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  • Fast solution to cross domain problem of IE9 IE8 Ajax


    Online solutions are all added before the request is initiated jQuery.support.cors=true However, offline testing is OK. Once put on the server, a new eror: readyState: 0, status: 0, statustext: “error: access denied Finally, the problem is solved in this way,Click “tools – > Internet Options – > Security – > user defined level” in IE […]

  • The solution of Ajax cross domain access error 501


    Question:Ajax cross domain access error reporting 501 Running the following code will result in an error 501 $.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: “”, contentType:’application/json; charset=utf-8′, data: JSON.stringify(ajaxPostData), dataType:’json’, success: function(data){ //On ajax success do this console.info(“success.”); if (data[“status”] == “ok”){ alert(“Settings is Ok. The Machine is rebooting.”); } }, error: function(xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) { //On error […]

  • Ajax, JSON, cross domain JSON summary


    Preface: This article summarizes Ajax. The books are all about the introduction of basic knowledge, but there is no example. So I refer to the course on mooc.com and combine with the actual example to summarize. The background of the course is written in PHP, and this article does not introduce it. Role of 1.ajax […]

  • AJAX Cross-domain Solution – CORS


    What is AJAX? AJAX is a way to get data from the server without refreshing pages. The core object responsible for the operation of Ajax is the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object. Homology policy is a major constraint on XHR, which sets the limit of “the same domain, the same port, the same protocol” for communication.Attempts to […]

  • Detailed Analysis of Ajax Cross-domain Problems and Solutions


    Reproduction of cross-domain Ajax problems Do two simple small projects to replicate Ajax cross-domain issues. The back-end language uses Java The first is a simple order system, which returns the order set as a JSON string by accessing / loading OrderList. The project is published on port 7070 using Tomcat. @RequestMapping(“/loadOrderList”) @ResponseBody public List<Order> loadOrderList(String […]

  • Simple implementation of Ajax to obtain cross-domain data


    The example of this paper shares the specific code of Ajax to obtain cross-domain data for your reference. The details are as follows. 1. Effect maps 2. Source code <html> <head> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/jquery.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> function getData(keyword) { var url=”https://sp0.baidu.com/5a1Fazu8AA54nxGko9WTAnF6hhy/su?wd=” +keyword; $.ajax({ type: “get”, async: false, url: encodeURI(url), dataType: “jsonp”, Jsonp:’cb’, // callback function […]

  • Ajax, json, cross-domain jsonp summary


    Foreword: this article summarizes ajax, books are all basic knowledge introduction, but there are no examples, so I refer to the course of Mu lesson online, combined with practical examples to summarize, in which the background of the course is written in php, this article does not introduce. 1. Ajax effect Web pages using Ajax […]

  • AJAX is cross-domain, which should be the most complete solution


    Preface From just contacting the front end development,Cross domainThis word has been repeated around with a high frequency. Up to now, N cross-domain related problems have been debugged, and a related article has been sorted out in 16 years, but it still feels worse, so it is now re-combed. Personal knowledge is limited. If there […]

  • Obtaining JSON data through jsonp–Implementing cross-domain AJAX requests


    AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) It is a technology used to create fast dynamic web pages. It exchanges data with the server and updates part of the web pages without reloading the whole page. Ajax is used.XMLHttpRequestObjects exchange data with servers in the background, and XMLHttpRequest is the basis of AJAX, which allows client JavaScript to […]

  • Cross-domain full explanation of AJAX


    Cross-domain full explanation of AJAX Today, I learned the full cross-domain explanation of AJAX on Mucho Online: https://www.imooc.com/learn/947 When I collected the AJAX interview questions, I actually had the problem of cross-domain AJAX. At that time, I knew why there was cross-domain AJAX, and what the solutions of cross-domain solution were. Today, with the study […]

  • Data Interaction in Microsoft Architecture


    The rapid development of the front-end has led to changes in the current development model. Front and back-end separation and development are widely used in development. So how to make front-end and back-end programmers cooperate better, the way of data interaction is what we must master. This case uses spring boot as the back-end development […]

  • Learning Summary of Ajax Cross-domain Complete Explanation


    Time: Wednesday, 18 April 2018Note: Part of the content of this article is from Mucho.com. @ Much Web: https://www.imooc.comTeaching source: https://github.com/zccodere/s…Learning source: https://github.com/zccodere/s… Chapter 1: Course introduction 1-1 Course Introduction Course introduction What is an AJAX cross-domain problem Reasons for AJAX cross-domain problems Ideas and methods for solving cross-domain problems of AJAX What is an […]