• Android uses COS and sin to draw compound curve animation


    catalogue preface First analysis Second analysis summary preface During the development of new requirements in the first two weeks, an animation similar to this was designed: It’s not difficult to see. Even if I can’t understand it again, hey, there’s no design draft. As an Android Developer who seldom writes animation, when I see the […]

  • How to implement SCP operation in Android


    catalogue SSH SCP SFTP Using SCP in Android SFTP delete file This paper briefly introduces the implementation of SCP operation in android with SSH Library ganymed-ssh2. SSH SSH is a protocol designed to provide security for remote login sessions and other network services. In short, it is a network protocol. It is the standard configuration […]

  • How to use singleton mode in Android studio


    catalogue Singleton mode Use of simple interest mode Memory leak in Android This article briefly introduces how to use singleton mode and precautions in Android studio. Singleton mode Why use singleton mode? For some objects, we only need one, only one thread pool, cache, or only one printer, robot, and only one magnetic sensor on […]

  • How to access wechat payment in Android App


    catalogue Wechat payment Payment within app Code scanning payment Unified order API Get code_ URL, and use a third-party QR code generation library such as zxing to generate QR code. Query order API This article briefly introduces the access to wechat payment in android app, including in app payment and code scanning payment. Share + […]

  • [laravel series 3.4] Application of Middleware in routing and controller


    Application of Middleware in routing and controller What is middleware? In the era of traditional frameworks, there are few middleware concepts. I first came into contact with this concept when I was learning mysql. I learned that components such as MYCAT are also called middleware. Since it is in the middle, it is a thing […]

  • Token security verification of API interface between Android client and PHP server


    Android client: 1. Write an algorithm to generate token /** *Generate token of API interface * @param map * @param apikey * @return */ public static String createToken(Map<String, String> map,String apikey){ StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer(); for (String value : map.values()) { sb.append(md5(value)); } SimpleDateFormat format=new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd 00:00:00”); String time=format.format(new Date()); //Token generation rule: MD5 (interface key […]

  • Language switching in Android App


    catalogue switch language Core code Use dragonface to change the system language This article briefly introduces the language switching in android app and the use of dragonface to change the system language. switch language First, you need to create several different value folders in res (for example, values, values en, value Ja). Then put a […]

  • PHP operation database addition, deletion and modification check Android + PHP control database Android connection database


    1、 Front end The front end takes android as an example, uses httpurlconnection to make HTTP requests, runs the PHP code in the server, and obtains the return value. The specific usage of HTTP request by httpurlconnection is as follows:Taking the Android connection request as an example, it is forbidden to transfer data via http_ […]

  • Explain the startup process of Android activity in detail


    catalogue preface briefly 1. Launcher sends start activity to AMS 2. AMS starts the activity and notifies the launcher to enter the paid state 3. Start the new process and enter the main function of activitythread 4. Create activity summary preface The process of starting an activity is divided into two parts: one is to […]

  • Development of Windows desktop application in fluent tutorial


    Development of Windows desktop application in fluent tutorial 1、 Foreword 2、 Environmental installation 3、 Create project 4、 Add other platform support to existing projects 1、 Foreword Fluent is Google’s open source UI toolkit, which helps developers efficiently build multi platform and exquisite applications through a set of code base, and supports mobile, web, desktop and […]

  • Android okhttp startup process and source code analysis


    catalogue preface What is okhttp How does okhttp make network requests 1. How is it used? 1.1 Add URL, method, header, body and other information objects to complete a request through the constructor mode 1.2 also create an okhttpclicent instance through the constructor mode, which can be configured on demand 1.3 create call and initiate […]

  • [PHP + MySQL + Android] Android login interface design (1)


    preface If you want to build an android app, it involves server-side user data management, and the resources on the network often only talk about one aspect. So every time I finish a section of work, I will record the development process for your reference. Relevant articles will be placed in the column 【php + […]