• Detailed explanation of the usage of uncommon tags fieldset and legend


    talk about<fieldset>And<legend>, most people will certainly be unfamiliar. In HTML tags, they belong to the less used group. I first knew these two tags when I learned reset.css or normalize.css in my early years. I saw them in these CSS that reset the default style of unified code. Recently, I came across these two labels […]

  • Business level of easysoole component update in v3.4.6 у Distribution tray rack


    Easysoole v3.4.6 component update Update contents To update or update the function of the sub group of the main parts for the first time, it should be the function of the sub group of the main partsbug, please provide the documentEasySwooleOf ǔ Defined с €?/ p> Engine componentseasyswoole/component v2.3.1Version:/ li> Engine componentseasyswoole/rpc v5.0.5Version:/ li> Engine […]

  • Differences between MySQL update set and and


    Problem description Recently, I received a strange query. The update statement did not report an error, but did not update the data. The specific problematic statement is similar to the following form: update test.stu set cname = ‘0’ and math = 90 and his = 80 where id = 100; Cause analysis Intuitively, there is […]

  • Convert    Convert fat and FAT32 volumes to NTFS


    Convert take   FAT   and   FAT32   Convert volume to   NTFS。 grammarconvert [volume] /fs:ntfs [/v] [/cvtarea:FileName] [/nosecurity] [/x]  parametervolume  Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon), mount point, or to be converted to   NIFS   The volume name of the.  /fs:ntfs  Volume must be converted to   NTFS。  /v  Specifies the detailed mode in which all […]

  • 1. Adjustment 2. Front edge? TC39: es2020 and? ES2021


    If it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed, it’s a bed Refer to the following figure: When is the heat coming back? 5min This document has been received in the name of store GitHubgithub.com/Geekhyt(this is […]

  • How to make space width consistent in IE and FF?


    body{ font- size:12px;   Font family: “song style”;} If the font size is indicated in the body, the font can be unified. Set font: font family: Tahoma, Arial This is because the default fonts of FF and ie are different In FF, the default font should be Arial In IE Font family: Song typeface   […]

  • The realization of calling interface function between C and C + +


    1、 Four steps of C or C + + compilation (1) Pretreatment In this step, the compiler processes the statements beginning with “#” in the source program. The principle of # include is to import the contents of the target file into this file. (2) Compile In this step, the compiler converts the files generated […]

  • Hyperf is available in v2.0.21, which is the main PHP service generation platform


    Update the internal system During the current period, a new company is required to divide the parts of the company into special ones, and the company also needs to add the bugs of the company’s organizations. The definition of hyperf is provided in the system, which can be referred to as “hyperf”?2.0.21Type / P > […]

  • Analysis of the difference between “: =” and “=” in MySQL


    = Only in the case of set and update, it is the same as: = in that the function of assignment is equal to that of others. In view of this, when implementing line number with variable, you must use: =. := Not only in set and update, but also in select.     the following […]

  • CSS: is () and: where () will appear in the browser


    Now, Safari (technical preview version 106) and the preview version of Firefox (version 78) both support the new CSS:is()and:where()Pseudo class. Chrome implementation is still lagging behind. Using: is () to reduce repetition You can use it:is()Pseudo class to remove duplicate items from the selector list. /* before */ .embed .save-button:hover, .attachment .save-button:hover { opacity: 1; […]

  • The difference between git add – A and git add


    Two methods of GIT branching and merging Git add – A and git add. Git add – u are similar in function, but there are still some differences git add . : he will monitor the status tree of the workspace, which will be used to commit all changes in the work to the staging […]

  • Linux transfer file command RZ and sz


    1、 Overview RZ, SZ are the command line tools for zmodem file transfer between Linux / Unix and windows. The advantage is that there is no need to open a SFTP tool to log in to upload and download files. Zmodem protocol is an error checking protocol for modem. Using zmodem protocol, 512 byte data […]