• Use of uialertcontroller


    When your application needs to present important information to users or prompt users for important choices, you can use alert view and action sheet. The left part of the figure below is the warning box, and the right part is the operation table. Since IOS 8, Apple has usedUIViewControllerOfUIAlertControllerInstead ofUIAlertViewandUIAlertSheet。 Although UIalert controller has two […]

  • IE9 alert block JSP rendering IE8 no problem


    Under IE9, JSP rendering may be blocked by alert. No problem under IE8. Problem Description: A JSP that uses jQuery to bind the initialization event ($(function()) of the screen. In the initialization event, there is alert(), In IE8, when alert pops up message dialog box, JSP page is rendered normally in browser; However, in IE9, […]

  • Detailed explanation of 9-char type in C serial


    I. char type Instead, char.65 represents an integer of type A, not an ASCII character; 2. The standard ascii range is 0-127; a global character set is created by commercial Unicode; 3. Note: C language defines 1 byte as the bit occupied by char type, so char type can be used in 16 bit, 32-bit […]

  • IOS wechat confirm and alert remove the instance code of the website address


    When WeChat official account is developed, the WeChat browser on the IOS side is opened. When the confirm and alert are triggered, the pop-up box will have the current URL information, and the Android terminal will not test. The solutions are as follows: “` window.alert = function(name){ var iframe = document.createElement(“IFRAME”); iframe.style.display=”none”; iframe.setAttribute(“src”, ‘data:text/plain,’); document.documentElement.appendChild(iframe); […]

  • Reasons for the lack of alarm mail sent by SQL Server Alert


    Recently, we suddenly found that the alarm (Alert) deployed on the database, when there are errors in the error log, not every error log will send mail. As shown below, an alarm is set“SQL Server Severity Event 14”  USE [msdb] GO IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM msdb.dbo.syscategories WHERE NAME=’DBA_MONITORING’ AND category_class=2) BEGIN EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_add_category @class=N’ALERT’, […]