• Ajax to achieve paging query function


    Ajax page query function of the specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows The display results are as follows: The code to achieve the effect is as follows: 1.fenye.php <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /> <title> no title document </title> <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”../bootstrap-3.3.7-dist/css/bootstrap.min.css” rel=”external nofollow” /> <script src=”../jquery-3.2.0.min.js”></script> <script […]

  • Focus on HTTP and AJAX


    Become the stack development engineer needs to master the technology stack How to become a junior full stack development engineer What is full stack development engineer? Full-stack development engineer: both front and rear end can be developed independently [the front-end] HTML(5)+ CSS(3) JAVASCRIPT(JQ,VUE,REACT) [the back-end] Java (JSP) Python Node PHP C#(.net->dot net) (ASP.NET) C … […]

  • An introduction to ajax by creating an XHR object


    An introduction to ajax by creating an XHR object Today, I helped my friend write a simple ajax demo and found something. I decided to write an article to record it and avoid digging holes in the future. Create the XMLHttpRequest usually function createXHR(){ if(XMLHttpRequest){ return new XMLHttpRequest(); }else{ return new ActiveXObject(‘Microsoft.XMLHTTP’) } } This […]

  • React + Ajax + java to upload pictures and Preview


    Before, I used to look for Ajax to upload pictures on the Internet. Most of the people wrote in jQuery, but here, jQuery is used for big things and small things. So I wrote it myself. First, the picture above. From the above figure, first click the above selection file. After selecting the picture, it […]

  • Ajax, JSON, cross domain JSON summary


    Preface: This article summarizes Ajax. The books are all about the introduction of basic knowledge, but there is no example. So I refer to the course on mooc.com and combine with the actual example to summarize. The background of the course is written in PHP, and this article does not introduce it. Role of 1.ajax […]

  • Demo2 of laravel learning notes — making a todolist with Ajax (to be updated)


    Sorry, I’m busy recently. This article will be updated later. Introduction This paper makes a URL generation and storage demo based on the laravel framework, the main purpose of which is to learn to use the laravel framework. The content is based on the second chapter of the English book “packt. Laravel. Application. Development. Blueprints”. […]

  • Several Ajax technologies


    Today I’ll talk about Ajax technology. AJAX is a way to communicate with the server without overloading the page. Data can be obtained from or sent to the server. Ajax and asynchrony are inseparable, but the key part of this paper is not asynchrony, but a summary of the technology of implementing Ajax. Let me […]

  • Detailed explanation of Ajax cross domain (jsonp) call Java background


    1. Jsonp definition Jsonp is the abbreviation of JSON with padding, which is an unofficial protocol. It allows script tags to be generated on the server side and returned to the client side to realize site access in the form of JavaScript callback. Jsonp is an injection of script tag, which adds the response returned […]

  • Fetch Polyfill compatible with IE6


    After the react community got up, it didn’t meet the current Ajax solution and made a fetch. Fetches are only supported in some very new browsers, while fetches on GitHub are compatible with IE8 at most, and they are extremely troublesome. A lot of Polyfill needs to be installed to run. So I made a […]

  • The trap of the combination of Ajax local page refresh and history API


    Ajax has been widely used in modern websites, and the main benefits are known to all (asynchronous data loading, no need to refresh the whole browser, smaller data transmission size). For those old websites or projects, it’s not realistic to completely transform them into Ajax, so there is a “local page refresh” solution. If you […]

  • Testing Ajax under codeception (5) yii2


    Ajax belongs to acceptance test returnThe Ajax I tested must be logged in first use tests\codeception\frontend\AcceptanceTester; $I = new AcceptanceTester($scenario); $I->wantTo(‘perform actions and see result’); $I – > amonpage (‘/’); // switch to the configuration site http://admin.handone.com $I – > see (‘login ‘); // assert that you can see the specified text on this page […]

  • JavaScript request servlet to implement Ajax example (share)


    Ajax request is a non refreshing user experience. It can send get and post asynchronous requests. The record is as follows: GET request: function sendRequestByGet(){ //Define asynchronous request object var xmlReq; //Check whether the browser supports Ajax directly If (window. XMLHttpRequest) {// supports Ajax directly xmlReq=new XMLHttpRequest(); }Else {// does not support Ajax directly xmlReq=new […]