• What are the classic C language applets


    C language is a general computer programming language, which is widely used. The design goal of C language is to provide a programming language that can compile and process low-level memory in a simple way, generate a small amount of machine code and run without any running environment support. Although C language provides many low-level […]

  • How to make a lottery program with VB6.0


    Shopping activities want to make a lottery program, today we’ll take a look at the use of VB6.0 to make a lottery small program tutorial. Software name: VB 6.0 Chinese enterprise version free download (206M) Software size: 206MB Update time: 2020-01-08Download now 1. First, start VB6.0 and executeFile – new command, pop up the New […]

  • . net core3.1 to send subscription message by wechat applet


    1 appsettings.json Define applet configuration information “WX”: {   ”AppId”: “wx88822730803edd44″,   ”AppSecret”: “75b269042e8b5026e6ed14aa24ba9353″,   ”Templates”: {   ”Audit”: {     ”TemplateId”: “aBaIjTsPBluYtj2tzotzpowsDDBGLhXQkwrScupnQsM”,     ”PageUrl”: “/pages/index/formAudit?formId={0}&tableId={1}”,     ”MiniprogramState”: “developer”,     ”Lang”: “zh_TW”,     ”Data”: {         ”Title”: “thing6″,         ”Content”: “thing19″,         ”Date”: “date9″       }     }   },   ”SignatureToken”: “aaaaaa”,   ”MessageSendUrl”: “https://api.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/message/subscribe/send?access_token={0}”,   ”AccessTokenUrl”: “https://api.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/token?grant_type=client_credential&appid={0}&secret={1}” } 2、 Write general class loading configuration using System; using System.Text; using System.Security.Cryptography; using […]

  • Small program to achieve long press to save pictures


    Wechat browser opens H5 page. If it is img tag, long press will pop up the option of saving picture. But it can’t be used in wechat apps. You need to write this function yourself. This function has two points, one is long press, the other is to save the image to the local. 1. […]

  • Applet new edition subscription message template message


    Applet subscription messageFunction introductionMessage capability is an important component of applet capabilities. We provide developers with the ability to subscribe to messages in order to achieve closed-loop service and better experience. Subscription message push location: service notificationSubscription message distribution condition: user self subscriptionJump ability of subscription message card: click View Details to jump to the […]

  • Highlight the current wechat widget to use custom navigation page


    Recently, when developing small programs, we need to do a navigation. The navigation can be written through the template, but this project needs to process some logic in the navigation, making it more convenient to make components. First of all, create a new header folder, in which the corresponding JS, JSON, wxml, wxss files are […]

  • Practical VBS reminder program


    Usage:1. Save the following code as: Ring.vbs (file name can be customized)2 Ring.vbs Move to the program startup group so that it can be started automatically with windows (Location: Start — program — start; XP’s startup group location is: C: documents and settings \ \ your user name \ \ start menu / programs / […]

  • How to hit the small letter scratch 3.0?


    Previously, we shared how to make an analog keyboard and show or hide it in scratch 3.0. Today, we will continue to do an extension of the previous topic, the realization of click simulation keyboard to hit the red envelope, practice typing a small game, we will take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software […]

  • Sending SMS verification code with cloud development


    Recently, when doing small program verification code login, we used the requirement of SMS sending verification code. I also studied it. It is very convenient to use cloud development combined with cloud function to realize SMS sending of verification code. Old rules, first look at the renderings This is the login verification code I sent […]

  • Function and method of cross page interaction of small program


    At the end of last year, the subcontract size of wechat applet has reached 12m. On the one hand, it shows that the small program has gradually released more permissions for developers. On the other hand, it also shows that the 8m size is not enough for some small programs. I’m also developing a to […]

  • Explain how to improve the application speed of wechat small program


    Wetest Guide There are many popular science articles about small programs. Today, we are talking about optimization methods for small programs, which can effectively improve the response speed and user experience of small programs. Of course, the development experience has improved a lot. 1. Speed up page loading In the small program environment, how to […]

  • Wechat applet wx.navigateTo Details and scenarios of using the events parameter in the method


    Personal understanding wx.navigateTo Details and scenarios of using the events parameter in the method Wechat applet in version 2.7.3 wx.navigateTo The event attribute is added to this methodThe official documents of wechat are very vague. In the community of wechat public platform, some people are asking. The first time I saw it, I first saw […]