• Flip animation, let elements move


    Overview of flip animation What is flip animation technology? Flip is actually athinking, oneMethodology, does not specifically refer to a technologyFlip, the specific meaning is as follows: F first initial state of participating transition elements Termination state of L last element The core of I convert flip is calculated by first and last, and then […]

  • Basic use of calayer


    layer Uiview can be displayed on the interface because there is a layer. (CALayer) 
 1、 Basic use of calayer Through the calayer object, you can easily adjust some appearance properties of uiview. 
Set the border (you must import the quarz frame in ios6 to set the color and thickness): borderwith\bordercolorSet fillet: CornerRadius = 10;Set […]

  • IOS animation comprehensive summary


    Animation – UIKit Animation principle Visual residual effect Motion blur Only when the animation reaches 60fps can the picture be smooth, otherwise the user will feel the interface stuck. Animation support provided by uiview Uiview animation essentially encapsulates core animation and provides a simple and easy-to-use animation interface, which can completely realize many animations without […]

  • JQuery common event animation


    1、 JQuery event 1. Event object $(document).click(function (ev) {//Regardless of compatibility, it is passed in through the parameters of the event handler function    //JQ event object    console.log(ev);//Native object    console.log(ev.originalEvent);//Distance of the mouse relative to the document    console.log(ev.pageX, ev.pageY);//Distance of the mouse from the visible area of the screen    console.log(ev.clientX, ev.clientY);//The distance of the mouse from the […]

  • FPS detection of web page animation for web page performance measurement


    When we play games, because everyone’s device configuration is different, we sometimes pay close attention to the change of the frame rate in the game. Because the lower the configuration or the poor optimization of the game program itself, it is easy to reduce the frame rate in the process of the game. The lower […]

  • Webgl transform: deep drawing translation


    In previous articles, whether drawing graphics, drawing points or changing color values, all the content is static. staywebglThe motion of the graph is divided intoPan, rotate, zoomThree types. Next, we will start from the zero basis and learn more about how the graph moves bit by bit. First, let’s understand the translation of the figure […]

  • 10 minutes to realize wechat “shit bombing” battle with JS


    Hello, I am Qiu Feng. Recently, wechat has released new functions (updated to wechat 8.0.6). The most popular function is “deep fried excrement”. Various groups have played with the function of deep fried excrement. I don’t know if you have ever experienced such a bad taste in the Spring Festival when you were a child […]

  • CSS_ Advanced


    CSS_ Advanced 1. animation 1) Implementation steps 1. define animation frames @Keyframes animation name{ from { //Start frame } to { //End frame } } @Keyframes animation name{ 0% { //Start frame } 20% { } … 100% { //End frame } } 2. set animation (greeting card) animation-name: move; Animation name animation-duration: 2s; Duration […]

  • frame-by-frame animation


    frame-by-frame animation Animation is the jumping of a frame, removing the transition effect in the middle of the frame,Set animation animation timing function to steps functionsteps(<integer>[, [ start | end ] ]?)The first parameter specifies the number of steps between each two keyframesThe second parameter is the optional parameter start | end, and the default […]

  • Turntable menu of IOS development – swift


    preface The turntable menu realized by swift mainly uses uibezierpath and calayer mask to draw sector uiview, and catransform3dmakerotation to realize rotation animation. The code design uses the default configurecallback callback to facilitate the creation and setting of basic properties. Refer to the uitableview proxy and data source mode, and support AutoLayout and frame. design […]

  • Realization of the human-computer identification interface for the sliding and dragging verification of the shuttle


    I think this kind of interaction is very interesting, which is more consistent with the user experience than other verifications. It only implements the action logic of the front end and verifies whether it is dragged to the correct area. Failure to achieve real man-machine recognition The logic is simple 1: Randomly generate the position […]

  • Write an MVVM rapid development framework: talk about the “single activity+ multiple fragments” mode


    Single activity+ multi fragment mode Since I know this trick, I am not willing to use activity. Fragments can be created and managed quickly, and page jumps can be designed reasonably, cool jump animation can be designed, and some operations can be managed uniformly. Replace activity with fragment In the past, most of the time, […]