• Dynamic acquisition of chart data information of echards


    In recent development projects, we need to call the backstage interface and write a blog to record the implementation process with the source code attached at the end   First, prepare a JSON file echarts.json (the name doesn’t matter) is used to simulate getting data from the background   The second step is to download […]

  • Front end performance optimization guide


    Author: Joway youngWarehouse: GitHubBlog: nuggets, Sina, Zhihu, Jianshu, headlines, CSDNOfficial account: UzeroContact me: I will pay attention to the official account.WeChatYo!Special statement: no official account can be reproduced or plagiarized without authorization. Otherwise, it can be resolved through legal channels. If you need to reprint or open the public list, you can contact me. I […]

  • Recently in the animation related projects, recommend 11 easy to use js animation library


    By Jonathan saringTranslator: front end witSource: medium hot wire: alicloud server 2019hi group promotion activity is in hot progress, new and old users can participate, 2-core 1g cloud server only needs79 yuan, 1 core 2G Hong Kong server only needs719 yuan / 3 yearsFor more server configurations and prices, please pay attention to: Hi group, […]

  • JS + CSS3 to achieve image slider effect


    effect Analyzing the animation can be divided into two steps: Add an animation class when the mouse moves in or out Realize the animation class and move in and out animation Picture waterfall flow layout can refer to Vue handwritten picture waterfall flow component (with source code) HTML and CSS layout The layout is relatively […]

  • CSS / SCSS make a heartbeat animation keyframe


    CSS / SCSS make a heartbeat animation 1、 ECG data Do animation, need animation curve, heartbeat curve is ECG naturally, find a similar online, select a complete part 1. Horizontal 10 equal parts Find the baseline and divide it horizontally by 10.The whole graph is a heartbeat cycle. It is easy to calculate the time […]

  • Two lines of code to achieve image fragmentation loading


    Today, let’s implement an image fragmentation loading effect. The effect is as follows: We implement it in three steps: Define HTML structure Split picture Write animation function Define HTML structure All you need is a canvas element. <html> <body> <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”900″ height=”600″ style=”background-color: black;” ></canvas> </body> </html> Split picture In this example, we split […]

  • IOS animation window view (3. End)


    This article is the third in a series. Friends who have read the last article already know that “view” in the title refers to “view” and “window” refers to “window” view.mask Window view is to sort out mask and mask animation. If you are not familiar with IOS mask, we suggest you take a look […]

  • Is the Bezier curve really that slippery? Use facts to explore


    preface Many partners who love design and development, including senior three, usually encounter the word “smooth transition” or “Bezier curve” when learning drawing, post editing, web design, modeling, etc. For example, it has appeared in these places: PSPen tool in Adobe (not only here, but most Adobe software) PRIn and out key frame and interpolation […]

  • Summary of knowledge points for IOS developers in 2020 (under update)


    preface: Recently, I was sorting out my own technology stack and collected some knowledge points that I think are more important to share with you. Runloop 1. Touch event transfer and response principle in IOS 2. Why only the main threadrunloopIt’s on 3. Why only refresh UI in main thread 4. PerformSelectorandrunloopThe relationship between 5. […]

  • Write a dice game with canvas and CSS3


    Preview effect of this project: https://leeseean.github.io/sic-bo layout The layout adopts HTML + CSS layout, the desktop background uses pictures, the selection number inside does not use pictures, all the pictures are written by CSS, the cup and dice inside use pictures. Animation effect There are two main animation effects, One is to roll dice after […]

  • My girlfriend asked me to teach her CSS, so I wrote this long article, moved to cry?


    Writing background My girlfriend asked me to teach her CSS, so I tossed around for a week and finally finished this long article And then? Then when I published this article, would she be moved to cry? Familiar with HTML knowledge Common HTML elements headpart bodypart What is the meaning of DOCTYPE Let the browser […]

  • IOS animation effect source code sorting (particles, snowflakes, flames, rivers, steam)


    Learning the magic particle emitter and the animation effect of snowflakes falling one after another is realized through the caemitterlayer. This layer can also create the animation effect of fire, river and steam, which is often used in game development. Creating your emitter layer let rect = CGRect(x: 0.0, y: -70.0, width: view.bounds.width, height: 50.0) […]