• Access to Axios in Vue and Data Format in Ajax


    Yesterday, due to a project requirement, a colleague was asked to extract part of the existing code. After he changed Axios to ajax, he always passed the request.Can not reach the server. The code is as follows. var para = { pk_user:’98ca62e8-a82f-48b2-9b35-f2b268d11143′ }; //axios axios.post(“/url”, { para: para }) .then(function(data) { console.log(data); }); There is […]

  • How Ajax handles three data formats returned by server


    This article itself is very basic, but often in dealing with the return value of Ajax will make a variety of minor mistakes, so I want to combine these methods with the code snippets written before to sort out, facilitate future review and use. In addition, although many similar documents can be found, but sorting […]

  • [Method] Html5 realizes file asynchronous upload


    1 Introduction Developing file upload function is never a pleasant thing, especially asynchronous upload. It also feels awkward to use iframe and Flash upload schemes. This paper briefly introduces the use of Html5 FormData to achieve asynchronous upload of files, but also to achieve upload progress bar and file size verification. The server uses the […]

  • Ajax Upload Pictures and Preview Function Example Code before Upload


    There are several small projects on hand that use easyUI, and the decision to use easyUI at the outset dooms the project to be separated from the front and back end as a whole, basically all requests are done in Ajax. When uploading files, Ajax is used to upload files and the preview effect of […]

  • Spring MVC Ajax method of transferring objects to controllers


    Preface Recently, I am writing a project based on spring MVC + Spring + mybatis, which involves the function of sending data to controller with ajax. Because you don’t want to use Spring’s form tag, you want to see if there is a way to convert JSON data in Ajax directly into objects in the […]

  • A Simple Method for Ajax Request Binary Stream Processing (ajax Asynchronous Download Files)


    ABSTRACT: Ajax requests a binary stream (file) to be converted to a Blob for processing or downloading saved files demand The management background needs to download data reports at any time, and the data should be generated in real time and then converted to excel download. File is not big, the page placed the “export” […]

  • Ajax Summary


    Summary of Ajax What is it mainly about Ajax? What can it be used for? The basic elements, advantages and disadvantages, implementation process and other aspects are explained. What is Ajax? Ajax is mainly used to achieve the effect of asynchronous communication between client and server, to achieve local refresh of pages. Early browsers can […]

  • Flask+JQuery Validation Plug-in+Ajax for form validation


    Form submission and validation are often involved in Flask web development practice. Flask plug-in flask-wtf provides many methods of form validation. However, it is known that these forms validation need to be submitted before validation. It is not possible to check the format of user name when the user enters the user name correctly. Recently, […]

  • Node + Ajax + MySQL for login registration


    Sketch I am a front-end white, the elder recommended this community to me for some time. But always feel that their level is too low, has not been on this. Write something on the face. Recently, I started to learn nodejs, and I made a demo to share with you. For the first time, I […]

  • Cross-domain principle analysis of jsonp


    This article draws lessons from the articles in the Blog Garden Original address AJAX, namely “Asynchronous Javascript and XML” (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), refers to a web page development technology for creating interactive web applications. With the emergence of AJAX, web pages can be refreshed locally by exchanging a small amount of data with the […]

  • The difference between $. Ajax and $. post, and the bug of $. post


    Let’s first look at two ways: $.ajax({ url: url, data: params, type: ‘post’, dataType: ‘json’, success: function(d) { }, error: function(e) { } }); $.post(url, params, function(d) { }, function(e) { }); It’s all understandable. There’s nothing wrong with it.Normal use, there will be no problem.So what is abnormal use? Upload files $.ajax({ url: url, […]

  • Several Important Knowledge Points in JavaScript (3) – – Ajax


    Several of the most important big points of knowledge in JavaScript Object-oriented DOM events Asynchronous interaction Ajax AJAX AJAX is the abbreviation of asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), which is used for local refresh of web pages and enhance the user’s browsing experience. Usually the front-end programmer’s grasp of AJAX only stays […]