• Laravel5.5 Alipay mobile phone website payment


    1. Install and use the laravel extension library yansongda / laravel pay Yansongda / laravel pay GitHub address Install through composer $ composer require yansongda/laravel-pay Generate profile $ php artisan vendor:publish –provider=”Yansongda\\LaravelPay\\PayServiceProvider” –tag=laravel-pay 2. Configure payment information and fill in the configuration file pay.php The tools provided by running Alipay are as follows: Remove —– […]

  • WeChat, Alipay payment


    WeChat official account payment Get the code needed by wechat through URL redirection //Get wechat code    WeChat official account function getCode() { Const appid = wechat appid; //Note that the URL must be escaped const REDIRECT_URI = encodeURIComponent( window.location.href ); window.location.replace( `https://open.weixin.qq.com/connect/oauth2/authorize?appid=${appId}&redirect_uri=${REDIRECT_URI}&response_type=code&scope=snsapi_base&state=null#wechat_redirect` ); } Start payment through wechat jssdk //Start wechat payment   JSAPI function […]

  • Vue + node + mongodb with payment, junior internship


    about Some time ago, junior students in 2019 always wanted to develop a relatively complete project by themselves. In many applications, they chose meituan takeout to imitate. During this period, they used their spare time to develop. The front-end uses Vue + vuex + Vue router + Axios, because they need to use positioning and […]

  • A technical discussion on dynamic development practice


    Introduction:How to upgrade the technical model iteratively when the development team is faced with high concurrency requirements? In the past year, after communicating with and communicating with Alipay mobile terminal team and developers, we have seen some problems that you encountered in the process of mobile application cross end development. At the same time, we […]

  • The use of agent web, the third party Library of Android


    The use of agent web, the third party Library of Android 1: PrefaceWebView is often used in Android development to load web pages. The performance and fluency of the system’s own WebView are average. Agent web is a third-party WebView, with better performance and more functions than the system’s own.Agent web is a highly encapsulated […]

  • Ban again! The US limits 8 applications in China, such as Alipay, WeChat payment and WPS.


    On the other side of the ocean, the Trump administration again came to the news that “eight prohibitions on China’s software applications were implemented, including Alipay, QQ, QQ electronic wallet, WPS, WeChat payment, CamScanner (scanning Almighty), SHAREit (eggplant fast transmission), VMate (short video community product of Alibaba innovation business group)”.   Su mi Produced by […]

  • Node.js+vue to achieve Alipay payment (sandbox) full version, pro test available


    Write down, record Alipay payment demo   Please poke here  ¥https://download.lllomh.com/cliect/#/product/J302659722615829 Sandbox environment (beta) is an auxiliary environment to assist developers in interface function development and main function joint debugging, which simulates the main functions and main logic of some products of open platform. It can be used to understand the environment, combine and debug […]

  • ASP.NET Core 2 uses Alipay PC website to pay for implementation code.


    preface Recently in use ASP.NET Core to develop, there is just a demand for access to Alipay payment, Baidu did not find the relevant information, see the official SDK and Demo are.NET Framework, so first, according to the official SDK source code, using.NET Standard 2 to achieve Alipay server SDK. Alipay.AopSdk.Core (github:https://github.com/stulzq/Alipay.AopSdk.Core), support. Net core […]

  • Uni app platform judgment | uni app judgment H5 applet app and other different platforms


    It is recommended to use conditional compilation instead of conditional judgment // @/utils/ EPlatform.ts/ **Enumerating ePlatform*/ export enum EPlatform { /**App*/ AppPlus = ‘APP-PLUS’, /**App nvue*/ AppPlusNvue = ‘APP-PLUS-NVUE’, /**H5*/ H5 = ‘H5’, /**Wechat applet*/ MpWeixin = ‘MP-WEIXIN’, * * Alipay applet * / MpAlipay = ‘MP-ALIPAY’, /**Baidu app*/ MpBaidu = ‘MP-BAIDU’, /**Byte skipping applet*/ […]

  • React native’s Alipay component @ UIW / react native Alipay


    Alipay plug-in based on react native supports IOS / Android. It is suitable for businesses to integrate Alipay payment function in App application. Merchant APP calls Alipay’s SDK and SDK, and then calls the payment module in Alipay APP. If the user has installed Alipay APP, the merchant APP will jump to Alipay to complete […]

  • How do I use computer to check Alipay ants’ bills?


    Alipay ants are very convenient to use. When we shop in Taobao, we will start to create flower bills if we support flower payments. When we are in the process of receiving bills, we are used to using mobile phone to ask ants to spend their bills and details. How do we use computer brain […]