• On the difference between Ajax and JavaScript


    JavaScript is a script language executed on the browser side. AJAX is a development technology for creating interactive web applications. It uses a series of related technologies, including JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape. It has nothing to do with sun’s Java language. Their similar names are just a marketing strategy. In […]

  • Implementation of “left menu, right content” page effect based on Ajax + div


    Effect demonstration: ① Default page( index.jsp ): ② : click the user list option under the user management tab on the left, and the content of the default page on the right will be updated to the user list page( userList.jsp )Content of: ③ : similarly, when clicking the product list and order list under […]

  • Details of common methods of $. Ajax() (recommended)


    AJAX is a technology of exchanging data with the server, which can update a part of the web page in the case of supplementing the whole page. Next, I will introduce some common methods of Ajax to you through this article. You can learn together if you need. 1.url: It is required to be a […]

  • On Ajax request and browser cache


    In modern web applications, the front-end code is full of a large number of Ajax requests. If you can use browser caching for Ajax requests, you can significantly reduce network requests and improve the response speed of the program. 1. Ajax Request Using the jQuery framework, you can easily make Ajax requests. The example code […]

  • Ajax loading chrysanthemum loding effect


    When Ajax requests asynchronously, a dynamic GIF small picture is usually used to make an Ajax loading, so as to increase the user experience. Here we use Spin.js , the JS script can create an Ajax loading indicator without any image or external CSS style after 5 km compression Spin.js The online design, demonstration and […]

  • Ajax for remote communication


    The example of this paper shares the realization of remote communication with Ajax for your reference. The specific content is as follows First file:html  <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> < title > Ajax solves cross domain problems < / Title > <script src=”jquery-3.0.0.min.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> </head> <body> <script> $.ajax({ type:”POST”, url:”postDemo.php”, data:{ “url”:””, “username”:”admin”, […]

  • Get rid of ashx and asmx use jQuery.ajaxWebService Request webmethod to simplify Ajax


    To develop Ajax programs under webform, you need to use general processing programs (*. Ashx) or web services (*. Asmx), and every Ajax request needs to build a file like this. So, if there are more Ajax programs in a project, it will inevitably produce a pile of. Ashx or. Asmx. Although the program itself […]

  • The solution to open a new window with window.open in Ajax request response


    1、 Problem description After the Ajax asynchronous request succeeds, you need to open a new window to open the URL, using the window. Open () method, but it will be blocked by the browser, and you need to click. 2、 Problem analysis The reason why the browser intercepts the newly opened window is that the […]

  • Upload files via Ajax and use formdata for Ajax requests


    Upload files through traditional form form submission: HTML code <form id= “uploadForm” action= “http://localhost:8080/cfJAX_RS/rest/file/upload” method= “post” enctype =”multipart/form-data”> < H1 > test upload files through rest interface</h1> < p > specify file name: < input type = “text” name = “filename” / ></p> < p > upload file: < input type = “file” name = […]

  • The method of uploading files by jQuery Ajax


    Two objects are used to upload files in jQuery Ajax mode First object: formdata Second object: XMLHttpRequest At present, the new version of Firefox and chrome and other browsers supporting HTML5 support these two objects perfectly, but IE9 does not support formdata objects, and still uses IE6? Can only sigh to the sky With these […]

  • Ajax + PHP to realize three-level linkage of commodity classification


    When the page is loaded, AJAX is used to asynchronously request data from the background, load the first level commodity category, load the second level commodity when the first level commodity is selected, and load the third level commodity when the second level commodity is selected.   realization: 1. When you get the data, load […]

  • Ajax way to achieve the registration function (submit data to the background database to complete the interaction)


    1、 When we verify the form, we usually set it as follows in order to prevent sending the wrong information to the server: $(function(){ Var isusername; (specify a variable) var ispwd; $(‘form’).submit(function(e){ if(!isusername || !ispwd){ e. Preventdefault(); (default event to block events) }) }); 1. In nodejs, we can use the following methods to (load) […]