• Google deprecated the APK package format in favor of the AAB format


    Recently, Google officially announced that from August 2021, Google Play will require developers to publish new applications in the Android App Bundle (hereinafter referred to as AAB) format, which will replace APK as the standard Android application publishing format.The Android application package of choice has long been the APK. APK is the abbreviation of Android […]

  • MobTech SMS Verification Android API


    SMS SDK callback (afterEvent) /** * cn.smssdk.EventHandler.class * SMS SDK callback * @param event event code * @param result result code * @param data callback data object */ public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) sample code EventHandler eh = new EventHandler() { @Override public void afterEvent(int event, int result, Object data) { // […]

  • What is the experience of providing an app for a WeChat applet?


    Mini-programs are lightweight and pragmatic inventions that can be used on demand and left after use, which is especially in line with the characteristics of the mobile Internet era. It can be said that it not only greatly improves the user experience, but also facilitates the digitization of many enterprises. exhibition industry.However, there are advantages […]

  • The fifth part of the IPC process communication method in Android


    This article is a reprinted article, you can get the source code by reading the original text, and there is a link to the original text at the end of the article ps: This article is about using Socket for inter-process communication, and the demo is written in Kotlin language 1. Use Socket The Chinese […]

  • What are the types of idle rental APP development and customization?


    Leasing is a word that I believe everyone is familiar with. Everyone often uses it in life. With the development of society, the leasing industry is becoming more and more prosperous. From books, toys, and clothes to renting houses, cars, and friends~ It can be seen that we are increasingly inseparable from this industry! The […]

  • “New Capabilities” of Rongyun Supergroup


    As the first choice for building real-time communities, Rongyun Supergroup has well met the customer needs of Discord-like real-time community business scenarios since its release.Follow [Rongyun Global Internet Communication Cloud] to learn more With the continuous advancement of services, Rongyun Super Group services are also continuously updated and iterated to meet the different business needs […]

  • MobTech SMSSDK Android Quick Integration Guide


    Development tools: Android StudioIntegration method: Gradle online integrationAndroid version support: minSdkVersion 19 Preparations before integration Before registering an account and using SMSSDK, you need to register a developer account on the MobTech official website, add an application and obtain the AppKey and AppSecret provided by MobTech. For details, please click to view the registration processSMSSDK […]

  • How to implement the audio and video playback function in your own app?


    In recent years, the rapid growth of video and live broadcast e-commerce is mainly due to video. Live broadcast content can carry richer information than graphic content and has higher user acceptance. And as the penetration rate of live broadcast continues to deepen, it has been integrated with more and more scenes such as entertainment, […]

  • The first part of the distribution of View events in Android


    This article is a reprinted article, you can get the source code by reading the original text, and there is a link to the original text at the end of the article ps: The source code is analyzed based on android api 26 The click event is actually a MotionEvent. The process of the MotionEvent […]

  • React-Native gets the current network status of the device NetInfo


    The `react-native` application can use the `NetInfo` package to obtain the network status of the device. NetInfo NetInfoThe module can obtain the current networking status of the device, and can subscribe and obtain the network status at one time. It used to be integrated in react-native, but now it has been moved [email protected] management. Installation […]

  • How to achieve precise advertising while protecting user privacy?


    When users browse App pages, if pop-up advertisements that they don’t like often pop up, it will not only damage the user’s browsing experience, but also make users disgusted with the advertisement content. As an App marketer, it is very important to accurately capture user needs when placing advertisements online without arousing user resistance. When […]

  • How domestic operating systems can solve the pain points of application ecology


    The domestic operating system has a huge replacement space! The domestic operating system is moving from “usable” to “easy to use”. In recent years, I believe that everyone has heard the news about the discontinuation of Windows versions. After the news of the discontinuation of Windows XP and Win7 was released a few years ago, […]