• Tutorial details of using client go tool to call kubernetes API interface (v1.17 version)


    explain There are many tools that can access k8s API interfaces. Let me introduce them hereclient-go Client go project address on gitlab: https://github.com/kubernetes/client-go   This tool is officially designated and maintained by kubernetes. You can rest assured to use it effect After running, you can get k8s cluster information directly realization 1. Pull tool source code […]

  • Webapi2 file image upload and download function


    ASP. Net framework webapi2 file upload and download front-end interface is implemented in Ajax 1、 Project structure 1.App_ Start is configured with cross domain access to avoid that the request cannot be submitted due to cross domain problems. The specific cross domain configuration method is as follows. Please skip it if you know. Cross domain […]

  • Java (JSP) uses Google’s translate to develop api code


    Because a lot of program code is implemented by Java (JSP), I took a little time to make a java version. I am still an entry-level in Java. During this period, I checked some information. Although the program is relatively short, it is still naughty.As mentioned in the previous sentence, using java to obtain the […]

  • How does PHP use JWT to implement API interface identity authentication


    1. What is JWT? JWT official website https://jwt.io Introduction to the official website: JSON web token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519). It defines a compact and self-contained way to safely transmit information between parties as JSON objects. Because this information is digitally signed, it can be verified and trusted. JWT can be signed […]

  • Asp.net web API realizes the function of picture click picture verification code


    Now the form of verification code is more and more rich. Today, what we want to realize is the verification code to verify by clicking the text in the picture, as shown in the figure This verification code verification is to verify whether the mouse has selected the position and order of the text in […]

  • C # call Sina Weibo API instance code


    C # call Sina Weibo API WebRequest wq = WebRequest.Create(this.address); HttpWebRequest hq = wq as HttpWebRequest; string username = “[email protected]”; string password = “3216731ks”; string appkey = “5786724301”; System.Net.CredentialCache cache = new CredentialCache(); cache.Add(new Uri(this.address), “Basic”, new NetworkCredential(username, password)); hq.Credentials = cache; hq.Headers.Add(“Authorization”,”Basic ” +Convert.ToBase64String(new System.Text.ASCIIEncoding().GetBytes(username+”:”+password))); System.Net.WebResponse webresponse = hq.GetResponse(); System.IO.Stream receiveStream = webresponse.GetResponseStream(); System.IO.StreamReader […]

  • C # call API function of Win32 — user32.dll


    The API function of Win32 is Microsoft’s own thing. It can be called directly in C #, which is very helpful in WinForm. Sometimes we call the API of Win32 directly, which can achieve the desired effect very efficiently. code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace WindowsAPI { class CSharp_Win32Api […]

  • Analysis of Java 9 optional API new method


    This paper introduces the new method of Java 9 optional API. In addition to modularity, Java 9 also adds three methods to the optional class. 1. Or method Sometimes when optional is empty, we want to execute some other logic and return optional as well. Before java9, the optional class had only orelse() and orelseget() […]

  • Using PostMessage to transfer data between two web pages in HTML5


    It is estimated that few people know that there is one in HTML5 APIs window.postMessage API。 window.postMessage The function of is to allow programmers to send data information between two windows / frames across domains. Basically, it’s like cross domain Ajax, but instead of interacting between the browser and the server, it communicates between two […]

  • Batch API implementation file download code page 1 / 2


    Author: zv (zvrop)catalog:1、 Words written in the front2、 The origin of the story3、 Solution – draft4、 Solution – actual combat5、 Solve – build6、 Packaging7、 Section8、 Postscript9、 References At the beginning of the text: 1、 Words written in the frontThis document is not about any new technology. I just mixed them up to realize the functions […]

  • Introduction to CSS paint API


    1、 Using canvas image as CSS background image CSS paint API can be simply understood as taking canvas as the background image of common elements. That is CSSbackground-imageIt is a canvas. We can use most of the APIs of canvas to draw various complex and interesting graphic effects to enrich the visual presentation of web […]

  • Using CSS paint API to dynamically create a resolution independent variable background effect


    Source: https://medium.com/better-programming , by Ferenc almasi Modern web applications have a great demand for images, which occupy most of the bytes downloaded from the network. By optimizing them, you can make better use of their performance. If you happen to use geometry as the background image, there is an alternative: you can use CSS paint […]