• Angular front-end Xiaobai first acquaintance


    To understand how to use it, first you need to briefly (shen) single (ru) understand what Controller, Directive, and Factory are respectively. Since the answerers above did not make it very clear, let’s continue to answer here. . Theme of the article: Angular 2 is an extension of the best practices of Angular 1.x, so […]

  • Summary of learning angularjs


    AngularJS is a front-end MVC framework developed and maintained by Google, which overcomes many shortcomings of HTML in building applications, thereby reducing development costs and improving development efficiency. features There is a certain difference between AngularJS and the jQuery we learned before. To be more precise, jQuery is only a class library (a class library […]

  • JavaScript Framework Security Report 2019


    By Liran Tal Translation: crazy tech geek original:https://snyk.io/blog/javascri… Reprinting without permission is strictly prohibited Welcome to Snyk’s State of JavaScript Framework Security Report 2019. In this report, we investigate the security state of the Angular and React ecosystems. In this report we do not compare them as competing frameworks at all. Instead, we’ve reviewed them […]

  • Access denied for user “* * *”@”* * *” (using password: YES)


    foreword As of the weekend of last week, the configuration of the database has been started, and the connection operation between the database and the background has been started this week. Compared with php, springboot is much more troublesome to connect to the database, and you have to configure files yourself, okay? The teacher gave […]

  • Angular8 introduces Baidu Echarts for chart analysis


    Angular8 introduces Baidu Echarts for chart analysis Original address:Portal Recently, on a whim, I wanted to make a webpage for financial analysis and records by myself, mainly to keep accounts for myself, and then thought of analyzing daily and weekly consumption with icons, so I needed to use Baidu’s echarts icon plug-in, talk is cheep […]

  • AngularJS core overview


    1. The operating mechanism of angularJSWhen you use a browser to visit a page developed by anjularJS, the browser does the following things in turn:Load html and parse it into DOM;Load the angular.js script;AngularJS waits for the triggering of the DOMContentLoaded event;AngularJS looks for the ng-app directive and determines the boundaries of the application based […]

  • angularJS implements touch event Touchstart Touchend on the mobile terminal


    Angular mobile development, enable ngTouchstart, ngTouchmove, ngTouchend 1. Custom commands .directive(“ngTouchstart”, function () { return { controller: [“$scope”, “$element”, function ($scope, $element) { $element.bind(“touchstart”, onTouchStart); function onTouchStart(event) { var method = $element.attr(“ng-touchstart”); $scope.$apply(method); } }] } }) .directive(“ngTouchmove”, function () { return { controller: [“$scope”, “$element”, function ($scope, $element) { $element.bind(“touchstart”, onTouchStart); function onTouchStart(event) { […]

  • Summary of the use of AngularJS


    1 AngularJS is a front-end JavaScript framework. It can be added to HTML pages via the <script> tag.Extends HTML with directives, and binds data to HTML with expressions.Improve development efficiency and operation speedFour characteristics:1 MVC mode: decoupling and improving code reusabilityModel: Model data, which is actually an angular variable ($scope.XX);View: view, presentation of model data, […]

  • A collection of angular.element methods for angularJs to manipulate DOM


    AngularJs itself includes a tool calledJqliteA compatibility library that provides some operationsDOMMethods.angular.element()Returns a jqLite object, a subset of jQuery that allows Angular to maintain the DOM in a cross-browser compatible manner.angular.element()WillDOMelement orHTMLThe string is packed into ajQueryelement. angular.element(element) // `angular.element()` returns a jQuery object 1. Introducing JQueryUnder the premise of introducing JQuery, and$The usage is […]

  • Call the angularJs method on the Android side (Native js is required to call the angularjs method)


    Requirements: The Android end calls the native js method, but the front-end framework is written in angularJs, and the Android end does not work if it is called directly. So you need native js to call the angularjs method html <div class=”mainBody” ng-controller = ‘lostAndFoundCtrl’> ‘<input type=”text” placeholder=” ng-model=”keyWord” />’ </div> script tag code in […]

  • The difference between several Providers in AngularJS


    original:https://xebia.com/blog/differ… What is Provider?AngularJS documentation defines provider:provider is a$get()method object. injector call$getmethod to create a new instance of the service. The provider also has some other methods that can be used to configure the provider. AngularJS uses$provideRegister new providers. Providers basically create a new instance, but only once per provider.$provideProvides 6 methods to create a […]

  • The difference between angularjs and vuejs


    There are several reasons to choose Vue over Angular, and of course it is not suitable for everyone:Vue.js is much simpler than Angular in terms of API and design, so you can quickly grasp all its features and start developing.Vue.js is a more flexible and open solution. It allows you to organize your application the […]