• Perfect solution to cross domain problems of API and webservice


    In many cases of Ajax calls, the webapi interface will have cross domain problems. If the same web service wants to use ajax calls, it also needs cross domain problems. The solution is as follows: 1. IIS configuration Open IIS and select webapi or WebService after publishing, select website and select HTTP response header to […]

  • In depth understanding of Java scripting API programming


    For whom is the Java scripting API prepared? Some useful features of scripting languages are: Convenient: most scripting languages are dynamically typed. You can usually create new variables without declaring variable types, and you can reuse variables to store different types of objects. In addition, scripting languages often perform many types of transformations automatically, such […]

  • Using SLB IPv6 to audit Apple’s App Store


    1.Greetings Hi, Hello, I’m Tian Yi, product manager of SLB for load balancing. Today, let’s talk about Apple’s IPv6 audit and how to use Alibaba cloud SLB (IPv6) to complete the app store IPv6 audit. 2. What is Appstore IPv6 audit Due to the early development of IPv6 in foreign countries, there may be some […]

  • Detailed explanation of why PHP uses echo when writing API output


    There are few PHP APIs written. Recently, I started to write the interface. In the framework, I always use return, but in the API, return fails. Why? Answer given by netizen: 1. Return is generally used for the return of a function or method. Echo is the output (that is, the display) If you don’t […]

  • Simple learning Java API design practice


    Preface Understand some API design practices that should be used when designing Java APIs. These practices are often useful and ensure that APIs are used correctly in modular environments such as OSGi and Java platform module system (jpms). Some practices are prescriptive, some are prohibitive. Of course, other good API design practices also apply. The […]

  • How. Net core obtains various information in the operating system


    I. Preface . net core is a general development platform maintained by the. Net community on Microsoft and GitHub. It is cross platform, supports windows, Mac OS and Linux, and can be used for devices, cloud and embedded / IOT solutions. The following features best define. Net core: Flexible deployment: it can be included in […]

  • Code of VBS calling Windows API function


    That day, I accidentally found an article called “WinCC VBS calls Windows API functions with excel”. I don’t know what WinCC is. It seems that Google has something to do with Siemens automation. What WinCC is doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this article provides a way for VBS to call windows API – Excel […]

  • How does the medical industry use the API Market?


    The medical and health industry is one of the pioneers of adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad, because the stakeholders in the industry will be more close to the data and attach importance to the importance of data, so as to speed up the action on decision-making, in order to better the life […]

  • Artificial intelligence: text similarity analysis


    Generally, we will encounter a problem that users will send highly similar content from time to time when commenting and posting. Obviously, this is meaningless. At this time, we can use some algorithms to determine the similarity of the text, and then we can make some response strategies. This function can be implemented in multiple […]

  • Java log API management best practices


    Summary For today’s applications, the importance of logging is self-evident. It’s hard to imagine an application running in a production environment without any logging capabilities. Log can provide a variety of functions, including recording the error information, status information, debugging information and execution time information. In a production environment, logs are an important basis for […]

  • A real case study of FAAS


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article is from Tencent cloud Technology Salon. The theme of this salon is serverless architecture development and SCF deployment practice Liu Minjie: with years of experience in the cloud computing industry, he once worked in Huawei, ucloud and other enterprises […]

  • Server deployment tools – collections – Nuggets


    Basic introduction to nginx – front end – NuggetsAuthor: villainthr this article is a translation article. The original link is nginx beginner’s Guide. It’s the best nginx introductory article I’ve seen so far. Well, yes. There is no one. This tutorial gives a brief introduction to nginx and explains some simple tasks that nginx can […]