• Explain the API interface of laravel


    It should be noted that API has its specific purpose. We should know what it does. What should be entered when accessing the API. What you should get after accessing the API. When we begin to design the API, we should pay attention to these 8 points. The follow-up development plan revolves around this. 1.restful […]

  • Go explains in detail the idea of efficiently processing data through streaming APIs such as map / filter / foreach


    Students who have used java are familiar with streamAPI, so inGoCan we process aggregate data in a similar way? This article introduces the built-in stream API of go zero. In order to help you understand, the functions are mainly divided into three categories: acquisition operation, intermediate processing operation and termination operation. What is stream processing […]

  • Five simple and practical APIs in HTML5


    It can’t be said that we are vain. For many years, the basic HTML API has not developed at all, so that when a small new function appears, such as placeholder, it will make us show novel eyes. Although many HTML5 features are implemented in the new browser, most programmers still don’t know or have […]

  • Unveil the mystery of HTML 5 working draft


    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released a draft specification for HTML 5, the first major revision of HTML 4 since it was released more than a decade ago During this period, as developers gradually transplant their applications to the web, it has developed from a major static media to an interactive application with rich […]

  • Five simple and practical APIs in HTML5 (Part 2, including full screen, visibility, photographing, preloading and battery status)


    The birth of HTML5 provides us with many wonderful new functions and features of JavaScript and HTML. Some new features have been known for many years and have been widely used, while others are mainly used in cutting-edge mobile technology or desktop applications. No matter how powerful and easy these new HTML5 functions are, they […]

  • Practice of using golang to play with docker API


    catalogue Install SDK Manage local dockers Run container Background run container View container list Stop all running containers Gets the log of the specified container View mirror list Pull image Pull private image Save container as image Manage remote docker Remote connection Modify client summary Docker provides an API for interacting with docker daemon (called […]

  • W3C tutorial (11): W3C DOM activities


    Document object model (DOM) is a platform, a language neutral application programming interface (API), which allows programs to access and change the content, structure and style of documents.Document object model (DOM) is a platform, a language neutral application programming interface (API), which allows programs to access and change the content, structure and style of documents.DOM […]

  • 5 powerful HTML5 API functions recommended


    HTML5 provides some very powerful JavaScript and HTML APIs to help developers build wonderful desktop and mobile applications. This article will introduce five new APIs, hoping to be helpful to your development work. 1. Full screen API The API allows developers to programmatically run web applications in full screen, making web applications more like local […]

  • A guide to using the API of media (player) in HTML5


    Send the sample code directly, and there will be no more nonsense. Copy code The code is as follows: <!doctype html><html lang=”en”><head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>HTML Audio API</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./style/main.css” /> <script src=”./script/audio-controls.js”></script></head><body> <header> <h1>HTML5 Audio API</h1> <p>HTML5 Audio API demo by <a href=”<a href=”http://github.com/LearnShare”>http://github.com/LearnShare</a>” target=”_blank”>LearnShare</a>.</p> <p> Last update @2013-04-23 20:40:00 + add info table […]

  • Four things to consider when choosing the go API framework


    Hello, I’m a programmer ghost. When writing API services in go, the first thing many language novices ask is, “which framework should I use?”. Those from languages such as ruby or Python may be familiar with the single web framework used by most developers, such as rails, Django, or flask. Go is a little different […]

  • History API of HTML5 learning notes


    1、 Opening analysis Well, without much nonsense, let’s go directly to today’s topic. Today we mainly talk about “history API” and its role in single page application, and will introduce a practical example as a prototype example. Let’s take a look at “history API”: In order to improve the response speed of web pages, more […]

  • Detailed explanation of practical examples of simple restful style API implemented by gin and MySQL


    catalogue It works main.go Compile and run database Curd addition, deletion, modification and query increase check Query list query Query a single record queryrow change Delete Organization code Packaging model method Handler function Organization project Database processing Data model encapsulation handler route Packet routing App entry summary We have learned about golang’s gin framework. For […]