• Using io_uring instead of epoll to realize high-speed polling


    As mentioned in the previous articleio_uringIt’s the latest native asynchronous I/O implementation in Linux, in factio_uringIt also supports polling and is a good alternative to epoll. API Useio_uringIt’s easy to poll an fd. First initialize io_uring object (io_uring_queue_init) and get SQE (io_uring_get_sqe) as allio_uringOperations are necessary, as described above, there is no much explanation here. […]

  • Native Linux asynchronous file operation, io_uring experience


    History of Linux Asynchronous IO Asynchronous IO has always been a pain in Linux systems. Linux has long had the asynchronous IO implementation of POSIX AIO, but it is very inefficient to simulate user threads in user space. Later, Linux 2.6 introduced a real kernel-level support for asynchronous IO implementation (Linux aio), but it only […]