• Optimize recorder H5 recording: upload the server while recording and transcoding, support wechat to provide Android IOS hybrid app source code


    With the increase of the supporting functions of recorder H5 GitHub open source library, the efficiency of audio transcoding processing gradually fails to keep up with the demand. Recently, time has been taken to upgrade and optimize the audio transcoding part to support more practical functions.In addition, the hybrid app of IOS has also been […]

  • I also have wechat friends to circle the Android implementation


    The example of this article shares a simple friend circle program, including the list implementation of friend circle, video recording, preview and upload, pictures can be taken for your reference, the specific content is as follows Friendslintactivity codeas follows public class FriendsListActivity extends BaseActivity implements OnRefreshListener<ListView>, PostListener { private InteractionAdapter mAdapter; private PullToRefreshListView mRefreshListView; private […]

  • Yes, GitHub app is finally Online


    Yes, the app of the world’s largest programmer social network is officially launched today,As early as the GitHub 2019 developer conference, the client to be deliveredAt that time, we need to apply. I applied for it with great interest, and then I waited. It was April and may, when the cauliflower was cold. Today I […]

  • Binder driven death notice


    After the binder communication is established, the client side may need to know the survival status of the server side. When the server side hangs up, the client side needs to clean up the communication related data and behaviors. This cleaning process is realized through binder death notification mechanism. Registered death notice The application layer […]

  • Activity review | enter Baidu: Baidu app mobile technology deep ploughing and innovation exploration


    June 29, 2019, byAlliance, founder Baidu, Huawei terminal open laboratoryThe 27th theme Technology Salon jointly held atBaidu building, BeijingA successful conclusion. The sharing guests of this salon are six technology tycoons from Baidu and HuaweiBaidu app mobile technology and innovation explorationMade a wonderful explanation for the theme. The salon attracted 210 developers and 35000 online […]

  • Uipickerview module sample demo


    This article is from apicloud official forum Uipickerview this module encapsulates an action selector (3D wheel effect) that pops up from the bottom of the screen. Developers can customize the style of the selector, including: the color and height of the navigation bar, the size, position, background color and title of the left and right […]

  • 00. Bui development and playing Android App syllabus


    This set of video teaching is an advanced course of bui. We use the bui framework to develop an android app, and use Wan Android to develop the real API exposed to us Bui development and playing Android App directory 00. Syllabus 01. Course Introduction 02. Construction of project framework 03. Use GitHub to manage […]

  • Android network programming example


    After the Android interface is completed, the next step is to connect to the background. In practical application, it is usually necessary to obtain or modify database data from background interface and display it in Android interface. In order to complete this function, I learned the network programming instance of Android. Using the network to […]

  • Environment construction of react native


    Introduction A building namedPipi houseI’ve become a stationmaster, too. I’m a little drifting in my mind. Listen to meSomeoneThe slander, actually began to march into the app? How to get fromJavascriptStart app development quickly? I choosereact-nativeBecause my website usesReactBuild, of course, choose the same family. However, I found that even if your website is usingReactSet […]

  • Environment construction of flutter (2)


    In the next period, I will update some column flutter text tutorials Update progress:At least two articles per week; Update location:The first time is in the official account, and the second day is updated in nuggets and places of thought. More communication:You can add my wechat 372623326 and follow my micro blog: Code why I […]

  • Fnscaner QR code interface OpenView custom code scanning demo


    This article is from apicloud official forumThe FNScanner module is a QR code / barcode scanner, which is an optimized and upgraded version of the scanner module. On IOS platform, the bottom layer of this module integrates ZBar and barcode / QR code analysis library of the system. Because the IOS system platform only opens […]

  • Android development uses ProgressBar to implement progress bar function example


    The example of this article describes how to use ProgressBar to realize the function of progress bar in Android development. To share with you for your reference, as follows: There are two main directions to use progress bar; 1. Use the official default style 2. Use custom style First look at the effect: Detailed code […]