• Common app URL scheme


    Common apps App Store scheme: ‘itms-apps://’ Alipay packageName: ‘com.eg.android.AlipayGphone’, scheme: ‘alipay://’ TaoBao packageName: ‘com.taobao.taobao’, scheme: ‘taobao://’ QQ packageName: ‘com.tencent.mobileqq’, scheme: ‘mqq://’ WeChat packageName: ‘com.tencent.mm’, scheme: ‘weixin://’ JD.COM packageName: ‘com.jingdong.app.mall’, scheme: ‘openApp.jdMobile://’ Sina Weibo packageName: ‘com.sina.weibo’, scheme: ‘sinaweibo://’ Suning scheme: ‘suning://’ Youku packageName: ‘com.youku.phone’, scheme: ‘youku://’ App store Xiaomi app store scheme: “mimarket://details?id=com.xx.xx” Samsung app store […]

  • [small program] when Alipay applet uses list, the prompt element does not exist.


    The first time I used Alipay applet, the document did not look at it directly, so I made such a mistake.       This is because when using UI components, they are not declared in the JSON file   For example, my JSON file { “Defaulttitle”: “go-fly online visitors,”, “usingComponents”:{ “list”: “mini-ali-ui/es/list/index”, “list-item”: “mini-ali-ui/es/list/list-item/index” […]

  • Alipay releases digital business new artifact, which can enhance the 60% consumption frequency of businesses.


    Member economy has become a “sweet cake” in the field of consumption. Listen to songs, watch videos, shop and even travel. There are 360 lines in each line, and each line has its members. In essence, “member” is a “trust relationship” between businesses and consumers. Consumers are willing to believe that businesses will give more […]

  • TinkPHP framework developed CRMEB small program shopping mall v4.0 two development integrated Alipay payment


    preface We all know that Alipay payment and WeChat payment can only be restricted to their own platforms. WeChat’s Alipay payment is simply not available. Even if the official account is paid, it is necessary to jump to external browsers to arouse Alipay payment. And QQ browser raises the payment of Alipay. There are still […]

  • One of design patterns — adapter pattern


    Link to the original text: http://www.studyshare.cn/blog… 1、 Concept Adapter mode: as a bridge between two incompatible interfaces, the interface of one class can be transformed into another interface we want. Using the adapter mode, those classes that could not work together due to the incompatible interfaces can work together. As shown in the figure below: […]

  • Exclusive download! Development of small program serverless on cloud


    Alibaba cloud applet serverless providesCloud function, data storage, file storage and other back-end services。 Developers can obtain cloud functions, data storage, file storage, audio and video, image processing and other services through API, and do not need to care about the server or the underlying operation and maintenance facilities, but can focus more on the […]

  • Alicloud applet cloud releases a cross platform development framework for applets to help developers develop at one time and run on multiple terminals


    What is the cross platform applet development framework? The cross platform small program development framework is a new development module in Alipay small program development tool, Ali Yun Xiao Cheng Xuyun. https://www.aliyun.com/product/miniappdev Working with the well-known cross platform framework uni-app, based on Alipay small program IDE extension, it solves the problem that developers need to […]

  • Alipay app payment


    RSA key generation commandRSA private key generationopenssl>genrsa -out rsa_private_key.pem 1024Generate RSA public keyopenssl>rsa -in rsa_private_key.pem -pubout -out rsa_public_key.pemConvert RSA private key to pkcs8 formatopenssl>pkcs8 -topk8 -inform PEM -in rsa_private_key.pem -outform PEM -nocrypt Note that the command to be entered is after the “>” symbol.PID and key management Returns the parameters for placing an order to […]

  • Set up your own website on the cloud from scratch (Part 4) talk about OAuth


    Chapter 0Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3 One of the features I want to play on this small website is OAuth for several reasonsFirst, I was working on the mobile connect project a year ago, and I had a lot of contact with this thing. The mobile connect we did at that time was based on openid […]

  • Apiccloud: the road to simplicity in the era of multi terminal development


    In recent years, as the Internet has entered a period of sinking, C-terminal app products bid farewell to the early stage of seizing the market and entering the era of oligarchy. WeChat, Alipay, headlines and other super app hope to establish their own eco dominant traffic distribution, have launched their own small program development technology, […]

  • Vue mobile terminal uses appClound to pull up Alipay payment


    1 – first in config.xml To configure <feature name=”aliPay”> <param name=”urlScheme” value=”AliPayA000000000″ /> </feature> ~~~~ 2- adds Alipay payment modules to its application. 3. use Alipay module to pull up Alipay. if (res.data.code == 200) { // pull up Alipay //Developers pay through payorder method, and process the order information and signature process by themselves […]