• Summary of angular / ionic installation configuration


    I. NodeJS Both angular and Cordova / ionic are developed using cli tools, so the latest version of nodejs must be installed first. Nodejs contains the NPM package manager, while angular / ionic itself and the libraries and frameworks that the program depends on are NPM packages. To develop angular / ionic, you need to […]

  • Animations of Angular Exercise III


    Return directory Preface This article is based on the training project of angular. Article directoryIn the previous article “Animations of Angular Exercise II”, we practiced the entrance and exit animations, Keyframes realizing serial animation, and Group realizing parallel animation. Practice animation callback function and query selector today. Start practicing Callback function The callback method is […]

  • Teach you how to let the flowers of Angular 5 blossom on the old tree of Angular 1


    Write in front Readable crowd You have an old Angular 1.x-based project under maintenance. This old project is bloated. This old project is still profitable for the company, and there are new demands to be added from time to time. You are a person who pursues technology and is eager to practice new technology. You […]

  • Do you really know Angular one-way data stream?


    Links to the original text:Do you really know what unidirectional data flow means in Angular For unidirectional data streams, you can also refer to this article, and there areyoutubeVideo analysis:Angular – What is Unidirectional Data Flow? Learn How the Angular Development Mode Works, why it’s important to use it and how to Troubleshoot it。 One-way data […]

  • What you need to know about the `Expression Changed AfterIt HasBeen Checked Error’error


    Links to the original text:Everything you need to know about the ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError error aboutExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedErrorYou can also refer to this article, and it containsyoutubeVideo explanations:Angular Debugging “Expression has changed after it was checked”: Simple Explanation (and Fix) A mistake thrown by Angular has recently been mentioned on stackoverflow almost every day:ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedErrorUsually, the Angular developers who raised […]

  • Stop confusing the Control Value Accessor of the Angular form


    Links to the original text:Never again be confused when implementing ControlValueAccessor in Angular forms If you are working on a complex project, you will inevitably need to customize the form control, which mainly needs to be implemented.ControlValueAccessorInterface (Translator’s Note: This interface definition method can be referred to)API Document DescriptionIt can also be used for reference.Angular source […]

  • Monitor Angular Startup Process


    Links to the original text:Hooking into the Angular bootstrap process Angular provides some mechanisms to monitor the framework initialization process. This article mainly explores how to use these mechanisms. APP_BOOTSTRAP_LISTENER ForAPP_BOOTSTRAP_LISTENERThe token registration listener monitors the Angular startup process, such as looking atAngular source codeHow is it used? private _loadComponent(componentRef: ComponentRef<any>): void { this.attachView(componentRef.hostView); this.tick(); […]

  • Calling third-party libraries in Angular 5 and adding jQuery


    The package. JSON file lists the third-party dependency packages used by the project. When we create a new project, we will download some packages by default. These packages come with Angular and are stored in the node_modules directory. It should be noted that: There are dependencies objects and devDependencies in package.json.The plug-ins in devDependencies are […]

  • Portal of @angular/cdk Source Code Analysis


    @ Angular/material is an official UI library provided by Angular according to Material Design Language. Developers discover that many UI components share common logic when developing UI library. So they take these common logic out and make a package @angular/cdk separately. This package is independent of Material Design Language, so they can. Build UI libraries […]