• IOS 11 appicon does not display the problem summary


    After updating Xcode 9 today, I encountered a small pit when running the old project, that is, appicon is not displayed anyway. I found a method on the network, but it has not been solved. In fact, it is not a problem of the method, but there is a small detail to pay attention to. […]

  • Xcode9 appicon icon is not displayed on IOS 11


    Example 1: Open the project directory: [project name] / pods / target support files / Pods – [project name] / Pods – [project name]- resources.sh This file replaces the last piece of code: Before revision: printf “%s\0” “${XCASSET_FILES[@]}” | xargs -0 xcrun actool –output-format human-readable-text –notices –warnings –platform “${PLATFORM_NAME}” –minimum-deployment-target “${!DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_SETTING_NAME}” ${TARGET_DEVICE_ARGS} –compress-pngs –compile “${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}” […]