• Construction of electron + antd + mobx environment


    A new version of desktop management software will be rebuilt recently. The business requirements are basically the same as the web version, but local functions such as breakpoint renewal are needed. The most economical way, of course, is to migrate to the electron environment. The previous application framework mainly uses the following react packages: React […]

  • From dist to es: send an NPM library, I shed a layer of skin


    This is not the first time to send NPM package, so there is not much knowledge about the introduction here. Before that, there was a front-end scaffold. It sounds mysterious, but what about the reality? But this time’s NPM package is not a concept, the former is just a scripting tool, and this NPM package […]

  • Low code platform attempt


    A few friends have built a low code platform in their spare time. Although it is very simple, they have also paid a certain amount of energy. I hope that the great community can get some opinions to cope with the development and improvement of the subsequent platform.Website: www.makajs.com

  • Record the process of making the radio of iView library cancelable


    Summary The UI library uses iViewRadio and radiogroup are very common components. One of the features of radio is that it cannot be cancelled after selection. In reality, the need to cancel radio is common and understandable.So after seeing this requirement, I try to do something on the iView component for the first time, and […]

  • Long term update, record the content involved in recent work (dvajs Ant Design)


    DvaJs dispatchIn DVA, the components of connect model can access dispatch through props,You can call reducer or effects in the model. Common forms are as follows: dispatch({Type: ‘user / add’, / / if it is called outside the model, the namespace needs to be addedPayload: {}, / / information to be passed}); This. Props. Dispatch […]

  • The transverse time axis is encapsulated based on antd;


    It’s hard at the beginning. I always want to write a blog and share my own things. The Department is busy with work, and I don’t know what to write. It’s too shallow. I don’t think it’s interesting. It’s too deep. I don’t know. Just because the company recently asked us to encapsulate a batch […]

  • Jeecg boot tutorial required (novice)


    Jeecg boot tutorial required (novice)Development environment building: http://jeecg-boot.mydoc.io/? T…Source download: https://github.com/zhangdaisc…Development tool: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1kfij… Extraction code: ilmc How to start a project: http://jeecg-boot.mydoc.io/? T… Jeecgboot learning video: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1il0t… Extraction code: hok5 Code generator use: http://jeecg-boot.mydoc.io/? T… FAQ:http://www.jeecg.org/forum.ph… Technical documents for development Ant Design of Vue | https://vue.ant.design/docs/vue/introduce-cn Vue | https://cn.vuejs.org/v2/guide Jeecg-Boot | http://jeecg-boot.mydoc.io Basic knowledge learning […]

  • Ant.design


    If you write angular in vscode, installing ng Zorro vscode snippets is very helpful for development efficiency.

  • JeecgBoot 2.0 Introductory Video Tutorial


    video synopsis Online Video: https://segmentfault.com/ls/1…Video Disk: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Il0T… Extraction Code: hok5Source download: https://github.com/zhangdaisc…

  • Load antd on demand in create-react-app


    The react project created using the create-react-app scaffold has hidden configuration items. If you want to modify the original configuration items, you need tonpm run ejectHowever, this operation is irreversible. Normally, we will not modify his original configuration directly. So how do I add my own configuration items if I want to use the on-demand […]

  • High-performance solution implements ant-design-vue to dynamically change theme color at runtime (using webpack-theme-color-replacer)


    Today, using the webpack-theme–color-replacer plug-in, we can dynamically switch the theme color for ant-design-vue at runtime without less compilation on the page, which improves the switching speed. Students in need can refer to it. Source: https://github.com/hzsrc/ant-… Effect Preview: http://test.hz300.com/ant-des…The theme color can be switched on by opening the configuration button in the center of the […]

  • Why don’t components like Antd message need to be used in Render and only need to be invoked in methods?


    General references to components in antd we needimport {Button} from ‘antd’class App extends React.Component{ render(){ return( <div> <Button/> </div> ) } }As shown in the code above, import components need to be rendered in our render.import {message,Button} from ‘antd’class App extends React.Component{ handleClick=()=>{ Message. success (‘registered successfully! ‘, 2) } render(){ return( <div> <Button onClick={this.handleClick}/> […]