• Some tips of using Linux history command


    The history command in Linux is very common, whether for administrators, ordinary users or hackers. For ordinary users, you can use this command to check what commands have been executed before. You can use ctrl+r to search for too long commands, or use! CMD command, or directly execute the history command to learn what commands […]

  • Safari browser for quick access Tips for quitting websites after com


    This is a very interesting trick. In short, if you want to access a website in Safari for Mac COM domain name website can be accessed by adding “/” after the pure string in the domain name. For example, visit http://www.jbzj.com Enter BJJ / in the address field directly. In addition, you can also use […]

  • C # based socket chat room (with source code)


    Chat room based on c#-socket preface Source code: https://gitee.com/TL0902/term/blob/master/C%23%E8%81%8A%E5%A4%A9%E5%AE%A4/Tchat.rar You can download it directly. The development tool is vs2019; I’ve seen that everyone likes dry goods, and there are ready-made codes. I don’t know you can’t live through Saturday and Sunday! Recently, I wrote a small program to build a chat room through socket. The […]

  • Some tips for using channel in golang


    Close 2 times Copy codeThe code is as follows: ch := make(chan bool) close(ch) close(ch)   // This will be panic. The channel cannot be closed twice When reading, the channel is closed ahead of time Copy codeThe code is as follows: ch := make(chan string) close(ch) I: = < – CH / / no […]

  • Tips for checking whether SQL Server database can be connected


    Sometimes it may be necessary to check whether the service of a machine is up, or whether a library of a machine can be connected, but SSMS can’t be opened, and you don’t want to log in to the server. 1. Right click on the desktop to create a text, then change the suffix to […]

  • Summary of common ES6 tips [de duplication, exchange, merge, inversion, iteration, calculation, etc.]


    This article describes the common skills of ES6 with examples. The details are as follows: 1-array de duplication var arr = [1,2,3,4,3,4]; var arr2 = […new Set(arr)]; At this time, arr2 is the array after de duplication~ 2-exchange the values of two variables let [x,y] = [1,2]; [y,x] = [x,y]; console.log(y); 3 – get a […]

  • Using Python to solve the problem of non backslash for windows file names (Python tips)


      In the process of programming, we often encounter a small problem – Microsoft Windows uses backslash characters between folder names, while almost all other computers (operating systems) use forward slashes: Windows filenames: C:\some_folder\some_file.txt Most other operating systems: /some_folder/some_file.txt This is due to a small accident in the history of computers in the early 1980s. […]

  • Win10 open administrator account


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com I. enable administrator account In the search bar of the desktop, enter “CMD” to start the search, and the first search result is “command prompt”. Right click the command prompt and select the run as administrator option. Next, we type in the command line window net user administrator /active:yes Then press enter. […]

  • Solution to abnormal display of win10 System Icon


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com 1. Since the icon cache file is a hidden file, you need to set “show hidden files, folders and drives” in the folder option first: 2. Press Win + R to open the operation, input %localappdata% Enter, find the iconcache.db file in the open folder and delete it. 3. After restarting the […]

  • Xcode’s operating environment does not have a simulator o (╯ system) o


    Recently, Xcode was upgraded. When I downloaded a demo from the Internet to see the effect, I suddenly found that there was no simulator in the running environment. Solve: use command +, shortcut key to open the following interface: Download the simulator. (I don’t know why the simulator is gone) just download it. A few […]

  • [tips] make the markdown of GitHub and segment fault support the mathematical formula


    By logm This article was originally published at https://segmentfault.com/u/logm/articles and is not allowed to be reproduced.~ 1. origin Recently, when I was blogging, I found a problem: Segmentation fault does not support markdown inline formula rendering; GitHub does not support markdown mathematical formula rendering. Therefore, we need to find a way to render markdown normally. […]

  • Several Ruby tips to share


    Sequential calls to code blocks Copy codeThe code is as follows: def touch_down    yield [3, 7]    puts “touchdown!”  end    touch_down do |(first_down, second_down)|    puts “#{first_down} yards on the run”    puts “#{second_down} yards passed”  end    => “3 yards on the run”  => “7 yards passed”  => “touchdown!”  This is mainly […]