• Angular 10 cascade selection


    https://www.npmjs.com/package/yhcascade npm i yhcascade

  • Examples of angular ngclass and ngstyle


    Examples of angular ngclass and ngstyle First, conductConstruction of angular environment and project creation CTRL + C end service 1. New module ng g component components/home As shown in the figure: 2. Add home module to home page app. component. HTML, the page code is as follows, there is no mistake, only one line <app-home></app-home> […]

  • Third party components and lazy loading technology for angular performance optimization


    catalogue summary Environmental preparation Factors affecting project performance What is lazy loading? Project optimization 1. Division of business modules 2. Create navigation UI 3. Import and route configuration 4. Inside the feature module 5. Confirm that it works normally summary summary Many people should have complained about the performance problems of angular applications. In fact, […]

  • Explain the three front-end technologies of react angular Vue in detail


    catalogue 1、 [react] Basic Usage Salient features Class component Virtual DOM Life cycle approach JSX JavaScript expression Beyond HTML architecture React Hooks Hooks rule Common terms Use of flux architecture history Common commands 2、 [angular] The difference between angular and angularjs history Componentization data management Common commands 3、 [Vue] summary history Componentization Template Reactive system […]

  • Explain angular data binding and its implementation in detail


    catalogue preface What is data binding? Data binding types in angular One way data binding Interpolation Binding Property binding and Interpolation Two-way Binding preface Web development requires data synchronization between models and views. These models basically contain data values, while views deal with what users see. Therefore, if you want to know how this happens […]

  • . net core + angular cli / angular 4 development environment building tutorial


    1、 Basic environment configuration 1. Install vs 2017V15.3 or above 2. Install the latest version of vs code3. Install node.jsAbove v6.9 4. Reset the global NPM source and correct it toNPM image of Taobao: npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org 5. Install typescript cnpm install -g typescript typings 6. Install angularjs cli cnpm install -g @angular/cli […]

  • How to build your own angular component library with devui


    catalogue preface Create component library Key configuration modification Catalog layout adjustment Library build key configuration Develop an alert component Component function introduction Component structure decomposition Define input and output Define layout Test alert component Development status reference component Write unit tests Publish component preface As a front-end developer, with the continuous development and growth of […]

  • Explain angular dynamic components in detail


    catalogue Usage scenario How 1、 Where are the dynamic components 2、 How to get an instance of a component Usage scenario Let’s first clarify the usage scenario of dynamic components. Components should be loaded dynamically when the code is running. If ordinary people are replaced, the code needs to determine to load some components in […]

  • Detailed explanation of angular routing animation and high-order animation functions


    catalogue 1、 Routing animation 2、 Group 3、 Query & stagger 1、 Routing animation Routing animation requires a trigger to be specified in the host metadata. Be careful not to have too much animation, otherwise it will backfire. Content first, guide users to notice a certain content. Animation is only an aid. Define an approach animation […]

  • Explain the instruction module and style of angular structure in detail


    catalogue 1、 Structured instruction Two, module Module Write a forroot () 3、 Style definition Use ngstyle to adjust the order when dragging 1、 Structured instruction *Is a syntax sugar, < A * ngif = “user. Login” > Exit < / a > is equivalent to <ng-template [ngIf]=”user.login”> <a>Exit</a> </ng-template> Avoid writing ng template. <ng-template [ngIf]=”item.reminder”> […]

  • Detailed explanation of angular parent-child component communication


    catalogue summary 1、 Overview of input and output properties 2、 Input properties 3、 Property binding is one-way, from parent component to child component 4、 Output properties 1. First, simulate a real-time changing IBM stock price 2. Output the information and tell the external components who are interested and who will subscribe 3. Receive and display […]

  • Explain the man in the middle mode of angular component in detail


    catalogue 1、 Man in the middle model 2、 Examples 1. Add purchase button to quotation component 2. The parent component receives processing events 3. Ordering components 4. Running results 3、 Using services as intermediaries 1、 Man in the middle model In the component tree, except for component 1, each component has a parent component that […]