• Hand in hand teaching you to encapsulate calendar components with Vue


    Hello, you brave little friends, Hello, I’m your mouth strong king small five, healthy, brain is not sick  I have a wealth of hair loss skills, you can become a veteran It’s my main idea that I can write and discard as soon as I see it. It’s my characteristic to pick my feet when […]

  • Angular4 actual combat (4) ngrx


    ngrx Ngrx is the state management library of angular, which is the same as react Redux and is extended from redux. The example of this demonstration is to control the global loading animation display of HTTP request service through the state management of ngrx. As follows: Ngrx address:https://github.com/ngrx Ngrx mainly has four modules, which arengrx/store, […]

  • Online design tools worth collecting


    Author: Abhi projectz Crazy technology house Original text: https://dev.to/abhiprojectz/t… No reprint without permission introduce These are some carefully selected online tools that have been tested and I find very useful to share with you. background 1. SVG BACKGROUNDS Like PNG, JPG or GIF, SVG images can also be used as background images in CSS. This […]

  • CSS3 series notes of Web


    CSS3 series notes of Web CSS3 property selector Property selector list Selectors brief introduction E[att] Select the E element with ATT attribute E[att=”val”] Select the E element with ATT attribute and val attribute value E[att^=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute and val as its value E[att$=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute […]

  • 28000 stars! A great tool for making mathematical Animation: manim


    [introduction]: manim is an animation engine, mainly used to make explanatory videos related to mathematics. It uses programming to make precise animations. There are videos on this website:https://www.3blue1brown.com/ Project address https://github.com/3b1b/manim install Manim requires Python 3.6 and above. You can install through PIP: pip3 install manimlib The system requires Cairo, ffmpeg, Sox (optional, if you […]

  • Mobile open source project weekly 1208


    fromOpenDiggThe first issue of mobile open source project weekly is coming. Our mobile open source weekly brings together opendigg’s new high-quality open source projects in mobile development in the past week, which is convenient for mobile developers to find the project tools they need. Android Development BigImageViewerLarge image scaler supporting panning and zooming ENViewsGorgeous dynamic […]

  • CSS implementation of a particle dynamic button


    Original linkhttps://github.com/XboxYan/no… Button is probably one of the most common components in web pages. Most of them are commonplace. If you come across a button like this, can’t you help it a few times? Usually, the first reaction to this kind of effect may be with the help ofcanvasFor example, in the following case (it […]

  • Weekly report of IOS open source project 1215


    fromOpenDigg  The first issue of IOS open source project weekly is coming. Our IOS open source weekly collects the high-quality open source projects of IOS development newly collected by opendigg in the past week, which is convenient for IOS developers to find the project tools they need. PYSearchElegant IOS search control SourceryMeta programming for swift […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly No.89


    Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No.89 For more previous tabloids, please visit: https://weekly.zoo.team Meet umi.js for the first time What is umi.js? UMI, pronounced as UMI in Chinese, is a pluggable enterprise react application framework. You can simply understand it as a performance focused front-end framework like next. JS, and through convention, automatic Read an […]

  • Input form input box focuses on animation series


    Form animation 1 HTML source code <div class=”inputBox”> <input class=”effect-1″ type=”text” placeholder=”Placeholder Text”> <span class=”focus-border”></span> </div> CSS source code The InputBox class is used for layout. It is an input container for easy viewing. Here, I set each row to be divided into three columns (which can be set according to my own needs). .inputBox […]

  • Web front end lesson 44: jQuery framework (2) common methods


    1. CSS () method Used to change   The CSS style of JQ object is readable and writable, which is equivalent to   In JS   Style attribute Syntax: $(“selector“).css(“key”, “value”); The second parameter of the CSS () method is optional, If there is only the first parameter, it is the read style; If there […]

  • My plug-in finishing


    In the daily work will use a lot of plug-ins, they greatly facilitate our daily development, can quickly make us achieve some beautiful effect, now the plug-ins often used in the work are sorted out Swiper Swiper is often used to touch and slide the content of mobile websitesSwiper is a sliding effect plug-in made […]