• Installing and configuring Apache 2.4 on Windows platform


    1. download Apache2.4 It is better to download it on the official website to ensure that the file has not been changed. The download address is: https://httpd.apache.org/down…, as shown below: Click the option with the red box in the figure above to indicate the windows platform. Click and jump to the following page: Select the […]

  • Laravel 5.1 — get user’s login status, simple application of event, monitoring and Middleware


    There are many aspects of events, such as logging in, buying goods, searching, viewing articles, and so on. After the listener listens to the event, it performs some operations.LaravelThe observer mode is used to implement this monitoring mechanism. Now we will explain an event through a user login, monitor an event and trigger the whole […]

  • Vue Apache reverse proxy Ajax cross domain


    Team work, do the foreground alone, sometimes cooperate with the background students when testing the code. He configures the background and updates it to the server. If I also upload it to the server for testing, it’s obviously too tired, and there will be cross domain problems in the local direct request. I think that […]

  • 64 bit Windows 7 installation apache2.4 + php7.1 + mysql5.7 + APCU


    I want to update the software on the web server recently. I checked that the versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL are all very high, and some changes are still very big. So I need to be familiar with the installation on win first. Here is the installation configuration record: System: 64 bit windows7Time: March […]

  • Laravel 5.1 — custom validation rules


    laravel5.1Provides very convenient validation rules to verifyHTTPWith the transferred data, you can use these rules to complete almost any verification you want.Believe in majority utilizationlaravelAll the friends who have done the project have mastered it. Now I will do custom verification in another way.This custom validation is available inlaravel 4.*The document in is very clear, […]

  • laravel5.1 — Integrate FileManager and CKeditor into laravel


    FileManagerThe Chinese name is file manager, also called file browser. It provides us with a visual interface to manage files and folders. utilizeFileManager, we can browse, add, print, modify (file properties), rename, search and so on.CKeditorI’m sure friends are very familiar with it. It’s a rich text editor, so I won’t repeat it.Now let’s demonstrate […]

  • The configuration of Apache and MySQL development environment under the running environment of MAC ox


    Configure Apache Apache on MAC1. Start Apache serviceView version input sudo apachectl – VServer version: Apache/2.4.23 (Unix)Server built: Aug 8 2016 18:10:45Open the terminal and enter sudo apachectl start Restart Apachesudo apachectl restart 2. Edit a web page Put it in the directory / library / webserver / documents 3. You can access it by […]

  • [some websites are being updated…]


    laradock.io :Laradock strives to make the PHP development experience easier and faster.windows-php-redis:windows-php-rediswindows-php-redis-igbinary:windows-php-redis-igbinary

  • Apache multi port and multi site configuration method


    Operating system red hat, Apache version 2.4*First, modify the httpd.conf configuration file. vim conf/httpd.conf Add to: Listen 1234 Then put # Virtual hosts #Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf Change to # Virtual hosts Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf To use virtual configuration, edit conf / extra / httpd-vhosts.conf and add: 24 <VirtualHost *:1234> 25 DocumentRoot “/xxx/xxx/xxx” 26 ServerName localhost 33 <Directory […]



    IP: network layer protocol; TCP and UDP: transport layer protocol; Http: application layer protocol; Socket: API of TCP / IP network. TCP / IP stands for transmission control protocol / Internet protocol, which refers to a series of protocols. TCP and UDP use the IP protocol to transfer packets from one network to another. Think […]

  • CentOS 7 uses Yum to install Apache + MySQL 8 + php7!


    This article mainly introduces the detailed steps of centos7 using Yum to configure PHP environment, and takes you through the pit~The MySQL version installed is ver 8.0.17 for Linux on x86_ (MySQL community server – GPL)The installed PHP version is PHP 7.0.33 MySQL installation 1. Clean up the original MySQL file (1) Check whether there […]

  • Who Killed MySQL?


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