […]

  • Bye RPM / DEB / tar! The next generation of full Platform Installer is coming!


    Appimage is a format used to distribute portable software in Linux systems and does not require super user privileges to install them. It also allows Linux upstream developers to distribute their programs regardless of the differences between different Linux distributions. The core idea of appimage is one file, that is, one application. Each appimage contains […]

  • Guanxuan Maui’s latest progress in. Net preview 3


    We delivered the latest progress in mobile and desktop development of. Net multi platform application UI in. Net   6   preview   3. This version adds the windows platform and winui   3, improves the basic application and startup builder, adds native lifecycle events, and adds more UI controls and layouts. We also introduce […]