• PostgreSQL FDW installation and use


    Compile and install FDW plug-ins locally cd contrib/postgres_fdw USE_PGX=1 make install Install extension locally postgres=# create extension if not exists postgres_fdw; CREATE EXTENSION postgres=# \dx List of installed extensions Name | Version | Schema | Description ————–+———+————+—————————————————- plpgsql | 1.0 | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language postgres_fdw | 1.0 | public | foreign-data wrapper for […]

  • IPhone 13 series four models configuration


    Apple officially announced the new generation of IOS, ipados and other operating systems at the wwdc21 developer conference. Next, we will focus on the new generation of iPhone 13 series phones to be released in September. Recently, a parameter information map of all iPhone 13 models flowed out. It can be seen that, consistent with […]

  • Exploration of Web site dark mode


    There are some demo in this article, which is suitable for reading on PC Recently released his new bloghttps://xlbd.me, the blog site designed a dark mode style, but it was only based on media query at that timeperfers-color-schemaThe theme style switching with the system preference is implemented. This time, the user-defined light / dark theme […]

  • Differences between exists and in in SQL statements


    select * from A where id in(select id from B) Conclusion: in () is suitable for the situation that the data in table B is smaller than that in table a select a.* from A a where exists(select 1 from B b where a.id=b.id) Exists is used to check whether a subquery will return at […]

  • Design pattern learning 11 (Java implementation) – appearance pattern


    Write on the front Take notes on learning design patterns Improve the flexible use of design patterns Learning address https://www.bilibili.com/vide… https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Reference article http://c.biancheng.net/view/1… Project source codehttps://gitee.com/zhuang-kang/DesignPattern 13. Appearance mode 13.1 definition and characteristics of appearance pattern Facade mode is also called facade mode,It is a pattern that provides a consistent interface for multiple complex […]

  • Hologres: the core principle of high performance native acceleration maxcompute


    Hologres (Chinese Name: interactive analysis) is a one-stop real-time data warehouse developed by Alibaba cloud. This cloud native system integrates real-time services and big data analysis scenarios. It is fully compatible with PostgreSQL protocol and seamlessly connects with big data ecology. It can support real-time writing, real-time query and real-time offline federated analysis with the […]

  • Core interpretation of laravel appearance mode


    Appearance mode Facade pattern: external communication with a subsystem must be carried out through a unified facade object, which provides a consistent interface for a group of interfaces in the subsystem. Facade pattern defines a high-level interface, which makes the subsystem easier to use. Appearance pattern, also known as facade pattern, is an object structure […]

  • Win10 control panel can’t set mouse appearance how to do


    How to solve the problem that win10 control panel can’t change mouse appearance?Win10 control panel can not modify the appearance of the mouse is generally a registry setting on some of the problems, as long as the simple settings can be repaired, the following is a detailed setup tutorial, there will not be friends to […]

  • Analysis of Objective-C design pattern appearance


    The pattern of picture recognition Self help tour (Figure 1) Travel Agency (Figure 2) A chestnut, for example I don’t know if you have any travel experience through travel agencies? This is a good application of appearance pattern. Mode 1: customers directly call the functions of each subsystem to form a tight coupling relationship with […]

  • How to realize data analysis of Lake Warehouse Integration in data warehouse?


    Introduction:With the popularization of cloud computing and the expansion of data analysis demand, the integrated analysis capability of data lake and data warehouse has become the core capability of the next generation of data analysis system. Compared with data warehouse, data lake has obvious advantages in cost, flexibility and multi-source data analysis. Among the ten […]

  • Dark mode of Web site


    There are some demo in this paper, which is suitable for reading on PC Recently, I posted my new blog https://xlbd.me , blog site designed dark mode style, but at that time only based on media queryperfers-color-schemaThe implementation of the following system preferences switching theme style, this time brings the user-defined light / dark theme […]

  • Foreign perspectives


    In this paper, the appearance of the sequence as an example, add some small means to achieve a similar single linked listdummyEffect, turn special into ordinary introduction It is very troublesome to deal with the boundary of the algorithm from the perspective of the domain, either missing conditions or writing a lot of similar processing […]