• Problems and solutions of Android sample code in Xinjiang


    Recently, I was working on the project of DJI Android development. Because I didn’t touch too much Android development before, I encountered a lot of problems when I just started. It took a lot of time for sample code to run.   1. Android studio installation and dependent Library Download Originally, I thought that Google’s […]

  • Solutions to common problems in Chinese version of Android studio


    Android studio is an Android integrated development tool launched by Google, based on IntelliJ idea. Similar to eclipse ADT, Android Studio provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging. Here’s how to use it   Software name: Android studio stable version v3.5.2 Chinese installation version (with Chinese package + installation tutorial) 64 bit Software […]

  • Implementation of tree structure with check box in Android TreeView


    It can also be used in the catalog view. After a simple search, there is no suitable one. Only a basic defective tree structure is found. On the basis of this, a check box is added and part of the code is simplified. The following is a demonstration of the effect picture. The duration is […]

  • Android OpenGLES how to add filter to camera


    Filter introduction At present, there are many filters on the market, but the overall classification is just a few, all of which are processed in the fragment shader. At present, the most commonly used filters are LUT filter and filter that adjusts RGB curve. Other types of changes are similar. Construction of dynamic filter In […]

  • Android / IOS embedded unity development example


    There are two main ways to cross develop unity and Android / IOS. Take android as an example. One is to generate jar or AAR package from Android and import it into unity3d plugin / bin / directory;Second, unity exports Android projects and continues to develop as a library in Android studio。 Online tutorial is […]

  • The use of Android custom view and its principle knowledge


    In Android development, the UI controls provided by the system are limited. When we need to use some special controls, we may not be able to achieve the desired effect only by relying on the control provided by the system. At this time, we need to customize some controls to complete the desired effect. Next, […]

  • Windows Management in Android


    1、 Understanding Android windows Window represents the concept of a window. It is an abstract concept. Each window corresponds to a view and a viewrootimpl. Window and view are connected through viewrootimpl. Therefore, window does not exist in reality. It exists in the form of view. Each window view in Android has a corresponding window, […]

  • Android UI rendering process and principle


    1、 Drawing process source code path 1. Activity loads viewrootimpl ActivityThread.handleResumeActivity() –> WindowManagerImpl.addView(decorView, layoutParams) –> WindowManagerGlobal.addView() 2. Viewrootimpl starts traversing the view tree ViewRootImpl.setView(decorView, layoutParams, parentView) –>ViewRootImpl.requestLayout() –>scheduleTraversals() –>TraversalRunnable.run() –>doTraversal() –>performTraversals()(performMeasure、performLayout、performDraw) 2、 View rendering process 1、measure (1) What is measurespec? After rewriting the onmeasure() method, we all know that the measurespec class is needed to […]

  • Vue is not compatible with Android version below 6.0, resulting in white screen


    Recently, a problem has been found in development. It seems that Vue does not support Android computers with versions below 6.0: However, due to the recent demand, we had to solve this problem. After a lot of useless queries on the Internet, we didn’t find a real feasible solution, so we used vconsole to print […]

  • Android uses WebView to save and download network pictures


    In this paper, we share the specific code of Android using WebView to save and download network pictures for your reference. The specific content is as follows Recently, we found that it can be obtained in setonlongclicklistener of WebView WebView.HitTestResult According to the type of hittestresult obtained, different processing is determined. By judging the type […]

  • ADB tool installation and mobile phone debugging; using Android ADB tool to deal with touch screen damage of mobile phone


    The touch screen of a mobile phone was broken before, so I need to use the mobile phone to do some operation recently; Android Developer website: https://developer.android.google.cn/ Introduction to ADB debugging tools: https://developer.android.google.cn/studio/command-line/adb ADB tool introduction and tutorial; Download the ADB tool: https://developer.android.google.cn/studio/releases/platform-tools Because, we are not doing Android development; we can download Android debugging […]