• How to customize SMS login for Android


    The SMS verification code SDK provides developers with a universal SMS verification code tool. Developers can use it to embed the SMS verification code SDK in the App, and simply set up SMS verification. The integration is fast and convenient, and it is easy to manage later Write xml layout to create your own login […]

  • Basic configuration of MobLink background


    Android side configuration information App Links:It is automatically generated, and other contents can be configured manually. It should be noted that the closed-loop sharing of ShareSDK is common to the APPlinks configuration of MobLink. Please do not modify another configuration at will, which may cause the function to be unavailable; Fingerprint certificate (SHA256): Fill in […]

  • MobLink Android Quick Integration Documentation


    Development tools: Android StudioIntegration method: Gradle online integrationAndroid version support: minSdkVersion 19 Preparation before integrationBefore registering an account to use MobSDK, you need to register a developer account on the MobTech official website and obtain the AppKey and AppSecret provided by MobTech. For details, you can click to view the registration process. MobLink background configuration […]