• Flutter synthetic games


    Flutter synthetic gamesGitHub source address:https://github.com/CZXBigBrother/animals-merge-demo init.gif To realize the function, we need to understand the two shutter controls draggable and dragtarget It can be seen from the literal meaning that draggable can be dragged, and dragtarget is the drag target, which is to receive the control of draggable ddd.png We can only receive controls that […]

  • Python basic loop


    Python has two ways to loop While loop. When the condition is true, cycle forever. If the condition is false, jump out of the cycle or not.Syntax: While condition: When you execute the following code, the program will always print Hello world. That’s because the condition a < B holds. a = 1 b = […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play Linux 010211


    Let’s review What did we talk about in the last part?? The package tool is apt Packages can be downloaded, upgraded and deleted Aptitude for special management software package This time we download cowsay sudo apt install cowsay Cowsay said A cow is a cow Say is to say Cowsay is a cow The cow […]

  • I don’t know the solid principle, and dare to say that I am engaged in development!


    Object oriented programming (OOP) brings new design ideas to the field of software development. In the process of object-oriented programming, many developers tend to put code with the same purpose / function together in a class, and strive to solve the current problems in the fastest way. However, this programming method will lead to program […]