• Implementation method of running Perl CGI program with Apache 2 in CGI mode


    1. Linux system usually comes with PerlThe runnable program is in: / usr / bin / Perl 2. Perl test program Copy codeThe code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/perl -w use warnings; print “Hello, Perl works!  “;   Named test pl Under the terminal, locate the directory and enter Perl test If PL and Perl work […]

  • Use Apache’s FileUtils to handle file copying and other operations


    We usually operate on some files, such as writing a file, reading a file, copying a file, etc. using the native file operation requires a series of processes to read the source file, generate a stream object, and then write a new file. Apache commons IO helps us encapsulate these implementations. Some operations can be […]

  • Instructions for installation and construction of hare online tool system v1 0 version


    Recently, many netizens have consulted about the installation and construction of hare online tool system, so take some time to sort it out today and share this installation tutorial with you. First download the hare online tool system, but this is only for the early v1 0 version. I don’t have the latest version, so […]

  • centos7. 8 lamp construction


    LAMP Linux The concept of operating system is mainly to provide the corresponding API for programmers (programmers write code and read, write, open and close the operating system) The operating system provides: read, open, write, close; With these system interfaces for operating files, programmers can directly call the API of the operating system through the […]

  • LAMP+WordPress


    LAMP+WordPress Lamp: development architecture of Linux + Apache + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP LNMP: development architecture of Linux + nginx + MySQL (MariaDB) + PHP Install PHP php :PHP main program (including modules for Apache) php-mysq| :Module that enables PHP program to read MySQL database yum install -y php yum install -y php-mysql #View related […]

  • Apache, IIS parsing vulnerability


    Apache parsing vulnerability test.php.xxxxx Any suffix name that does not belong to the blacklist and does not belong to the Apache parsing whitelist can be used mime. Types file Under the unbuntu path, / etc / mime types Under windows, the path is C: / Apache / conf / mime Types (like this, note the […]

  • Full stack development must know


    1、 Server concept 1. In short, it is a computer that saves data. In life, it can be a computer; Commercial / national medium: small computers (hundreds of thousands of good millions), medium-sized computers, mainframes, supercomputers; 2. With services: rent cloud server – Tencent cloud / Alibaba cloud / Sina cloud / Baidu cloud- Optional […]

  • Apache installation configuration (windows and Linux) – handy


    Article catalogue Apache Windows 1. Download 2. Decompression 3. Modify the configuration 4. Test whether the configuration file is legal (this step can be skipped) 5. Install Apache service 6. Start service 7. Test Linux 1. Download 2. Decompression 3. Installation 4. Start service 5. Test Apache ApacheApache is the world’s number one web server […]

  • Discuz server cannot be accessed after restart


    Discz is a general community forum software system of Tencent subsidiary. Its infrastructure is implemented by PHP + mysq. Its operation requires three services to start normally: MySQL PHP-fpm Web Services MySQL MySQL is used to store data. It is a relational data management system and a product of Oracle. PHP-fpm A process manager. I […]

  • Building a Wamp environment under Windows


    catalogue Apache download and installation matters needing attention Apache2. 4 Download matters needing attention My environment Document analysis Unzip file Main files and directories Configuration method installation is complete Uninstall Apache service Installation service error PHP installation configuration Installation address: PHP: Downloads MySQL installation and test connection Apache download and installation preface Since 2.2, the […]

  • Recurrence of Apache middleware vulnerabilities


    Kali duplicate Apache unknown extension parsing vulnerability ReappearanceI uploaded a file called shell php. AAA file, when this feature exists, take a look AAA doesn’t know,Continue parsing I know PHP. It has been parsed into a PHP file. For example, visit phpin.fo php. Qqq can successfully display phpinfo So which suffixes Apache doesn’t know?Not in […]

  • 6-php web environment installation


    LAMP 1. Download: [[email protected] /]# cd /usr/local [[email protected] local]# wget  https://www.php.net/distributions/php-8.1.3.tar.gz [[email protected] local]# tar -zxvf php-8.1.3.tar.gz [[email protected] local]# yum install -y sqlite-devel 2. Build and compile PHP: [[email protected] local]# cd php-8.1.3 [[email protected] php-8.1.3]# ./configure –with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs –with-pdo-mysql [[email protected] php-8.1.3]# make [[email protected] php-8.1.3]# make install 3. Configure PHP ini [[email protected] php-8.1.3]# cp php.ini-development /usr/local/lib/php.ini 4. Edit httpd Conf […]