• Using Ajax to update report object method in ASP. Net MVC project


    Ajax technology has significantly accelerated the speed of web applications. In addition, the visual effect has also improved. Everyone agrees that it’s not very friendly that the whole page will be refreshed every time you click a button. If your network speed is not very fast, then this process will be very annoying, because all […]

  • How to process Ajax requests in asp.net core razor


    When asp.net core razor (hereinafter referred to as razor) first came out, I looked at the official documents, but I haven’t used them very much. Today, I had nothing to do. I was ready to use rozor to do a project skillfully. As a result, I got stuck writing the first page.. It’s been a […]

  • Ajax display loading and pop-up layer occlusion page implementation example


    Preface It is believed that every developer should understand that when users send Ajax requests, if they are in the request stage for a long time and do not give users a response, it will give users the illusion that our system is “unresponsive”. In a way, it’s unfriendly. Even sometimes, users can’t see the […]

  • Data interaction between Ajax and MYSQL to realize message board function


    Recently, I made a small demo to realize the data interaction between Ajax and mysql. JQ is used in JS, PHP is used in the background, MySQL is used as the database, and a node + mongodb version will be used later. Not much about the use and installation of MySQL. Baidu xampp, Apache server […]

  • Ajax to achieve the search effect of simulating keyword intelligent matching


    Prepare the data keyword.json: (only part of the data is posted here) [ {“Id”: 1, “initial”: “ad”, “keyword”: “Audi”}, {“Id”: 2, “initial”: “ada4l”, “keyword”: “Audi A4L”}, {“Id”: 3, “initial”: “ada6l”, “keyword”: “Audi A6L”}, {“Id”: 4, “initial”: “adq5”, “keyword”: “Audi Q5”}, {“Id”: 5, “initial”: “ADA3”, “keyword”: “Audi A3”}, {“Id”: 6, “initial”: “adq7”, “keyword”: “Audi Q7 (imported)”}, […]

  • Analysis of Ajax principle (1)


    What is Ajax Ajax = asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Create XMLHttpRequest object function GetXmlHttpObject() { var xmlHttp=null; try { // Firefox, Opera 8.0+, Safari xmlHttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); } catch (e) { // Internet Explorer try { xmlHttp=new ActiveXObject(“Msxml2.XMLHTTP”); } catch (e) { xmlHttp=new ActiveXObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”); } } return xmlHttp; } var xmlHttp=GetXmlHttpObject(); Onreadystatechange event When the request […]

  • How to Use Ext Ajax in Promise Style and Test It


    After translated a blog about how Promise works in a more functional programming way, I tried to build something to make Ext Ajax call to work in Promise style as a practice. ExtPromise is a simple wrapper to Ext.Ajax and Ext.data.Connection to help you do an Ajax call in Promise style instead of passing success/failure […]

  • Analysis of jsonp based on Ajax (2)


    Jsonp is the abbreviation of JSON with padding. It is an unofficial protocol, which allows integration of script tags on the server side to return to the client side, and cross domain access in the form of JavaScript callback (this is only a simple form of jsonp Implementation). The form of JavaScript callback to implement […]

  • Use ajax to complete whether asynchronous verification exists for user name


    Use ajax to complete asynchronous verification of user name: 1. Event triggering: * onblur 2. Write Ajax Code: *Submit in action: pass username parameter 3. Write action *Receive Username: model driven receive 4. * write entity class * User * User.hbm.xml *Configure to spring 5. writing DAO *Inherit hibernatedaosupport *Inject sessionfactory into the configuration 6. […]

  • Best front-end practices for speeding up websites


    Front end engineers are often mentioned about website performance, how to make the website visit faster and so on. This paper makes a summary. Minimize HTTP requests More than 80% of the time users request to download web resources, including pictures, styles, scripts, flash, etc. when browsing web pages, reducing the number of download requests […]

  • JQuery + formdata + file upload + upload progress


    Summarize the technical problems I have encountered in my HTML5 file upload plug-in First paste the source code: fileupload-html5.js (PS: the company uses the seajs framework) List of questions 1. Jquery.ajax did not monitor the onprogress event of the upload progress. 2. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) cross domain Problem solving 1. JQuery did not provideonprogressThe interface of […]

  • Abroad: HTML + CSS + JS for simple tag effect


    writeABROADThe project uses the label. In fact, the label isWEBIt’s all over the place, and it’s shown in turnDCCArticle publisherABROADAdd data in the background, baidu image searchsfThe style of tagging blog posts – tags are just like native ones in browserscheckboxSame, butcheckboxIt’s so ugly, just use this simple method to beautify it. 1、HTMLCode: <span class=”tags”> […]