• Structural type: II Appearance mode (facade)


    What is the skin mode Appearance pattern is a kind of structural design pattern, which can provide a unified high-level interface for the program library, framework or other complex subsystems, making the subsystems easier to use. The appearance pattern is to aggregate multiple interface implementations and expose only a single interface. Hide the complexity of […]

  • Appearance mode of design mode


    Appearance mode, also known as facade mode, belongs to structural mode; It is a mode that makes multiple complex subsystems more accessible by providing a consistent interface. This mode has a unified interface to the outside, and the external application does not need to care about the specific details of the internal subsystem, which will […]

  • Windows11 operating system official version of win11 image system


    Windows 11 has all the features and security of windows 10, as well as a redesigned look. It also comes with new tools, sounds and applications. All the details are complete. The combination of appearance, function and security will bring you a new computer experience.

  • Design pattern learning notes (XI) appearance pattern and its application scenarios


    Facade pattern, also known as facade pattern, is a pattern that makes multiple complex subsystems more accessible by providing a consistent interface. For example, in our daily life, the triage desk in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital is a feature that implements a unified access interface: 1、 Appearance mode introduction Skin mode provides a unified […]

  • Usage and configuration of Apache Doris ODBC MySQL under Ubuntu


    Today is the last day of 2021. I wish you all a happy New Year’s day in advance. This is also the last article in 2021. Later, I will bring you more articles about Doris. At the same time, I hope Doris will take off in 2022, graduate smoothly from Apache incubator into a top-level […]

  • Ios15 adaptation


    Need immediate modification 1. Uinavigationbar, uitoolbar and uitabbar styles Uinavigationbar, uitoolbar and uitabbar need to use uibarappearance APIs to set colors. // UINavigationBar let navigationBarAppearance = UINavigationBarAppearance() navigationBarAppearance.backgroundColor = .red navigationController?.navigationBar.scrollEdgeAppearance = navigationBarAppearance navigationController?.navigationBar.standardAppearance = navigationBarAppearance // UIToolbar let toolBarAppearance = UIToolbarAppearance() toolBarAppearance.backgroundColor = .blue navigationController?.toolbar.scrollEdgeAppearance = toolBarAppearance navigationController?.toolbar.standardAppearance = toolBarAppearance // UITabBar let tabBarAppearance […]

  • Replace Ubuntu with a new logo: Orange + rectangular logo | “circle of friends” theme is more compact and unified


    Recently, canonical, the leader of Ubuntu project, announced an exciting good news – Ubuntu, the Linux based operating system, has replaced the new logo! Although it is not much different from the old logo, the new Ubuntu logo has also been improved: the new logo still adopts the familiar orange and white, and the “circle […]

  • Facade appearance mode


    >>Return to c# common design mode 1. Introduction 2. Examples 1. Introduction summary Provide a consistent interface for a set of interfaces in the subsystem. This mode defines a high-level interface, which makes the subsystem easier to use For example, for the equipment of the same type but different manufacturers: camera, face recognition equipment, RFID […]

  • SAP Fiori’s new UI theme horizon


    SAP’s UI Technologies supporting the new Horizon visual theme of SAP FioriSap is transforming our design and development culture to focus more on helping people get things done faster and easier and achieve better results. If you haven’t read the relevant content, please read this blog post by Benedikt Lehnert, our chief design officer, before […]

  • Appearance mode (learning notes)


    1. Intention Provide a consistent interface for a set of interfaces in the subsystem. The facade pattern defines a high-level interface, which makes the subsystem easier to use 2. Motivation Dividing a system into several subsystems is helpful to reduce the complexity of the system. A common design goal is to minimize the communication and […]

  • Facade mode of PHP design mode


    Facade mode, also known as appearance mode. Both appearance and appearance are our external media, just like our faces. Therefore, the biggest feature of this model is to be “good-looking”. How to put it? I’ve been blinded by a bunch of complex object calls, especially when upgrading and maintaining the old system. Using facade to […]

  • What is the proxy FA ç ade of the Spartacus UI of the sap e-commerce cloud


    Proxy Facades This feature was introduced in version 3.2. Agent appearance is a flexible mechanism, which can abstract functions from function modules that can be loaded late. This function can be pulled out and completed for any part of the application, such as components, services, instructions, etc. In the deferred loading configuration, the facade is […]