• Swift Animation: UI dynamic animator


    Swift Animation: UI dynamic animator yesUIViewAnimation of attributes UIViewPropertyAnimatorIt can realize the function of uiview elementframe, center, alpha, transformThe transformation of these attributes When using, call directlyUIViewPropertyAnimatorInrunningPropertyAnimatormethod UIViewPropertyAnimator.runningPropertyAnimator( withDuration: 2, delay: 0, options: [.curveEaseInOut, .allowUserInteraction], animations: { let animatingView = self.view.viewWithTag(100)! animatingView.center = CGPoint.zero }) { (animationPosition) in } be careful:animationThe code in is executed […]

  • What do you call this H5 editor?????


    As a programmer, product manager and designer, I recommend the best H5 editor of the year to you. It’s really awesome and the conscience of the industry. I’m excited to see it. When I go home, I kick the sleeping husky! H5ds editor, software screenshot: Reason for recommendation 1: timeline Support animation timeline, debug animation […]

  • JavaScript animation example: helix


    There are all kinds of poetic curves in mathematics, and helix is a special one. The term helix comes from Greek, which means “helix”“Convolution”or“Winding”. For example, a plane spiral is a curve that starts at a fixed point and turns outward one by one. More than 2000 years ago, Archimedes, an ancient Greek mathematician, studied […]

  • A technique of using lanimationtimeline in lufylegen engine


    Introduction to lufylegen engine Lufylegen is an HTML5 open source engine, which implements the development of HTML5 using the syntax of ActionScript 3.0. It includes lsprite, lbitmapdata, lbitmap, lloader, lurlloader, ltextfield, Levent and other classes familiar to as developers, and supports Google Chrome, Firefox, opera, IE9, IOS, Android and other popular environments. Using lufylegen can […]

  • Step by step create canvas ball animation


    The methods we need to use canvas are as follows: context.arc(x, y, r, sAngle, eAngle, counterclockwise); Step 1: draw a small ball var canvas = document.getElementById(‘canvas’), ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’), w = canvas.width , // width of canvas h = canvas.height , // height of canvas Posx = 20, // define the center X coordinate Posy […]

  • Using transform to realize a pure CSS pop-up menu


    preface When making the top menu, you always need to make the pop-up secondary menu. The previous method is to use jQuery to control the display and transition animation of the secondary menu, but after using the transform attribute in CSS3, it becomes extremely simple Effect first Production method The core is to use the […]

  • Implementation principle of h5ds editor’s timeline


    When I was working on the h5ds editor, I met a requirement: to control the progress of the animation through the cursor of the timeline. Take a look at the rendering: Technology selection: View: react Animation: Here we use CSS3 animation libraryhttps://animate.style/ All right, that’s it! Implementation principle When adding animation, dynamically add animation attributes […]

  • Learn more about some Android animations


    1、 Propertyvaluesholder Reading this article requires the basis of Android attribute animation in the previous article, so that you can understand what to talk about next. 1. Understand and use PropertyValuesHolderIt’s a method similar to objectanimation, but it’s missing a target, which is the control to be executed. Look at the normal usage: all holders […]

  • Uiview uiscrollview properties and classes


    Property [email protected] (nonatomic) cgrect frame; the position and size of the control. All controls must specify this property, otherwise they cannot be displayed even if there are [email protected] (nonatomic) cgrect bounds; the current control position and size, but different from frame, its position is determined (0,0)@Property (nonatomic) cgpoint center; the center position of the control, […]

  • Front end daily combat work 172: salute to the ordinary and great medical staff!


    This is a battle without smoke. What we ordinary people can do is to stay at home and wait for the epidemic to end. To those who risk their lives to rescue patients, pay tribute! Effect preview Press the “click preview” button on the right to preview in the current page, and click the link […]

  • Web high imitation Fandeng H5 / wechat music playing suspended ball effect


    In the past two days, we have completed a suspended ball effect imitating Fandeng H5, which is very similar to the effect of wechat music playing suspended ball. Today, let’s summarize the implementation process (based on Vue Implementation). Let’s take a look at the effect of fan Deng H5. Let’s see my realization. It’s perfect. […]

  • Aachartkit — powerful, beautiful and easy to use open source IOS chart Library


    English Document 🇬🇧 | Simplified Chinese document | Traditional Chinese document Your favoriteAAChartKitOpen source chart library is now moreswiftVersion is available, please click the link below for details Portal https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartKit-Swift preface AAChartKitProject, yesAAInfographicsOfObjective-CLanguage version, is in the popular open source front-end chart libraryHighchartsThis is probably the most exquisite third-party IOS open source chart library on […]