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  • Go uses the gin framework to implement the SMS verification code function using Alibaba cloud


    The first step is to call alicloud API to send SMS and store it in the database or redis Alibaba cloud SMS platform website [https://api.aliyun.com/new#/?product=Dysmsapi&version=2017-05-25&api=SendSms&params={“RegionId”:”cn-hangzhou”,”TemplateCode”:”345″,”PhoneNumbers”:”17633802772″}&tab=DEMO&lang=GO] Using JSON configuration files ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 //Configuration file  “sms”: {      “Sign_name”: “virtual cloud restaurant”,      “template_code”: “SMS_205471746”,      “app_key”: “”,      “app_secret”: “”,      “region_id”: “cn-hangzhou”  } […]