• Android WiFi Hotspot Development example code


    Last time I wrote about Android connecting to anonymous WiFi. WiFi development for application layer development is a relatively small knowledge point, but since it is used, it will be recorded here. Creating hotspots 1. Create hotspots according to encryption type, password, hidden or not static WifiConfiguration createWifiConfig(String SSID, @WifiSecurityType int wifiCipherType, String password, boolean […]

  • Mobile data capture of crawler


    Mobile data capture Third party bag grabbing tool Fiddler(window) blue and white porcelain(mac) miteproxy The packet capture tool is the proxy server Intercept and forward requests & responses FiddlerBasic use of install Installed by defaultFiddlerOnly HTTP protocol requests can be caught to configure conductFiddlerNative installation of certificates tools→options→HTTPS→Decrypt HTTPS traffic→Check for certiicate revocation to configureFiddlerLet […]

  • Airtest can slide up and down, left and right.


    Yesterday in the wechat group, I saw someone asking airtest how to slide Android applications up and down, so I packaged one myself.Here’s how to encapsulate.The following is the demonstration effect. I made an operation on the simple book.

  • Compatibility of Emoji expression in Android JNI


    cause Recently, we encountered a problem. After calculating MD5 of a certain string, we encrypted the string and uploaded it to the server together with MD5. After decrypting, the server recalculated MD5 and found that it was inconsistent with the uploaded MD5. All the problematic strings had Emoji expression. But I made a string with […]

  • Android one button automatic setting WiFi agent app, with fiddler, burp, Charles and other bag capture tools, lazy people must!


    This article is the original article, reprint please indicate the source!!! preface In the process of Android reverse, software testing and other work processes, using fiddler, burp, Charles and other packet capture tools, it is necessary to set and cancel the WiFi agent of mobile phone frequently.Because of the word “lazy”, we developed an app […]

  • Detailed explanation of the required content under the SDK folder in Android development environment


    The content of the following SDK can be found at the website https://www.androiddevtools.cn/ Download the package Note: the version of the download package should be consistent, otherwise there will be an error SDK contains at least the following files:   The add ones folder can be empty: There should be something in the build tools […]

  • Android custom view drawing round head image function


    preface When doing app application development, user avatars are absolutely necessary, but more than 90% of the demand avatars are round. So, how to realize the round head portrait by custom view? Then, this blog will tell you that it is not just the implementation process. There will be unexpected harvest! Final effect International practice, […]

  • Android realizes the main interface of the bottom navigation bar


    In mainstream apps, the main interface of the application is a navigation bar with multiple tags at the bottom. Click to switch to the corresponding interface, as shown in the figure below: Next, we will describe the implementation process. 1. The first is the analysis interface. In the bottom navigation bar, we can use a […]

  • Android realizes gradient start page and guide page with indicator


    The guide page is a very common thing in the project. After the user downloads the app and opens it for the first time, it will enter the guide interface. Usually, there are three or four pictures to explain the function and usage of the app. The last one has the button of “enter the […]

  • Solve the problem that the audio tag cannot play automatically when app nested H5 pages


    According to company needs, a holiday promotion campaign was written in WeChat official account. Demand is similar to a micro scene statistics. What happened to users in a certain month or so….emmmmmm. In order to make the atmosphere get the appropriate setting off, music needs are added. And to saveApp developmentEngineers develop resources that they […]

  • Android realizes simple calculator function


    This example for you to share Android implementation of a simple calculator specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows //Date: September 26, 2014 //First of all, people’s input habit is infix expression. For ease of calculation, the program converts infix expressions to suffix expressions //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //At present, the software still exists […]

  • Android studio 3.5 development tools (Android development tools) installation steps


    In this paper, we share the installation steps of Android studio 3.5 development tools for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Android studio with SDK on home page (lower version) Android studio 3.5 download address: Click to download, extraction code: ei42 1. After downloading the installation package, click to install. The following interface […]