• Using Android studio to build development environment


    In 2013, Google I / O conference released Android studio IDE for the first time. It is based on the IntelliJ idea development environment and aims to replaceEclipseAnd ADT (Android Developer Tool) provide better development tools for developers. Since Google has been trying to promote, I believe it will catch up with eclipse in the […]

  • Android XXX is not translated in Zh solution


    problem Appears when the official version of Android studio is signed: Android XXX is not translated in Zh Reason Values zh interference in Umeng’s package causes problems. Violent solution Force no translation <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <resources xmlns:tools=”http://schemas.android.com/tools” tools:ignore=”MissingTranslation” > </resources>

  • Android studio 0.5.4 open slowly and error reporting solution


    Every time you upgrade Android studio, you have to struggle for a whilesee.. Again..This error was reported after the upgrade”Project is not yet initialized.”And the opening speed of the project is extremely slowBaidu GoogleSo I found this blog post: Blog According to the post, I checked the log file: 2014-04-06 01:48:10,329 [ 135992] WARN – […]

  • An introduction to the rapid development of Android applications based on avos cloud


    The avos cloud mobile development SDK provides cloud based APIs and services for IOS, Android, and windows phone ® applications, as well as JavaScript and rest APIs. With the avos cloud API, you can quickly get your mobile applications to support cloud processing with minimal effort. Mobile applications integrated with the avos cloud SDK can […]

  • Android NDK and OpenCV Development With Android Studio


    —————- If you do NOT know Chinese, you can just skip this part —————- I have been planning to improve the original xface. Recently, I have some time to start. The improvement plan is as follows: Android studio is used as a new development environment with a new construction system, gradle; the original UI design […]

  • Download and install the most detailed Android Studio Series in history


    Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2014/11/25/android-studio-tutorial1/ background I believe you are no stranger to Android studio. Android studio is a new development tool launched by Google at the 2013 I / O Conference for Android development. At present, many open source projects have been adopted, and Google’s update speed is also very fast. It is obvious that this […]

  • The most detailed Android Studio Series tutorial II in history — basic settings and operation


    Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2014/11/28/android-studio-tutorial2/ In the previous blog, I introduced the advantages of studio and the installation and hands-on experience of 1.0 RC. I didn’t expect Google’s update speed to be so fast. It has released the RC 2 version, mainly to fix some bugs. So let’s preview the interface and basic functions of studio today. […]

  • The most detailed Android studio series of tutorials in history 3 — shortcut keys


    Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2014/12/09/android-studio-tutorial3/ Android Studio 1.0 official release Today is a big day. Android Studio 1.0 has finally released the official version. This is the big news for Android developers. So download and use it decisively. Official download address: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html If you have used other versions of studio before, you can directly overwrite it. If […]

  • The most detailed series of Android studio tutorials in history IV: gradle Basics


    Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2014/12/18/android-studio-tutorial4/ In fact, I wrote a basic blog of gradle a long time ago, but it has been a long time. Now, gradle has been updated a lot, so let’s combine the official version of stuio 1.0 with the latest gradle grammar to explain it in detail. Let’s learn step by step with […]

  • Android Studio Series 5: detailed explanation and import of gradle command


    Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2015/01/05/android-studio-tutorial5/ The combination of Android studio and gradle is very convenient to use. Many third-party open-source projects have been migrated to studio for a long time, so today we will introduce the methods of viewing, compiling and importing third-party open-source projects. Sublime + terminal compile and view the source code First of all, […]

  • What to do with [Android development] studio initialization settings


    Hello, I’m developing a note taking software on Android recently. I hope to share my experience with you in segment fault. The first article was going to write about the problem of icon design, but the computer just crashed and repaired the data, which is hurting But I also reconfigured Android studio by the way. […]

  • Data binding User Guide (Android)


    Note: This article is no longer updated. If you have any questions, please go to the following link Data binding User Guide 1. introduction This article describes how to use the data binding library to write the declared layouts file, and use the least code to bind your app logic and layouts file. The data […]