• 10 beautiful vscode Light Themes


    The first official account is “front-end developer”. The first time to read the latest article, it will give priority to two days to publish new articles. When selecting topics for vs code, the number of topics available is almost unlimited. I wrote an article before, introducing the beautiful theme of vs code. However, one attentive […]

  • In and exists in Oracle


      In is a hash connection between the outer table and the inner table, while exists is a loop loop loop for the outer table. Each loop loop will query the inner table. It has always been considered that exists is more efficient than in. If the two tables queried are of the same size, […]

  • WPF UI component learning (1) – appearance implementation and common properties of window


    1. Summary Similar to Android, WPF also has many built-in UI components, which are more abundant than Android’s built-in components Button, lable, textbox, menu, listbox, etc Similarly, Android can use activity and fragment to place these UI components, and WPF can use window and page to place UI components. Users can interact with app through […]

  • The most beautiful Linux distribution of 2020!


    Original text: itsfoss.com/beautiful -linux-distributions/ I think we all know three common operating systems: Linux, windows and Mac OS. The most popular embedded software engineer is Linux. There are many Linux distributions. Here are seven beautiful Linux distributions. 1、 Elementary OS Website: https://elementaryos.cn/ The elementary OS operating system is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions. […]

  • Appearance mode of PHP design pattern


    Series articles: Appearance mode of PHP design pattern Appearance mode The facade class provides a unified interface for the calling end. The facade class knows which subsystem is responsible for processing the request, so it can proxy the request of the caller to the appropriate subsystem Appearance pattern masks the details of subsystem, so skin […]

  • Mongodb aggregation Pipeline & Association processing


    Associated query Exchange rate table data db.forex.insert([ { ccy: “USD”, rate: 6.91, date: new Date(“2018-12-21”) }, { ccy: “GBP”, rate: 8.72, date: new Date(“2018-08-21”) }, { ccy: “CNY”, rate: 1.0, date: new Date(“2018-10-21”) } ]) User table data > db.accounts.find().pretty() { “_id” : ObjectId(“5d80c37349f3060f1212a055”), “name” : { “first_name” : “qingquan”, “last_name” : “zeng” }, “balance” […]

  • How to customize CSS style in SAP ui5 web component


    Application appearance without style Customization: In the public folder index.html In the head tab, add a style setting: <style> * { –sapUiTileTitleTextColor: limegreen; } </style> After effect: For more original articles on Jerry, please pay attention to the official account of “Wang Zixi”:

  • Technology sharing | MySQL’s join | buffer | size application on internal connection


    Author: Yang Taotao This article introduces the use of MySQL parameter join ﹣ buffer ﹣ size in the inner join scenario, which is not included in outer join. Before discussing the buffer, let’s first understand the inner join classification of MySQL. If it is subdivided according to the retrieval performance, whether it is two or […]

  • Learning notes of design mode: (10) appearance mode


    This note is excerpted from: https://www.cnblogs.com/patrick liu/p/7772184.html. Record the learning process for future reference.     1、 Introduction Today we will talk about the fifth pattern of structural design pattern appearance pattern. First, understand the appearance pattern from the name. When you see the word “appearance”, it’s easy to think of the word “appearance”. They have […]

  • New features of MySQL 8.0 hash join


    Overview & background MySQL has been criticized for not implementing hashjoin. The latest 8.0.18 release has brought this function, which is gratifying. Sometimes I wonder why MySQL doesn’t support hashjoin all the time? I think it’s probably because MySQL is mostly used in simple OLTP scenarios, and it’s widely used in Internet applications, so the […]

  • Tidb source reading series (15) sort merge join


    What is sort merge join Before we start to read the source code, let’s see what sort merge join (SMJ) is. For the definition, see Wikipedia. In short, it is to sort the two tables of the join first according to the connection attributes, and then carry out a scan and merge to get the […]

  • How to switch and manage the appearance of WordPress website


    Keyword Description: how to switch the website appearance management theme WordPress In the last tutorial, we talked about the management of WordPress links. Now let’s talk about the appearance management of WordPress. WordPress blog program is very excellent. It provides a simple appearance management mode, which allows users to easily design and manage the theme […]