• fiddler


    Fiddler proxy domain name and portIn the window, the domain name can be resolved through the host, but cannot be specified to a specific port www.baidu.com Agent to In fiddler Tools > HOSTS Add one line configuration www.baidu.com Perfect solution Thank you for the answer from stack overflow

  • How to turn off automatic completion of HTML (005) – HTML5 form


    Answer: you will not want to do it automaticallyformorinputSet toautocomplete=off Participation and interaction

  • Java one year, interview summary


    Xiaoxiao went to the interview again. Today’s interview is summarized as follows First question The database has the following table, and the table structure is as follows Employee number post Organization code employeeID JobTitle OrganizationCode It is required to prepare the staff with more than 10 employees in the DepartmentWrite the corresponding SQL statementanswer select […]

  • HTML (007) – please describe TDK in SEO?


    Answer: in SEO, the so-called TDK is actually three Tags: title, description and keywords, title title tag, description tag and Keywords tag Participation and interaction

  • Leetcode 1300


    1300. The sum of the array closest to the target value after transforming the array Title Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/sum-of-mutated-array-closest-to-target subject To give you an integer array arr and a target value target, please return an integer value, so that after all the values greater than value in the array become value, the sum of the […]

  • expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate.


    I encountered this error when starting spring context for JUnit unit test. I found it on the Internet for a long time, but it was different from mine. The complete exception information is as follows: 2020-11-10 22:43:09.217 [main-135] DEBUG org.apache.ibatis.logging.LogFactory – Logging initialized using ‘class org.apache.ibatis.logging.slf4j.Slf4jImpl’ adapter. 2020-11-10 22:43:09.764 [main-109] DEBUG org.apache.ibatis.io.VFS – Class not […]

  • Summary of go error prone interview questions


    Go interview questions and detailed explanation The post is continuously updated, and the content will be published to GitHub for the first time. If it is helpful to you, please give me a replystar https://github.com/pibigstar/go-demo,It also includes design patterns commonly used by go, simple small projects (blockchain, crawler, etc.), and various third-party docking (mqtt, redis, […]

  • Java exercise 01


    Which of the following is the correct description of the keyword synchronized ()A. Two processes are allowed to run in parallel but communicate with each otherB. Ensure that only one thread can access a method or object at any timeC. Ensure that two or more processes start and end at the same timeD. Ensure that […]

  • [title] sequence counting – Blue Bridge Cup


    Title: sequence counting [problem description]Xiao Ming wants to know the number of positive integer sequences that satisfy the following conditions:1. The first term is n;2. The second term does not exceed n;3. Starting from the third term, the absolute value of the difference between each term and the first two.How many sequences are there for […]

  • Git stash


    In the actual development work, you may encounter this situation: When you’re in dev_ branch_ 1 branch work, suddenly interrupted, said that the master branch has an emergency bug, you need to fix it immediately At this point, dev_ branch_ There are more than 20 uncommitted documents on branch 1. What should we do? Write […]

  • Reflections on Eagle’s egg


    What number should I guess next ? The inspiration of this article comes from the recent team building of the Ministry of technology and the famous DP optimization “Eagle Egg”. I remember a month ago, when I discussed with my classmates, I always tried to find a fixed mode to make decisions. However, there are […]

  • Fire knowledge online answering activity small program


    preface November 9 is national fire protection day. The theme of this year’s fire protection activities is “pay attention to fire protection, life first”. China’s fire safety day is November 9. Fire alarm numbers are different in all countries in the world. Each country selects the number that people can remember most easily to form […]