• $(document). Click() doesn’t work on Apple phones


    This is the following jump code. I found that it works normally on Android and wechat developer tools, but not on Apple phones. $(document).on(‘click’, ‘.url’, function(){ location.href = $(this).attr(‘data-url’); return false; }); After searching the data, we found that Apple’s needs were added after the clicktouchstart $(document).on(‘click touchstart’, ‘.url’, function(){ location.href = $(this).attr(‘data-url’); return false; […]

  • Apple OS X El Capitan system release Apple OS X El Capitan System Download


    At the apple WWDC 2015 developer conference held in San Francisco, the apple OS X El Capitan system was released, and we formally met. Everyone has curiosity about the new system. Today, developer will share the latest news about the download of Apple OS X El Capitan system. Let’s have a look! First of all, […]

  • Which Apple devices can upgrade OS X El Capitan system


    Apple released the latest version of OS X El Capitan system at the WWDC 2015 developer conference. A netizen raised a question: which Apple devices can upgrade OS X El Capitan system? For this problem, the following editor will give you a detailed introduction! In Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan system, Safari browser will […]

  • Apple will learn knowledge, beginners to protect your knowledge!


    The friends who are used to Windows system and the dazzling Mac OS system are one of the necessary choices for everyone who pursues innovation. When they step into the use, they will inevitably have a lot of maladjustments. Many friends have been looking for the shutdown operation for a long time. Today, the computer […]

  • On the bitterness and happiness of apple notebook users


    To make complaints about this topic means that it will be a continuation of my apple pie style. In fact, apple and I have no feud, that is to say, we see some phenomena and share with you after thinking of some problems. This time, I want to talk with you about the bitterness and […]

  • What’s new with Apple’s iPad OS / IOS 13 beta 7 release?


    Apple this morning launched the seventh beta software update for iPad OS 13 and IOS 13 to the developer community. Let’s see what’s new. According to the past practice, with the deepening of testing, the higher the version number, the less the change content, indicating that the software is more and more mature, and closer […]

  • Some knowledge about “virtualization” (Intel VT and AMD SVM)


    Zero, preface A few days ago, I flipped into BIOS, turned off a function I didn’t know, and then rebooted it to the system (black apple). I found that some software couldn’t work normally, mainly including virtual machine software (VMware, paradesktop) and some software for building development environment (xampp, docker, etc.). However, in addition to […]

  • IOS today’s headlines selection box, animation effect, flappybird game source code


    IOS selected source High copy today’s headlines channel selection box Super easy navigation navigation navigation bar Scoring view, support click, slide, integer and decimal scoring Animation in full bloom Segment selection column of imitating leeco video and Tencent video Theme skin Manager – easy theme update Spritekit game practice – flappybirdswift <br/> IOS quality blog […]

  • How to play lossless music on Apple Mac


    How does Apple Mac play lossless music? What are the free MAC lossless music players? Listening to songs is of course the higher the quality, the better. Many music enthusiasts like to listen to high fidelity lossless music. Under the Apple Mac OS X system, there are many free players that support playing lossless music […]

  • Apple pushes Mac OS Catalina 10.15 official upgrade


    At 1:00 a.m. on October 8, Beijing time, and 10:00 a.m. on October 7, U.S. western time, apple pushed the Mac OS Catalina 10.15 official version upgrade! Just finished the national day 7 days of small long vacation, this push sent is quite the time. On September 24, 2018, apple pushed the official version of […]